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Logging Companies
Northwest Bay Logging Co. Ltd
   -Equipment, Scenes
   -First aid, Fire Equipment
   -Northwest Bay Booming area

Nanoose Trucking Co. Ltd.
North Island Trucking Co. Ltd.
Iron River Logging Co.

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NW BC Logger's Memorial, Usk

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Northwest Bay Logging Co Ltd.
Nanoose Bay
 Vancouver Island BC

A Division of MacMillan-Bloedel Ltd.
located near Parksville BC

H. R. MacMillan

Crummie, Truck No. 3
1946 Mercury Truck, 3 ton I think it says on hood trim

Lots of Photos for this Company
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   -Equipment, Scenes
   -First Aid, Fire Equipment
   -Northwest Bay Booming area

Dec 1942, Mr. Harry Dollar,
who was General Manager of
the Canadian Robert Dollar Co. Ltd.
operating at Dollarton, Burrard Inlet,
and Northwest Bay, on Vancouver Island.
declared all their business would be carried on
by Northwest Bay Logging Co. Ltd.
their sawmill was located at Dollarton.
Harry Dollar remained as GM for the new Company.
Robert Dollar was a
shipping and lumber Magnate.
1940 the Dollar Co. purchased the
 Alworth timber holdings on Vancouver Island
for around 2 million.
the Dollarton mill was located close
to where Captain Dollar's original mill site was,
where his schooners carried lumber to China from.

Everything you need to know about this tycoon
Robert Dollar

Note this is an outside link to Wikipedia
He was beyond rich!
This was a small portion of his holdings

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