Vancouver Island,
British Columbia, Canada
Logging Archive Photos
ca: 1947-1950


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Logging Companies
Northwest Bay Logging Co. Ltd
   -Equipment, Scenes
   -First aid, Fire Equipment
   -Northwest Bay Booming area

Nanoose Trucking Co. Ltd.
North Island Trucking Co. Ltd.
Iron River Logging Co.

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NW BC Logger's Memorial, Usk

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 Northwest Bay Logging Co. Ltd.
ca 1947-1950

Equipment, Logging Scenes

Unloading the trucks
into Northwest Bay
near Cowichan Bay

Logging Spar
used in High Lead Logging
notice all the guy wires used to hold it vertical
2 metal cables were used.
Main Line for winching logs in,
and lighter Haulback line
to return the chokers to the chokermen.
Height was required to lift the butt end
of the logs out of the bush.
the wood poles were replaced with metal,
then replaced with Sherman tanks
modified for the job.

I think these are the winches for the spar above
on a low bed moving to a new site.
2 winches.  One for main line and one for haulline
complete with engine to run them.

Loading the Trucks at the landing

Boss paying the Logging Show a visit

Actually just a truck with
closed box on the back,
with seats like a bus.
Used to transport the workers into the bush,
from the Logging camps.
Cab separate from the bus part.

Scaling the logs?

Low Bed hauling a Cat

Tire Repair Shop
the busiest place in the camp.

2 Man Gas Chain Saw in operation
Notice the size of the tree.
4-5 ft.

Shovel for Road Building
North West name on boom.
In 1947 it cost approx $8,000 / mi here
to build a logging road.

Sanding the icy roads
from the back of a Pickup 

Cat c/w Arch
replaced with skidders.

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No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
without the express Written Permission
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