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BA Concord and RAF Red Arrows
May 1985, taken from QE II

Bristol Type 170 Freighter
First Around the World Flight

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BC Tel-Telus

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Westinghouse Airways

Company Logo

Founded in 1945 by
Aubrey Harold Westinghouse
his brother Lawri Westinghouse,
and his father, George Westinghouse Jr.

They operated as an Air Charter Company.
flying Passengers and Freight,
in land and amphibious aircraft,
on the coast of BC Canada.

I believe the head office was in Victoria BC.

I know they flew Republic Seabees
as one of their planes was in for repair
in 1952 at the Associated Aero Services Hangar
on Sea Island, Vancouver.

the Seabee plane in the left foreground
has the Westinghouse Airways Logo on the door.
(see above)
Photo taken by Bud Walker.

This Airline was sold to BC Air Lines Ltd. in 1954

 Aubrey Harold Westinghouse, Bio
b- Mar 4, 1913 , Tuesday,
at the Westinghouse family home, Lee, Mass, USA
d- Mar 11, 2003, age 90
2nd son of George Westinghouse Jr. (one of them)
Aubrey was christened at Lenox Mass. USA, Sept 1913
Lived in Victoria BC
served in WWII, in the RCAF
discharged in 1945
served in England and North Africa.
Life Member Victoria Flying Club

wife- Connie Westinghouse, married in 1935
d- Dec 1997 in Saanich Peninsula Hospital
son- George Westinghouse (IV I think?)
 daughter- Carlene Westinghouse
they had a total of 5 children

His Grandfather only had one child,
George Westinghouse III
the only heir to the Westinghouse $50 million, fortune.
who had 6 children.
Aubrey was the 2nd child.
George Thomas Westinghouse,
b- Apr 27, 1911 in Pittsburgh, Penn,
 was Aubrey's oldest brother,
named after his Grandfathers.
1914 their family was in West Park, Lee, Mass.
a daughter, the last of the 6 children to survive ca2008,
Margaret Westinghouse,
lived in Klagenfurt Austria.
Records say a brother Lawri Westinghouse,
was involved in the formation of this airline.
Can't find any info on him.

Father- George Westinghouse Jr. (III), born in New York
b- May 20, 1883, New York City, NY
d- Nov 5, 1964, age 80, in New Westminster BC

His father, on July 24, 1940,
Donated money to the Canadian Government
to purchase planes for the RCAF,
To be used for training purposes.
He was a US Citizen at the time,
and a frequent visitor to Vancouver Island.
He owned a summer residence near Victoria.

Mother- Evelyn Violet  Brocklebank,
b- Feb 23, 1882 in England
d- June 9, 1943, age 61
daughter of Lord Thomas Brocklebank,
and Lady Agnes Lydia Allport.
of England. Baronet, Shipbuilder.
married Mar 4, 1909.

Aubrey's Grandfather,
George Westinghouse Jr., of New York,
b- Oct 6, 1846 Central Bridge, New York
d- Mar 12, 1914, at his home,
Langham, Central Park West and  74th St, New York, age 68
buried in his brother H. Herman Westinghouse's tomb,
at Woodlawn NY. (see below)
 Invented the Railway Air Brake in July 1869.
A bust of the inventor is in
the US Hall of Fame in New York City
He moved to Pittsburgh Penn. and formed
the Westinghouse Air Brake Company (WABCO)
George Westinghouse perfected the first automatic electric block signal.
He helped spearhead the development of alternating current (AC).
He bought the patent from Nikola Tesla.
He figured out an efficient way to transmit clean natural gas to homes.
plus many more inventions in his lifetime.  361 patents!
Westinghouse Electric Corp. one of his companies.
His estate was valued at 35 million dollars in his will.
Aubrey's Grandmother-
Marguerite Erskine Walker
b- Roxbury NY
d- June 23, 1914
died at her country res, Erskine Park, Lenox, Mass, USA
daughter of Captain Daniel Lynch Walker,
and Eliza Smart Burhans, of Roxbury, Delaware Co, New York.
married in Brooklyn, Aug 8, 1867.
she was temp at Woodlawn, and later on
both bodies were buried in the National Cemetery
at Arlington Virginia, due to his involvement in the Civil War

Aubrey's Great Grandfather-
George Westinghouse
Aubrey's Great Grandmother,
Emmeline Vedder.
His Great Grandfather started G. Westinghouse & Company
manufacturing Farm Implements.
George & Emmeline had another son- H. Herman Westinghouse

Aubrey came from quite a background
and I'm surprised his name wasn't George
but his older brother beat him to it!



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