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McNeely "Mac" Dubose Jr.- B.E., E.E.
b- Jan 9, 1892 in Asheville, Buncombe Co., NC, USA
d- aft 1980

Father- Rev. McNeely DuBose (Sr),
b- Dec 31, 1859, at Roseland, Fairfield Co,
 the family plantation, 4 miles from Winnsboro, SC,
d-  Apr 15, 1911, Morganton, Co Burke, NC,
drowned, chasing a duck he had shot.
buried in Riverside Cemetery, Asheville, NC, section J, Lot 55
Mother- Rosalie Anderson, (Roselee on cemetery transcript)
buried in Riverside Cemetery, Asheville, NC, Section J, Lot 55
who were married Dec 2, 1885, in Franklin Co, Tennessee

His ancestors were Huguenots from France
coming to the Carolinas in 1689.

Grandfather- Dr. Cowan McNeely DuBose,
b- Mar 18, 1831, d- Mar 23, 1860, age 29
Grandmother- Margaret Ann Boyd Dubose

Great-Grandfather- Theodore Samuel Marion Dubose,
b- May 16, 1809, d- Feb 13, 1862
of Farmington Plantation and Roseland, near Winnsboro, SC
Great-Grandmother- Jane Sinkler Porcher
 (pronounced as if it were spelled por-shay)

Great-Great Grandfather- Samuel Dubose II,
b- 1785, d- 1859
Great-Great Grandmother- Elizabeth Marion

He was Vice President of Alcan when Kemano was constructed,
He was the main "big wig" of the project.
Electrical Engineer by trade.
Attended University of South Carolina, B.E. -1912,
and North Carolina State College of Engineering, E. E.-1920.
Came to Canada in 1926
He served as an Engineer in US, Canada, Panama, and in Spain.
a former Alcoa employee
nicknamed "King of the Saguenay",
spoke with a North Carolina accent.
In 1930 he was General Superintendent
Duke-Price Power Company Ltd. Arvida, Quebec.
He was a Past-President of the Canadian Electrical Association,
and Vice-President of the Engineering Institute of Canada.
Mount DuBose, location of the Kemano Powerhouse,
 is named after him.
From all accounts, Kemano was his vision, from start to finish.
Same thing at Shipshaw, in the Saguenay district of Quebec.
On Board of Directors for Saguenay Electric Co,
retiring from that position, on Jan 1, 1959
1910, lived in Morganton, Burke Co. NC with his family
he was living with his daughter Alice at Cuernavaca, Mexico ca 1980.
Alice's sons all lived in Mexico at that time.

McNeely married Isabel Dale Vann, Sept 29, 1919, in Baden, NC
b- July 2, 1893 in Fayetteville, Cumberland Co, NC
d- Apr 12, 1976 age 82, last res zip 32069, Florida, USA
She was the daughter of John Chisholm Vann, mother- M. C. Vann

they had 2 children:
1. Martha Rosalie DuBose,
 married Dr. Allan Higginson Moyle, had 4 children

2. Alice McNeely DuBose, an American,
married Pierre Kroupensky, a Russian, they had 3 children
Pierre has something to do with Noble Advertising Co.
One of their sons is McNeely "Mac" Kroupensky, born in Mexico City.

Siblings of McNeely DuBose Jr.

Margaret Rosalie DuBose
 b. 14 Apr 1887, d. 3 Feb 1919

Julia Mortimer DuBose
 b. 28 Jul 1889, d. 28 Feb 1899

Rainsford Fairbanks DuBose
b. 23 Feb 1895, d. 31 Mar 1981
married a MacDowell

David St. Pierre DuBose
 b. 3 May 1898, d. 29 May 1994
also an electrical Engineer

Marion St. John DuBose
 b. 24 Jun 1900, d. 11 Jun 1987



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