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Robert Benjamin "Bob" Gayer

b- Dec 18, 1916, Prince Rupert BC
d- ca 2000

Left- Unknown, right- Robert B. "Bob" Gayer, ca1952

Grant Walker remembered Bob had something to do with Associated
Dressed like a Supervisor/Owner in this photo above.
Through my research I now know he started
Associated Air Taxi and Associated Aero Services.
he sold these 2 companies to PWA, Russ Baker's company.

Grant remembers him as a wheeler dealer,
always smoking a cigar.
Grant has fond memories of him and his wife,
and Bob always took time out to talk to him.

Bob's wife- Louise
She was General Manager of Associated Air Taxi Ltd.
and became partner in Associated Air Carriers Ltd.
with Jim Spilsbury and QCA.

Bob and 2 workers, pushing plane from wharf

1941 Bob graduated from Colorado School of Mines
He became a Mining Engineer.

Bob Gayer was Vice-President and Managing Director
of Cangold Mining and Exploration Co. in 1945,
when they optioned the Sherwood claims.
Shown living in Vancouver at the time.
His mine was on Vancouver Island.

He quit mining, and learned how to fly
at the BC Aero Club,
going on to start Associated Air Taxi and
Associated Aero Services.

ca 1948 he bought a share of Port Alberni Airways,
 Jack Moul, and Slim Knights,
started Port Alberni Airways in 1946.

Jim Spilsbury writes a whole chapter #18, on Bob,
in his book "Spilsbury's Coast". Page 171-174

Note- I don't have a copy of this book.

He is also mentioned in his Accidental Airline book.
Even has a photo of Bob in there.
Jim Spillsbury had respect for him.
So much so that he went into partnership
with Bob's wife Louise,
forming a charter company,
 after Associated Air was sold to PWA.
they called it "Associated Air Carriers Ltd.".(AAC)
the new company was incorporated in 1953.
I think it operated 1950-1954.
They brought Slim Knights and other old personnel with them.
they used planes from QCA's fleet.
Russ Baker's lawyer messed up, and wrote a clause
stopping Bob from forming another Airline Company for 5 years,
but not his Wife.  Russ was not a happy guy after this!
They even managed to keep Associated Air's old phone number.
I found a 1955 share offering for PWA,
and it lists this new company, as well as QCA,
as subsidiaries, so he bought it out as well.

May 1959 Bob lived at 814 West 62nd, Vancouver BC
He owned a 26ft cruiser "Friendly Days"
May 24, 1959 his boat exploded and burned
while he was out fishing with a friend.
Burned to the waterline.
It was a gas powered wood hull, covered in fibreglass.
According to Grant the gas always leaked on the engine.

1957 he appears as Manager of the Northern Division
of Pacific Western Airlines.
His headquarters were in Edmonton AB at the time.

Oct 1953 Bob was elected Vice-President
of The International Northwest Aviation Council
in Gearhart Oregon.

He might have had something to do with
Granby Consolidated at Copper Mountain.

He also worked for Jim Spilsbury's QCA.

1962 he shows up selling 3 oil exploration licences
covering the Turneffe Islands, and British Honduras area.
So after his excursion in airplane companies,
he went back to his mining background.

L/R- Bob Gayer, Bud Walker, unknown  L/R- Bud Walker, Bob Gayer, unknown married couple
1952 era photos

From more pictures and info from Grant Walker,
turns out he was into developing a Subdivision
in what is now Belize, used to be British Honduras.
Slim Knights bought a couple of lots from him,
and Grant's father, Bud Walker,
helped him out when he had some financial problems,
and ended up with a couple lots,
and a road in the subdivision named after him,
Walker Rd.
Maya Beach Subdivision, Placentia Peninsula,
District of Stann Creek,
looking out on the Caribbean Sea.
Owner and Developer- Plantation Palms Ltd.,
PO Box 406, Belize City, British Honduras.
Which was under the overall direction of Bob Gayer.

Beautiful spot looks like.

Grant has sent me his dad's address book,
and most of the book are address changes
for his friend Bob Gayer.

Last Photo of Bob Gayer and Bud Walker together
on a ferry to Gabriola Island

Left Bud Walker, right Bob Gayer ca 1980
Bud died of cancer Oct 1980.

Genealogy Info

Father- Irvin Benjamin Gayer
b-June 17, 1883, in Auglaizer County, Ohio, age 55 in 1940
d- Nov 1, 1971 in San Bernardino, CA, age 88
Mount View Cemetery, San Bernardino, Masonic Rites.
Lived for 46 years in San Bernardino CA
50 year member of the Arcadia Masonic Lodge 306, Spenceville, Ohio.
1912 when he married he was an Architect in Vancouver BC
1912 he was in partnership with a Mr. Ryan.
1920 he was a Vulcanizer, in a Vulcanizing shop living in Inglewood, CA
1930 he was a Salesman in a Music Store, in San Bernardino, CA
living at 224 16th in San Bernardino, CA
1940 he was a Coin Vending Machine Operator, in LA, CA
both his parents born in Germany
married- Harriette Grace Gilmour, Sept 12, 1912 in Methodist Parsonage, Vancouver BC
b- ca 1875, Buffalo, New York, age 65 in 1940
d- ?
Operating a Lodging / Boarding House in LA in 1940
daughter of Charles P. Gilmour,  and Helen M. Simonds
Her father was a real estate agent in 1920 in CA

brother- Jack Benjamin Gayer
b- Jan 12, 1920, in LA, CA, USA, (age 20 in 1940)
d- Aug 19, 2007, St. Petersburg, Pinellas, FL, USA
Apprentice Building Carpenter in 1940 in LA
served in WWII, Sergeant US Army Air Forces
Jack's wife- Irene Gayer, nee ?
b- ca 1917 in CA, (age 23 in 1940)
family above, plus 5 lodgers all living in LA, CA in 1940

Grandfather- Jacob "John" J. Gayer,
b- 1860, in Germany
Oil Producer in 1900, in Spencer, Allen, Ohio
Grandmother- Phoebe Metzger,
 b- 1862  in Ohio
d- Oct 23, 1920, Portland Oregon, buried in rose City Cemetery

Bob's aunt- Edith M. Gayer, married a Mr. Nelson

between 1949 and 1952 His father remarried Mary D. Dafnis,
and had a daughter Madeline.
Mary co-owned "The Virginian" (restaurant / bar, I think?) in San Bernardino.
Mary, Irvin and Jack were co-owners of Gayer Coin-Matic Co.


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