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Breeder's Directory


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I will attempt to add a few names from the listings above,
so Google etc will find them
for someone researching these farmers.

Kenneth "Kenny" McIvor, Roselea Farm, Virden MB,
Township 10, Range 26, W1, in 1911 census
1.6 KM NW of Virden
1906 he was age 59, b- Aug 1847, in Scotland, immigrated in 1881
Wife- Margaret  C. McIvor, nee Campbell, age 54 in 1906, b- Apr 1852 in Scotland
son- Kenneth William "Willie" McIvor, b- Dec 12, 1883, RM of Wallace BC,
Daughter- Eva McIvor, b- Apr 20, 1888, RM of Wallace, MB
Son- Hugh Alexander McIvor, b- Feb 27, 1890, RM of Wallace, MB
daughter- Jessie Patterson McIvor, b- Apr 20, 1892, RM of Wallace MB

His Grandson's Hart "Harley" and George McIvor struck oil on this land
August 1953, with the first flowing Oil Well,
starting what became the Virden-Roselea Field.
It produced 3, 438 barrels in the first month.
Kenneth McIvor was one of the earliest Homesteaders in the Virden area.

Grandson George Munroe McIvor married Frances Elizabeth Smith, Aug 5, 1933

Kenny McIvor developed Western Rye Grass (Agropyron tenerum Vasey)
known for it's great Hay qualities in drought and cold growing conditions.
In 1880 he gathered some of the seed and planted a crop.
He is known as the first person that brought this plant to the public's attention.

S. Martin, Terra Nova Stock Farm
Rounthwaite MB, RM of Oakland
Township 4, Range 18, W1 in 1911 census
Samuel Martin
b- Apr 1862 in Ireland
wife- Isabella "Isabel" Carlow Duncan Glen (Glenn?)
b- May 1872 in Scotland

daughter- Mary "Nora" Martin, b- June 26, 1894, She was a Teacher in 1911
son- James Eyre Martin, b- Dec 24, 1895
daughter- Eva Martin, b- Oct 1897
son- Robert Fredrick Martin, b- Mar 1, 1900
daughter- Lucy Martin, b- Feb 1, 1902
son- Togo? Martin, b- May 1903
daughter- Mona Martin, b- Aug 5, 1906
daughter- Nellie Lillian Martin, b- Oct 8, 1908
son- John Martin, b- Apr 1910
all children born in MB
brother- John Martin, age 35 in 1906

Samuel Martin was a Breeder of Aberdeen-Angus cattle
1905 he was part of a group that started the Canadian Angus Association

Rigby & Johnstone, Headingly MB
Breeders of Yorkshire Pigs

A & J Chadbourne, Ralphton MB
Breeders of Clydesdales and Shorthorns
Alfred "Alf" and John Chadbourne
Alf Chadbourne
b- ca 1856, England, age 49 in 1906, immigrated in 1865

John Chadbourne
b- ca 1861, England, age 46 in 1906, immigrated in 1862

alt spelling Chadbourn
note the advertisement clearly says Chadbourne as the spelling

W. Clifford, Austin MB
Breeder of Aberdeen-Angus Cattle

Sir Walter Charles Ignatius Clifford,
b- Oct 14, 1862, Devon, England
d- July 14, 1956, at St. Boniface MB, age 93
buried in Austin Cemetery
, NE 18-11-11 W, North Norfolk RM
Immigrated in 1883,
came to Austin May 12, 1884, per his headstone.
Son of the Eighth Lord Clifford of Chudleigh, Devon, England
Baron Charles Hugh Clifford
Postmaster of Austin MB for almost 50 years

W. G. Styles, Rosser, MB
Shorthorns and Tamworths

William George Styles
b- June 22, 1863 in Gravesend Kent, England
d- May 3, 1938 in Regina
son of George Gaviller Styles and Lucy Hodgson

married Emily Jane Lawler, Dec 17, 1890 in Winnipeg MB
d- Jan 17, 1966 in Regina SK

Dec 28, 1904 W. G. Styles was Secretary-Treasurer of the RM of Rosser
Oct 1914 he was living in Regina SK
He had 5 children:

son- Alfred Gaviller Styles
b- Oct 5, 1891 in Rosser (Winnipeg) MB
d- Sept 17, 1954 in Victoria BC
Member of the SK Bar.
Served in WWI, attained rank of Major.
Received the Distinguished Service Medal (DSO)
His medals and sword are in the Saskatchewan Military Museum
He was the main man behind building the Regina Armouries.
daughter- Lucy Emily Styles
b- Feb 1892 in Winnipeg MB
married Albert Wylie McNeel
daughter- Winnifred Mary Styles
b- Sept 12, 1894 in Rosser MB
son- George Patrick Styles
b- Apr 22, 1897 in Winnipeg MB
daughter- Aileen Gertrude Styles
b- June 1, 1900 in Winnipeg MB, RM of Woodlands

John V. Langley, Rosthern SK
Breeder of Yorkshire pigs

no sign of this fellow anywhere other than here

D. Fraser and Sons, Emerson MB
Importers and Breeders of Shorthorn Cattle,
Shropshires, and Southdowns Sheep

Donald Fraser

He was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church in 1892
He was considered the best feeder in the West for cattle, ca 1890's.
His Prize Shorthorn "Big Donald" weighed 2456 lbs,
 in 1891, at Winnipeg's Christmas Market.
Cattle during those years weight was more important than quality.
He was a prize winner at the 1882 West Lynne Fair.
"Manitoba Chief", Reg #5435, bred by Donald Fraser, calved Mar 1, 1883
1887 he cultivated 300 acres near Emerson MB

Possibly born in Scotland in 1830
I think this might be the right family, but only a guess.
wife- Margery Fraser, age 48 in 1881, b- Scotland
David Fraser, age 24, ON
William Fraser, age 23, ON
Archibald Fraser, age 16, ON
Maggie J. Fraser, age 14, ON
Anna S. Fraser, age 11, ON
Elizabeth M. Fraser, age 4, ON

Census place 1881- Morris East, Provencher, MB
Lots of sons, which is great as well.

John Wishart, Portage La Prairie, MB

John Wishart
b- Apr 20, 1865, (1866 in one record) Eramosa, Wellington, ON
d- Dec 21, 1925 in Portage La Prairie, age 59

Breeder of Clydesdale and Hackney Horses.
Feb 13, 1907, Part of a group to Incorporate
the Portage Industrial Exposition Association.
Showed his horses in Portage and in Winnipeg Fairs.
President of the Horse Breeders Association of Manitoba.
Served as a Rural Councillor for a few years. (1919-1921)

Married Catherine Ann McKenzie, June 20, 1888
b- Aug 7, 1861
d- Jan 21, 1947
Both buried in Portage Hillside Cemetery, rows 19/20

son- Hector Wishart, b- June 4, 1889, Portage La Prairie, MB
daughter- Ida Wishart, b- Sept 10, 1894, Portage La Prairie, MB,
son- Edgar Wishart, b- Sept 19, 1896, in MB
son- Allan Wishart, b- Dec 22, 1900 in Portage La Prairie, MB
son- Russel Milford Wishart, b- Sept 18, 1905 in Portage La Prairie, MB

They came to the Portage district in 1880.
27 Wishart's living in Portage by 1911.

A. R. Douglas, Franklin MB

Breeder of Berkshire Pigs

No info found on this guy

William Gibson & Son, Loganston Farm, Wolseley Assa.

Breeder of Shorthorn cattle.
Immigrated from Auchinleck in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1886, to Wolseley
He wrote many letters to the Ayrshire Post, which were published
by University of Toronto Press
I believe he might have also been a stone mason, as well as a farmer.

then 1911 census shows this fellow I think
on Lot 17, block 1, in Wolseley
immigrated in 1882
William Gibson
b- Aug 1847 in Scotland
wife- Margaret Gibson, b- Mar 1849 in Scotland
James Gibson, b- Nov 1872 in Scotland
Maggie Gibson, b- July 1875 in Scotland

1901 census shows a William W. "Billy" Gibson in Wolseley,
occupation blacksmith.
shown born Mar 28, 1876, in Dellmellington Scotland,
immigrating in 1883 with his parents to the Moffat District.
This was another son
Turns out Billy became a famous aviation historical person.
Read this page in the Wolseley History book online,
Note- these are not my sites, and links may or may not work in the future.
Balgonie Birdman article

Their house on Loganston farm,
 was the First Stone house in the district, built by William Sr., 1884-85

Loganston farm is located 9 miles south and 3 miles west of Wolseley.
William Gibson homesteaded on NW Sec 3, township 16, Range 10, W2
and NE and SE Section 4, township 16, Range 10, W2.

End of Column 1 in scan above

Column 2

B. A. Van Meter, Spring Hill Farm, Millet AB

Breeder of Polled Angus Cattle

Baker Ashley Van Meter
b- Oct 24, 1852 in Iowa
d- 1930 in CA?

son of Jacob Rhoades Van Meter, (1824- 1910)
grandson of Joseph Van Meter

Van Meter built a store in Millet in 1903,
 when Millet became a village.

Farm located about a mile and a half south of Millet.

Baker and his wife came from Leota, Norton Kansas,
with 6 children.
Millet history book has the family story

Western Land Grants in his name:
 NE and SW Section 20, Tsp 47, Rge 24, W4
and NE and E 1/2 of NW, and W 1/2 of NW Section 34, Tsp 47, Rge 24, W4

1860 he was age 7 in Breckenridge Kansas

1920 in Twin Falls Idaho, age 67
Father born in Kentucky, mother in Ohio,
wife- Lucenda "Lucy" "Lu" Van Meter, nee Golden,
age 63 b- 1856 Iowa
d- May 7, 1929, St. George, Washington, Utah, age 73 years, 9 mo
daughter of Eli Golden, and Sally Ann Johnson

1930 he was age 77, widowed in Lynwood LA, CA
He must have died shortly after this census

Alex M. Glassford
Tabley Hill, Knutsford, Cheshire, England

Breeder of Yorkshire Pigs

Alexander "Alex" MacPherson Glassford

b- 1831 in Scotland
d- aft 1914

son of Alexander MacDonald Glassford
and Jeannie H. Macpherson,
who were married Aug 8, 1860,
at Blythswood, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

Alex married 1st,
Elizabeth Yates, Jan 29, 1870, Cheshire, England

Their son James Glassford was christened May 30, 1871
mother's name shown as Elizabeth Glassford

Alex re-married 2nd time,
 Anne Clough, Feb 17, 1875, at Cheshire
daughter of John Clough
shows he was a widow at the time, so we know Elizabeth died.
Anne matches 1881 census below.
She must have died after 1881 census

re-married 3rd time,
 Mary Sarah Hewitt, Apr 8, 1896 at Over Tabley, Cheshire
daughter of Richard Hewitt
they had a daughter- Jean Mary Glassford, ca Aug 1899
son- Alexander Steven MacPherson Glassford, ca Sept 1902
son- James Charles Macpherson Glassford, ca Sept 1902

he was age 27 when he married 3rd time,
so birth year doesn't add up?

1874 shows a John Glassford farmer at Moss Lane. (father)

1881 shown at Moss Lane, Tabley Superior

1896 Alex M. Glassford shown as a farmer
at Moss Farm at Tabley Over, or Superior

1914 shows Alex at Tabley Hill Farm
and a James Glassford, farmer at Moss Lane, (son)

wife Ann Glassford, age 52 in 1881, born at Northwich, Cheshire, England
son James Glassford, age 9, born at Tabley, Cheshire

John Logan, Murchison, MB
Breeder of Shorthorns

W. E. Baldwin, Manitou MB
Breeder of shorthorn cattle

William Baldwin
b- Aug 1822, age 83 in 1906, England, Scottish ancestry
d-  over age 92
wife- Mary Johnson
b- Sept 1831 in England, age 76 in 1906 census
she lived past 86
married Mar 25, 1852, Brock District, ON, both from Blenheim ON at the time.
Family came to Canada in 1832 from England.
settled in Dumfrees Township ON, then moved to Blenheim township.
Here he started to buy and sell livestock.
1877 the family moved to MB, then moved to Manitou in 1878.
1906 in Manitou, Lisgar District.
1911 Township 4, Range 9, W1
William took out a homestead on SE Section 2, Township 4, Range 9, W1
NE section 2 was a Robert Newton Baldwin (relative?)
William and Mary had 8 children:
William E. Baldwin,
John E. Baldin
James Matthias Baldwin, b- June 29, 1857, Woodstock, Oxford Co, ON
Bank Manager, started first bank in Killarny MB
Susanna E. Baldwin, wife of Noah Snyder
Robert N. Baldwin
Orinda A. Baldwin, wife of A. C. Holman
Robert A. Baldwin
Joseph J. Baldwin

Found another son- Lias age 50, b- ON
and another son Albert age 40 b- ON in 1906 census

founder of Baldwin Locomotive works was Matthias William Baldwin
wonder if there was a family connection here?

R. A Cox, Fairview Stock Farm, Beresford, MB

Breeder of Shorthorns and Berkshires

Richard Arthur Cox
b- May 7, 1859 in Guelph ON
d- Jan 10,1933 in Brandon MB
son of Thomas Arthur Cox and Ann E. Stephenson

wife- Isabella Augusta Sutton, 1836-1922

6 children:
Charles Edwin Cox
Ethelinda Cox
Stanley Cox
Violet Annie Cox
Emma Cox
Myrtle Clara Cox

Finlay McRae, Brandon MB
Breeder of Shorthorn Cattle

Finlay McRae
b- Jan 1, 1844, Scotland
d- Aug 12, 1920 in Brandon MB, age 76
buried in Brandon Cemetery
Finlay immigrated to Canada in 1860, when he was 14 years old.
1901, age of 55, occupation- Farmer.
Finlay's wife- Martha McRae, nee Bevan,
 b- Mar 24, 1855 in England.
d- Apr 24, 1940 in Brandon MB, age 85
buried in Brandon Cemetery
Martha immigrated to Canada in 1870, when she was 12 years old.
Finlay and Martha had 8 children, 3 boys and 5 girls:
Katie J. McRae, b- 1879, ON.
Mary E. McRae, b- 1880 in ON.
John H. McRae, b- 1881 in ON.
Bertha McRae, b- 1883 in ON.
Donald D. McRae, b- Sept 9, 1884 Brandon, MB
Gertrude "Gerty" McRae, b- Feb 8, 1889 in RM of Cornwallis, MB
Lena Beatrice McRae, b- Mar 19, 1890 in RM of Cornwallis, MB
William Finlay McRae, b- Jan 7, 1893 in RM of Cornwallis, MB.

1916 family still in Brandon, only Mary at home of her parents


James D. Brook, Plum Coulee, MB
Shorthorn Cattle and Poland, China Swine

1906 age 44, b- ON

D. E. Corbett, Swan Lake MB
Breeder of Shorthorns


W. Hardy, Fairview Farm, Roland MB

Breeder of Ayrshire cattle, Yorkshire Swine

There was a Wallace and a Wellington Hardy in Roland
One died in 1914 other in 1915
Living with their families side by side in 1911
Both born in PEI

D. Allison, Roland MB

Breeder of Shorthorn cattle and Berkshire swine

James J. Stewart, Gladstone MB
breeder of Yorkshire Swine

A James Stewart married Mar 18, 1903 at Westmeath, Renfrew Co ON
at age 42, born in Bristol Quebec, living in Roland MB when he married.
son of Jamieson and Margaret Stewart
married Agnes
Robertson, age 22, born in Westmeath Township,
and she was living there when they were married.
Daughter of John Robertson and Eliza Collins
this James J. Stewart?

Thomas McCartney, Longburn MB
Breeder of Ayrshire Cattle

Thomas Weir McCartney
b- Apr 21, 1874 in Pictou, NS
d- Sept 1, 1940 at his home
Served on RM of Portage La Prairie council
as well as Reeve from 1938-1940

Father- Thomas M. McCartney, b- Sept 26, 1841
Mother- Mary McCartney, Oct 12, 1844

R. M. Douglas, Tantallon, Assa (SK)
Breeder of Shorthorn cattle, Clydesdale horses, Berkshire Pigs

Robert Moffat Douglas
 b- Feb 21, 1870 in Uxbridge ON
d- 1941
wife- Margaret Matilda Douglas, nee Ireton,
b- Feb 26, 1875 in Verulam township, ON
"Euphemia?" Enphemia Jane Douglas
b- Oct 4, 1901 in Tantallon SK,
Olive Isabell Douglas
b- July 27, 1904, in Tantallon, SK

He was the son of Rev James Moffat Douglas and Jane Smith

H. H. Crawford, Strathcona AB
Breeder of Shorthorn cattle and Berkshire Pigs
Shown as an experienced Auctioneer

Herbert Howard Crawford
b- Mar 10, 1878 in Chinguacousy, Peel, (Brampton?), ON
d- 1946 in Edmonton
son of Robert Crawford, and Amelia James
came to Strathcona in 1900 (1902 in another source)
Manager of Crawford Tent and Awning Company
Active in Methodist church
Journalist on staff of Edmonton Journal ca 1938
Elected Conservative in 1913 election, elected until 1921.

wife- Ada Crawford, b- ca 1879 in USA

J. J. Coggin, Carberry MB
Breeder of Hereford Cattle

Can't seem to find much on this guy

James Duthie, Melgund Stock Farm, Hartney MB
Breeder of Shorthorn Cattle and Berkshire Pigs

James Duthie
b- Oct 10, 1855, Cummiston, Aberdeen, Scotland
d- Apr 15, 1932 in RM of Cameron, MB, age 76

Came to Canada in 1880 (shown as 1877 in 1916 census)
Attended Ontario Agricultural College in Guelph
President of Manitoba Cattle Breeder's Association.
Municipal Council Member,
School Trustee,
1892 - First President of the Hartney Agricultural Society
President of the Shorthorn Breeders Assoc.

wife- Catherine Campbell Lamb
b- Dec 16, 1861 in ON
d- Aug 19, 1915, RM of Cameron MB, age 53

Robert Imlah Duthie,
b- Mar 13, 1893, RM of Winchester, MB
d- Aug 28, 1907, RM of Cameron, MB, age 14
James "Campbell" Duthie, b- July 20, 1894, RM of Winchester, MB
Jessie McLaren Duthie, b- Nov 18, 1897, RM of Cameron, MB
Marjorie Polson Duthie, b- June 15, 1899, RM of Cameron, MB
William Murray Duthie, b- Aug 18, 1905 RM of Cameron, MB
James Ruthven Duthie,
James Pettipher Duthie,
Marie Louise Duthie,
Joan Margaret Duthie,

A. & J. Morrison, Carman PO, Homewood Station, CNR
Breeders of Shorthorn Cattle

Alexander Morrison?
b- Jan 15, 1851
d- Jan 24, 1930 in Carman MB

James Morrison
wife Martha
Came from Ireland and settled in Carman in 1878

Robert Menzies, Shoal Lake
Breeder of Shorthorn Cattle

Robert Menzies
b- June 16, 1858 (1859?) in Dull, Perth, Scotland
d- Dec 16, 1940 in Winnipeg MB
son of John Menzies  and Grace Menzies
grandfather- John Menzies, grandmother- Ann MacNaughton

married Clara Letitia Hamilton, Feb 9, 1902

they had 5 children:
John Hamilton Menzies, b- Apr 4, 1904, RM of Shoal Lake, MB
Robert Smiley Menzies, b- June 23, 1905, Shoal Lake, MB
Grace Elizabeth Menzies, b- Jan 25, 1907 in Shoal Lake, MB
Florentine Menzies, b- June 1, 1912, Shoal Lake, MB
Unknown Menzies

McClelland & Sons, Hagelhurst Stock Farm, Emerson MB
Breeder of Shorthorns

Colin D. Rex, Parlington Farm, Elkhorn, MB
Breeder of Shorthorn Cattle

Colin D. Rex
b- Dec 25, 1870, in England
age 35 in 1906
(1871 in 1901 census)

Immigrated in 1884

wife- Jessie M. Rex
b- Aug 1876, in Scotland, age 30 in 1906
She immigrated in 1882

1911 family living on Sec 18, Township 11, Range 28, W1
Colin took out western land grant on SW of Sec 18.
Mary Rex on NW (see his mother below)

1901 mother of Colin- Mary Rex, b- June 7, 1830 in England
sister- Harriet Rex, b- May 14, 1864 in England
sister- Mary Rex, July 9, 1868 in England

Brett & Sons, Dugald MB
Breeder of Polled Angus and Berkshire Pigs

William Brett
b- Mar 1856 in ON

1904 Reeve of RM of Springfield

wife- Elizebeth Brett, nee Scott
b- Mar 1855 in ON

son- Newton Percival Brett, b- Aug 14, 1889 in Dugald, MB
Amelia "Adelaide" Brett, b- May 10, 1891 in Dugald, MB
Ena "Tena" Violet Brett, b- Mar 12, 1893 in Dugald, MB (twin)
Lilian Florence Brett, b- Mar 12, 1893 in Dugald, MB (twin)
son- Arthur "Wesley" Brett, b- Nov 14, 1894 in Dugald, MB
Wesley served in WWI

M. Oughton, Middlechurch MB
Breeder of Holstein cattle

H. H. Keyes, Pense, Assa., (SK)
Breeder of Aberdeen Angus cattle

I believe this is Hugh Keyes Sr
He was Secretary of North Pense Telephone Co
I see the surname Keys here as well.

Joseph Glenn, Indian Head, Assa. (SK)
Breeder of Shorthorns

Joseph Glenn
b- Aug 1860, Chatsworth ON
d- 1931

son of William Glenn, b- Ireland, and Ann Glenn

married Christina Gordon, Feb 24, 1886 in Sydenham, Grey, ON
b- Nov 1863 in ON

daughter of Hugh Gordon, and Ellen Gordon

children of Joseph and Christina, all born in SK:
Ethel G. Glenn, b- July 1888
Gordon R. Glenn, b- Oct 1889
Anna W. Glenn, b- Apr 1891
Iris E. Glenn, b- Feb 1892
Grace E. Glenn, b- Dec 1894
Donald R. Glenn, b- Apr 1900
Kenneth M. Glenn, b- Dec 1901

came to Indian Head ca 1882
Joseph Served in Red River Rebellion and WWI
1912-1921 served in SK Government, for South Qu'Appelle
He owned Grain Elevators in Indian Head as well as other places in SK
Oct 8, 1906 his elevator at Grand Coulee collapsed.
It had 44,000 bushels of grain in it at the time.

son- Donald Roy Glenn
b- Apr 8, 1898
d- Feb 12, 1918, age 19
Served in WWI, Royal Flying Corps, Air Force,
Rank 2nd Lieutenant

John S. Gibson, Morden MB
Breeder of Shorthorn cattle

then we have some box ads

J. E. Marples, Deleau MB
Poplar Grove Herefords

came to Deleau 1881
Family history here

Postcard of his farm here

Another Farm postcard

Links above are NOT my site, and may or may not work in the future

J. T. Parker, Lethbridge AB
Alberta Herefords

John Topp Parker
died, age 87, ca Dec 1958,
buried in Calgary

Aug 1952 his wife passed away

That is it for top section of this page

Breeders from 2nd set above (bottom of page 276)
Note- some of the top on this are in the set above

George Playfair Jr., Baldur MB
Breeder of Shorthorns, Poland Chinas and Yorkshires

George William Playfair Jr.
b- Mar 1869, in ON, (age 12 in 1881),
d- June 26, 1925 Victoria BC, age 56

father- George William Playfair
b- Jan 9, 1839 in ON
d- Sept 4, 1919 in Victoria BC, age 81
 mother- Jessie Playfair, nee Ferguson
b- 1841 in ON
d- Nov 14, 1903 in RM of Argyle, MB, age 62

George Sr. Playfair,  English nationality
Jessie Ferguson, Scottish nationality

George Sr was married to Maude Brown first

farm 4 miles East of Baldur MB

Grandfather- John Playfair
Grandmother- Annette Elizabeth Playfair

Jessie Playfair, nee Ferguson was the first white woman in the Tiger Hills.

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Playfair, 1863, in ON, age 17, in 1881
Lizzie was the First bride in Argyle Co, she married Albert Edward Cramer
Jessie "Edith" Playfair, age 16, in 1881, in ON
John Andrew Playfair, age 14 in 1881, in ON
Annie Ferguson Playfair,
b- July 24, 1871, in Fallbrook, ON,
d- July 15, 1947 in Winnipeg MB, age 75
First Female Newspaper Owner in RM of Argyle
William C. Playfair, b- 1873
Margaret "Maggie" Maud Playfair, b- 1876 in ON, age 5, in 1881
she married Alexander Fowler
Annette "Nettie" Playfair, age 2 in 1881, in ON
Katherine "Katy" "Katie" Wilhelmina Playfair, 7 months in 1881, in MB
First child born in RM of Argyle, MB,
Katie married George Walton Brisbin, Sept 30, 1903 in RM of Argyle, MB

Family came to Manitoba in Aug 1880

George Jr. Playfair married Grace Elmer Playfair, nee Vanalstein
b- Apr 1874 in ON
daughter- Grace "Merle" Playfair,
b- Feb 12, 1898 in RM of Argyle, MB
She married Erick Dalziel Beilby
son- John Wilgan Playfair,
b- Oct 31, 1901 in  RM of Argyle, MB
d- June 28, 1955 in Saanich BC, buried in Royal Oak Cemetery, Victoria BC
daughter- Jessie Ferguson Playfair,
b- Nov 25, 1903 in RM of Argyle, MB
I think they had a son named George William Playfair,
who died, 9 months old,  June 7, 1900, in RM of Argyle, MB.

1911 family living on Township 5, Range 14, W1
George Jr shown as a lumber dealer

In May 1895 Mr. George Playfair established a cattle ranch
in the Mcleod District of Alberta,
with a Mr. George Creamer, with 200 head.

A. W. Caswell, Neepawa, MB
Neepawa Stock Farm,
Breeder of Shorthorns

Andrew Wallace Caswell
b-  May 24, 1851 (1853?) (1850?) in Granton ON
d- Jan 12, 1917 in Neepawa, MB, age 63

son of Andrew Caswell and Mary Jane Dickson

married Susanna "Susan" "Susie" Moore
b- Nov 1866 (1865?) in ON
d- Sept 27, 1918, in Neepawa MB, age 54

son- William Henry Caswell
b- Nov 23, 1890 in Neepawa, MB
d- Aug 23, 1891, in Neepawa, age 1

son- unnamed
b- May 23, 1892

Adopted daughter Grace Channon,
b- Oct 1893 in MB

family living on 1st st in Neepawa in 1911

A. & D. Stewart, Westbourne MB
Breeder of Scotch Shorthorn Cattle

Donald Stewart
b- May 28, 1832 Glenlyon, Perth, MB
d- 1916 on his headstone (1913?)

wife Margaret Stewart
b- 1834
d- 1878

Donald Stewart had the first Manitoba Purebred Registered Leicester Sheep
1873 the First Registered Shorthorn cattle.
He came to Manitoba in 1871
Immigrated to Canada in 1846

He had sons named Alexander and Angus Stewart
are they the A?
He had sons Duncan and David M. Stewart,  are they the D?

Archie Donald Stewart
b- 1864
d- 1945

There was also a David Stewart in this area, an early settler as well.

R. L. Lang, Spruce Bank farm, Oak Lake MB
Breeder of Shorthorns, Berkshires, and White Rocks

father- Robert L. Lang
my guess his middle name is Lamb
b- 1834,
d- Nov 14, 1900, RM of Sifton, MB
(one source says he died before 1885? so record above might be different Robert Lang)
son of Robert Lang and Marion Lang, nee Lamb?

married Elizabeth Wells, Oct 10, 1872, Hamilton. Wentworth, ON
b- Oct 1846 (Barysfield ON?)
daughter of Thomas Wells and Ann Jane Wells
but with children born before this date I would think we have another wife?.

oldest son- Robert Lamb Lang
b- June 1862, age 19 in 1881 in ON
d- Oct 12, 1930, Oak Lake town, MB, age 68,
married Margaret Jane "Maggie" McFarlane, Dec 11, 1885 in RM of Sifton, MB
b- May 1867 in ON
I think she was a sister to James McFarlane below?)
Living on Sec 36, Township 8, Range 25, W1 in 1911
They had 8 children by 1911, all born in MB, between 1887-1904.

daughter- Agnes Lang
b- ca 1864, age 17, 1881 in ON
she married James McFarlane (brother to Maggie above?)

son- James Lang
b- ca 1865, age 16 in 1881 in ON

daughter- Marion Emma Lang
b- Nov 17, 1866, Huron Co, ON
age 14 in 1881 in ON
d- May 18, 1944 in Burnaby BC, age 77
married Charles Young Walker

daughter- Janet Lang
b- ca 1869, age 12 in 1881 in ON

son- John Lang
b- ca 1870, age 11 in 1881 in ON

son- Thomas Lang (possibly Calvin below)
b- ca 1874, age 7 in 1881, in ON

son- Calvin Lang (same as Thomas above?)
d- Oct 18, 1875, Tuckersmith Township, Huron, ON

daughter- Mary Lang,
b- July 9, 1877, Tuckersmith, Huron, ON, age 4 in 1881

son- Norman Lang
b- Aug 4, 1879, Tuckersmith township, Huron, ON
age 2 in 1881
see my Bradwell page for more history

daughter- Evelyn Alice Lang,
b- Nov 21, 1881, Tuckersmith, Huron, ON
d- Sept 12, 1930, New Westminster, BC
married a Mr. Harcourt

daughter- Isabella Lang
b- Aug 1890 in RM of Sifton, MB

daughter- Enid E. Lang
b- Dec 1892 in MB

9 children in the family, living in Tuckersmith in 1881

George Hamilton, Lake View Farm, Neepawa, MB
Breeder of Shorthorn cattle and Yorkshire swine

George M. Hamilton
b- Nov 14, 1866 in ON
age 40 in 1906, in ON, living in town of Neepawa

son of George and Mary Hamilton

wife- Clara Belle "Nellie" "Claribel" Hamilton, nee Fisher, age 37, in ON
b- May 1871 (Nov 18, 1870?) in USA (possibly Madrid NY)
d- Mar 1931, possibly in Winnipeg

son- Beaman George Hamilton,
 b- Mar 6, 1899 in Neepawa, MB
daughter- Eleanor Claribel Hamilton,
b- Aug 6, 1907 in Neepawa, MB

J. M. MacFarlane, Moose Jaw Assa (SK)
Breeder of Clydesdales and Shires

James Muir and Son, MacGregor, MB
Breeder of shorthorn cattle
Farm adjoined the town.

E. A. August, Bates MB
Breeder of Shorthorns and Clydesdales

Edward Arthur August
b- May 15, 1860 in Toronto ON,
 age 46, in 1906
d- Dec 31, 1935, in RM of Dufferin, MB, age 75

Liberal MLA for the R.M. of Dufferin, in the Norris Government
son of William August and Mary Ann Ward
William and Mary Ann, born in England, both age 62 in 1811
William b- May 29, 1819

1st wife- Isabella McGhee
married her Dec 30, 1884 at her father's place, Melancthon, Dufferin Co. ON
daughter of Robert and Martha McGhee
she was age 24, living in Melancthon ON when she married
b- 1860 in ON, age 31 in 1891 census
d- Dec 19, 1900, in RM of Dufferin, MB, age 40

They had moved to Manitoba in 1899 to Carman district.

married 2nd wife- Emma Elizabeth Saunderson, Jan 3, 1906 in Carman MB
b- 1871, age 35 in 1906 in ON
d- July 29, 1914, in RM of Carman, age 42

mother of all the children below was Isabella

son- William Ellis August,
b- 1886 in ON,
age 5 in 1891, age 20, 1906 in ON
married Ethel Sinfield, Dec 25, 1916 in Carman MB

daughter- Hilda Martha August,
b- Sept 30, 1887 in Melancthon, Dufferin,
ON, (one source says Oct 30)
Age 3 in 1891, age 18, 1906

son- Robert Arthur August
b- Sept 10, 1889, in North Dufferin, MB
married Margaret Evelyn Barry, Dec 1, 1920 in Carman MB

son- Archibald "Archie" Ward August,
b- Mar 10, 1893 in RM of Dufferin MB
He was a teacher
married Sophie Maczuga, Feb 3, 1932 in Sprague MB

family living next to John Bates in 1891.
Bates MB named after that family?

H. V. Clendening, Bradwardine MB
Pioneer breeder of Red Polled Cattle

Henry V. Clendening
b- July 1878, in ON

wife- Retia Clendening
b- Nov 1885 in ON

1911 living on Sec 16, Tsp 12, Range 23, W
next to a George Clendening and his family, probably a brother.

1904 membership, Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Association

William Gardiner, Shoal Lake, MB,
Breeder of Shorthorns

William Gardiner
b- 1841 in Ireland, age 65 in 1906

wife- Jane Gardiner
b- in ON, age 58 in 1906

son- Milton Gardiner,
b- in MB, age 19 in 1906

could be more to this family, unable to verify them

J. D. Caswell, Traveller's Rest, Rosthern SK

James Dickson Caswell
b- Nov 05, 1835 in CastleBlayney, Monaghan, Ireland
d- June 14, 1908
buried in Rosthern Community Cemetery

wife- Mary Caswell, nee Martin
b- May 4, 1853
d- Feb 14, 1916
buried in Rosthern Community Cemetery

There is a Caswell Lake near Rosthern as well.

T. E. M. Banting, Banting MB
Breeder of Prize Tamworths

Thomas Edward Meredith Banting
b- May 25, 1858 in Simcoe Co., ON
d- Feb 10, 1914,  Oakland, MB, age 55

married Mary Ann "Minnie" Wallwin Jan 2, 1884, Simcoe ON
b- Feb 1858
They had 3 children:

Charles Orbrey (Orbery?) (Orlvey?) Banting
b- Dec 13, 1884,  Newton Robinson, Simcoe, ON
Medical Student in 1911
Lived in Victoria BC when he enlisted in WWI, Apr 14, 1917, Rank- Captain
Occupation Physician and Surgeon
married Ada Mildred Banting, nee Robertson, Sept 18, 1912, in Victoria BC

Sarah Elfleda Banting
b- Aug 6, 1886 in Simcoe Co., ON
School teacher in 1911
married Thomas Nelson Blakely, Oct 11, 1912, in Oakland MB
Captain Canadian Army Medical Corps,
Thomas Blakely died of sickness, Dec 29, 1920, age 38, in Winnipeg,
He served during WWI

Thomas Barker Banting
b- Apr 22, 1892 in Wawansea, RM of Oakland, MB
Farmer in 1911
married Nora Adeline Hudson, Mar 30, 1925 in Winnipeg

Farmed in RM of Oakland on Sec 2, Township 8, Range 17, W1

H. H. Fauquier, Maple Creek, Assa (SK)
Breeder of shorthorn cattle

Henry Haines Fauquier
b- Sept 14, 1862 in ON
d-  Mar 28, 1941

married Alice Kathleen Peecock, 1900, in Maple Creek Assa (SK)
b- Dec 1868 in Great Blakenham, Reg District of Bosmere, Suffolk, England
d- June 15, 1943
She immigrated in 1890

son- Henry Claude Fauquier
b- ca 1908 in SK
d- Feb 26, 1968, age 61

all above buried in Maple Creek Community Cemetery

daughter- Frances Maud Fauquier
b- Nov 9, 1907, Maple Creek SK

daughter- Mary Elizabeth Fauquier
b- May 21, 1902 in SK

daughter- Helen Kathleen Fauquier
b- Sept 1909 in SK

brand recorded in 1900
Breeder of Thoroughbred
Shorthorn Cattle*
Horses branded same as cut on right thigh.
Vent for both, bar above.

Robert Page, Pine Lake, AB
breeder of Scotch Shorthorn

Robert Page
b- Sept 4, 1870, Tavestock England
d- June 17, 1963, St. Joseph's Hospital, Victoria BC, age 92
buried Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria BC

played Cricket at Pine Lake, ca 1912
He was one of the first settlers in the Pine Lake area
Moved in 1923 to Haney BC

married twice
first married- Madge Walker
b- England
she died during childbirth, Sept 1897
they had a daughter
Gwen Page, b- Sept 1897 in England

married 2nd- Grace Herbert in 1903, Holy Trinity Church, Pine Lake
b- Jan 27, 1883, Kent England
d- June 26, 1974, Gorge Rd Hospital, Victoria BC, age 92
buried Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria BC
daughter of Melville and Lynda Herbert

Grace and Robert had 2 children:
Mary Page,
b- May 1904 in AB

Katherine E. "Kathy" Page,
b- May 1907 in AB, married a Mr. Wilson, then a Mr. Cripler

John Turner, Bonnie Brae Farm, Carrol MB
Breeder of Polled Angus Cattle

John Turner

L. V. B. Mais, Fort Qu'Appelle Assa. (SK)
breeder of Galloway Cattle

Leslie Valentine Brody Mais
b- Feb 14, 1869, Clifton Gloucester, England
d- Apr 5, 1924
son of Charles James Brody Mais, and Elizabeth Ann Warne

married Emily Marion Edwards, Dec 5, 1902 in Canada
b- bet Jan-Mar 1873, East Dulwich, London, (Reg Dist of Camberwell) England
they had 6 children:

Noel Leslie Constance Mais
b- Dec 25, 1903 in Regina SK
she married a Mr. Blair

Lorna Marion Mais
b- Jan 21, 1905, Regina SK
School Teacher 1924 in Wolchester District

Madeline Ethel Mais
age 8 in 1916, born in Medicine Hat, Alberta

Stanley Warne Mais
b- 1912 in Medicine Hat, AB
Immigrated to US Aug 18, 1935, to Babb Montana
age 31 years, 9 months

Montague Mais
age 3 in 1916 in Medicine Hat Alberta
1933 lived in Calgary AB

Leslie Brody Martin Mais

Leslie Sr. immigrated in 1888 to Canada
In 1889 he was in Fargo ND selling a herd of horses
he raised on his farm at Qu'Appelle

1901 he had a partner named John Brindley, both shown as ranchers.
shown at Beaverdale, East Assiniboia, NWT sheet
Homestead on NW Section 14, Township 20, Range 10, W2

records show Mrs Mais going to Sweet Grass and Babb Montana
1916 the family were living in Medicine Hat, AB

End of the one column

John Traquair, Welwyn Assa. (SK)
Breeder of Polled Angus Cattle

John Traquair
b- ?

married Sarah Traquair, nee Good, I think?

also a Margaret Traquair nee Scott, was a mother in Welwyn
She was also in Moosomin, she had 3 children in WWI.

R. A. Johnston, Livestock Auctioneer
Calgary and Edmonton, AB

B. H. Bull and Son, Brampton ON,
Breeder and Importer of Jerseys

Bartholomew Hill Bull

History of the family here,
Note- not my site, link may or may not work in the future

Lew Hutchinson, Donalda, AB
Breeder of Berkshires

Lew Hutchinson
b- 1870, Selby Yorkshire, England
d- 1955 at his residence in Calgary AB, age 85

married Barbara "Barb" Middleton in 1902
b- 1881 in Scotland
d- 1959
She was the first school teacher in the Duhamel District
She immigrated in 1888

Both buried in the Camrose Municipal Cemetery, Camrose AB.

He became a breeder of purebred Aberdeen Angus Cattle 1906-1927.
One of the original directors of the Alberta Wheat Pool
Lew came to Canada in 1900, after a Cowboy career in Nebraska and Iowa

Had 5 daughters and 4 sons

Alex Stevenson, Brookside Farm, Killarney MB
selling shorthorn cattle

G. E. Watson, McLeod AB,
Breeder of Belgian Hares

D. Cameron, Achaleg Farm, Gilbert Plains MB
Breeder of Clydesdales and Shorthorns

Duncan Cameron
b- May 1, 1863 in Morven, Argyllshire, Scotland
d- Sept 23, 1942 at Gilbert Plains, MB, age 79

One of the first to Homestead at Gilbert Plains in 1889
Served in Manitoba Legislature from 1908-1910

L. A. Bradley, Portage La Prairie MB
Breeder of Tamworths

Locke Amsdon Bradley
b- Sept 20, 1864 in Cobourg, ON
d- 1929

son of Charles Sydenham Bradley and Hannah S. Hubel

married Jane "Jennie" Elizabeth Floyd, Jan 20, 1886, cobourg, ON
b- Feb 18, 1865 in England
she immigrated in 1885
daughter of  Matthew and Mary Ann Floyd

daughter- Ora Annetta Bradley
b- Oct 11, 1886 in Haldimand Township, Northumberland, ON

daughter- Alma Grace Bradley
b- May 8, 1889 in Haldimand Township, Northumberland, ON

son- Joseph "Floyd" Bradley
b- Apr 13, 1891 in Haldimand Township, Northumberland, ON

son- Edward Hope Bradley
b- Mar 17, 1893 in Haldimand Township, Northumberland, ON

son- Clare "Hilton" Bradley
b- Jan 24, 1896 in Portage La Prairie, MB

son- William "Willie" Clifford Sewell Bradley
b- Sept 29, 1899 in Portage La Prairie, MB
enlisted in WWI

daughter- Ruth Ardell Bradley
b- May 12, 1906 in Portage La Prairie, MB

daughter- Edythe Lorraine Bradley
b- Mar 8, 1908 in Portage La Prairie, MB

1911 family living on Township 13, Range 7, W1


George Allison, Burnbank MB
Breeder of Shorthorn and Leicester

George Paton Allison
b- Feb 7, 1851 Scotland, age 56 in 1906
d- Dec 17, 1928, RM of Archie, MB, age 77
Immigrated in 1882

wife- Elizabeth Allison, nee Leiper
b- Oct 1, 1848, Scotland, age 57 in 1906
d- Apr 24, 1927, RM of Archie, age 78

son- George J. Allison
b- Sept 8, 1879, Scotland, age 26 in 1906

son- Allan McLean Allison
b- June 24, 1883 1886 in Fort Alexander Reserve, MB, age 23 in 1906

son- John Robert Alexander Allison
b- Apr 24, 1886, in MB, age 19 in 1906
married Annie Gray Cruikshank, Dec 22, 1915, in Winnipeg

son- Thomas Allison
b- Nov 8, 1888, in RM of Archie, MB, age 17 in 1906

Township 13, Range 28 in 1911

G. & W. Bennie, Castleavery MB
breeder of Shorthorns and Clydesdales

George Bennie
b- June 1857, Scotland, age 55 in 1906
Immigrated in 1886

William Bennie
b- Dec 1867, Scotland, age 38 in 1906
Immigrated in 1886

Sister- Janet Bennie,
b- Jan 1877 Scotland
Immigrated in 1907

brother in law of William, George Robertson,
b- Sept in England
so assume he was married to a Robertson at one point.

1891 they were in Shell River Manitoba

Steel Brothers, Glenboro, MB
breeder of Ayrshire cattle

William M. Champion, Resburn MB
Ayrshire, Berkshires and White Plymouth Rocks

William M. Champion
b- 1845

was it this guy?
William Milward Champion?
b- Aug 1844 in ON, died 1923
married Julia Katherine Champion, nee Petman Dec 3, 1872 at Trafalgar
b- Aug 1854 in England
1911 they were on township 15, Range 13, W3

Can't find a Resburn, maybe Rossburn?

W. N. Crowell, Napinka MB
Breeder of Ayrshire and Berkshire

Wilson Noah Crowell
b- Sept 1858, age 47 in 1906, in ON
d- June 29, 1917 in Brenda MB

married Elizabeth Jane Yeomans, Dec 25, 1884, Brenda MB
b- Sept 1856 in ON

son- Walter "Clayton" Crowell
b- Feb 11, 1893 in RM of Winchester, MB

son- Edward "Bruce" Crowell
b- Feb 24, 1896 in RM of Winchester, MB

daughter- Verla Edith Crowell
b- June 27, 1899 in RM of Winchester, MB

Gibson & Potter, Souris MB
Breeder of Shorthorn

William J. Miller, Solsgirth, MB
breeder of Hereford Cattle

T. R. Todd, Hillview MB
Shorthorn and Oxford sheep

Thomas Richard Todd
b- Oct 1854 (1858?) in ON

son of Hugh W. Todd and Elizabeth Guinn

1911 on Sec 2, township 11, range 23, w1

married Annie Victoria McGeagh, Sept 4, 1895, Hanover, Bruce, ON
b- Sept 1868 (1869?) in ON
daughter of James McGeagh and Margaret Hollinger

son- Gordon A. Todd
b- Jan 1886 in ON

daughter- Clara Margaret Todd
b- June 26, 1896 in RM of Woodworth, MB
married James Moscrip Rothwell

F. J. Collyer, Welwyn Assa (SK)
breeder Polled Angus, Berkshires

Francis John Collyer
b- Feb 18, 1865 at Rye, Sussex, England
d- 1948 probably in MB

Immigrated in 1882
One of the first farmers in the Welwyn district

Wife- Jane Traquair

Director of United Grain Growers, (Welwyn)

J. & W. Sharp, Lacombe AB, Drumrossie Ranch
breeders of Scotch Shorthorns

C. G. Bulstrode, South Qu'Appelle, Assa (SK)
breeder of Berkshires

Christopher George Bulstrode
b- Aug 21, 1860 Cookhamdean, in Cookham District, Berkshire, England
d- Sept 14, 1951, Burnaby BC
immigrated in 1882

married Mary Ann Cowley, Mar 30, 1891St. Peter's pro Cathedral, Qu'Appelle Station
b- Dec 1860 in England
d- bef Sept 14, 1951
immigrated in 1890

1911 on Sec 22, Tsp 19, Rge 14, W2

1899 they took in a home child from Britain, named William Walker

Alex Wood, Manor Hill Farm, Souris MB
Breeder of Oxford Down Sheep

Alexander "Alex" Wood
b- Nov 2, 1855, Scotland, age 50 in 1906
immigrated in 1881 (1880?)

before 1898 he was from Arkell

wife- Margaret "Maggie" Wood
b- Mar 25, 1853, Scotland, age 51 in 1906
immigrated in 1880

Thomas Dale, Portage La Prairie MB
Breeder of Shorthorn and Berkshires

Thomas Dale
b- Jan 10, 1860 in ON

married Margaret Victoria Crawford, Mar 28, 1894 in Portage La Prairie MB
b- June 24, 1864 in ON

daughter- Adah "Ruth" Dale
b- May 23, 1895 in MB

son- George Crawford Dale
b- July 22, 1897 in MB

brother John Dale
b- Oct 2, 1858 in ON

P. McDonald, Virden MB
Breeder Prize English Berkshires

W. R. Smith, Okotoks AB
Breeder of Duroe-Jersey Swine

James L. Wannop, Creeford MB
Breeder of Shorthorns

James Laurance Wannop
b- Mar 5, 1844 Longtown, Cumberland England

son of Nathan Wannop and Ann Lawrence

wife- Mary Zate Graham
they had 12 children

In 1882 he and his family moved to Brandon MB from England
In 1905 they moved to Parkland area, AB

A. Gillespie, Highland Farm, Oak Lake, MB
Breeder of Shorthorns

Andrew Gillespie
b- May 14, 1870 in Inverness, Scotland,
d- Mar 25, 1953 in Kirkland Lake, Timiskaming Co., ON
married Ann Scott  Dec. 20, 1899 in Oak Lake, MB
daughter of James Scott and Margaret Hannah Telfer.

they had 2 daughters and 2 sons

Then we have some larger box ads on the right side

Hodgkinson & Tisdale, Simcoe Lodge, Beaverton ON
Breeders of Clydesdales

Known as the oldest and most successful breeders of Clydesdales

Thomas Clark Hodgkinson
b- Sept 5, 1850 in Kirkby In Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, England

son of Edmund and Mary Ann Hodgkinson

He was living in Simcoe Lodge as early as 1884

married Fanny Elizabeth Sarah Tisdale, Sept 5, 1874 at Thorold Township
b- July 24, 1844 in England
daughter of John and Martha Tisdale

siblings of Thomas, ca 1884
Frank Hodgkinson, Kirkby Hardwick, Nottinghamshire England
Catherine Anne Hodgkinson, Kirkby Hardwick, Nottinghamshire England

his nephew Mr. Tisdale joined him in the business as a partner

Edward Clark Hodgkinson Tisdale
b- Nov 15, 1875 in Mara Township, ON
(Dec 15 in other records)

father was Edward Tisdale and mother Elizabeth McKenzie

E. C. H. Tisdale married Alexandria Hamilton Mar 15, 1904, Beaverton, ON
daughter of Alexander Hamilton and Mary Ann Fleming

Edward was a widower when he remarried
Ethel Hamilton, sister of Alexandria, Nov 19, 1925, Prince George Hotel, Toronto, ON
When he married he was shown as a fox rancher.

He had a brother James Tisdale,
b- Sept 10, 1888 in ON

They are listed in a 1909 book on Lover's of the Horse.
Farm a few miles out of Beaverton on Lake Simcoe

1901 census in Thorah Township, ON

J. C. Pope, Regina Assa (SK)
Regina Stock Farm
Breeder of Ayrshire, and Yorkshire swine

James Colledge Pope
b- Oct 13, 1865 in PEI, age 40 in 1906,
d- aft 1911

son of James Pope and Eliza Pethick

J. C. Pope was the First Auditor of the North West Territories,  at Regina.
He was the First President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of SK, ca July 1909 

nephew of Hon. Mr. James Colledge Pope, a member of Sir John A. MacDonald's Cabinet.
 b-  June 11, 1826 , d– May 8, 1885, who was also premier of PEI

wife- Ellen Agnes Pope, nee Lennox
b- June 6, 1866 in ON, age 40 in 1906

daughter- Helen Dalrymple Pope
b- July 8, 1888, in SK
she married Stewart Burton

James Colledge Pope Jr.
b- May 11, 1890, in ON, age 16 in 1906

George Leigh, Lynhales Stock Farm, Illinois USA
Breeder of Herefords

H. Oium, Edenville AB, Meeting Creek Hereford Stock Farm
Breeder of Herefords

Harris Oium
b- age 42 in 1906

wife- Mary Oium, nee Wurst
age 46 in 1906

son- Gilbert Oium
b- age 19 in 1906

daughter- Thera Lillian Oium
b- age 16 in 1906

daughter- Inez Oium
b- age 14 in 1906

Harris Oium came from South Dakota ca1902
Homesteaded the first 160 acres in his township in 1902
He then bought a quarter section of railway land for $11 an acre
by 1913 he owned 1920 acres, valued then at $50/acre
1913 he had 35 head of purebred herefords
200 hogs, most were purebred Poland china,
and 25 head of draft horses.

James Tough, Edmonton AB
Breeder of Herefords

James Tough
b- Dec 18, 1850 in ON
age 54 in 1906, living in Edmonton
age 50 living in St. Albert AB, with Elizabeth

He owned what is now Carelton Square Industrial in 1911
married to Elizabeth Weir
b- Jan 17, 1861 in ON
age 44 in ON in 1906
daughter of James Weir and Susannah Sutton
she had a brother James Weir.
when they married James was living in Vancouver

D. McBeth, Oak Lake MB
Clydesdales and Shorthorns

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