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Are you interested in Genealogy?
Do you have a family tree,
you would like to share with me?
If your Surname search,
matches any of the names below
then please contact me.

If you don't want to share your information,
then please DO NOT contact me!


If you are planning on using ANY info I give you
on any Public Web page,
 or sending it to any Public access organization,
Then Please Do NOT even ask me for information.
If it is for your personal use,
sharing in your Private family,
 I have no problem at all.

I am interested in the following surnames
Blackmore, Davey, Gent, Gesell, Gessell, Wendel, Wendell,
Twomey, Johnston, McAlinden, Forster,
 Powers, Lenihan, Hutchins,  and more.

Contact me-
Via mail:
 Doug Gent
2310 Cramer St
Terrace BC
V8G 2K7

Via email:
If you are sending an email
Please add "Your Inquiry Surname"
 in the "Subject" field of your e-mail
or my firewall will assume it is spam
and it will not be read, or replied to.

  Contact Me

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