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 Lignite Coal Mines
 Simon Bolivar Elliott


Mr Simon Bolivar Elliott travelled with
Mr. Arthur G. Yates, and many of his rich friends and associates,
They visited Estevan in Mr. Yates Personal Luxury Railcar called The "Virginia"
arriving after dark on Sept. 10, 1892 from Winnipeg.

Below is a synopsis of those on the train
Rail Car named after Mr. Yates wife.
Reports state it had an observation area at the rear.

This was a train full of very rich men. 
Most if not all Millionaires.

with him
Mr. Arthur Gould Yates
Mr. Melville Lubec Cobb

and 4 from Winnipeg,
Mr. Angus M. Kirkland, 
Lawyer William Egerton Perdue,
Mr. William Forbes Alloway.
 and Major James Morrow Walsh. 

They were all checking on the Dominion Coal Company
the first Commercial mine in Estevan

  Mr. Simon Bolivar Elliott
Bio and Genealogy Report

Seen as S. B. Elliott in most history books.

b- Oct 1, 1830, Sheshequin, Rome Tsp, Bradford Co., PA, USA
(1900 census says born Jan 1830)
d- June 17, 1917 in Reynoldsville, Jefferson Co, PA
Father- Larman H. Elliott, b- New York, a mason by trade.
Mother- Polly Wright, b- New York
Grandfather- William (shown as Levi in most records) Elliott
Simon married Harriet Clark in 1853
b- in PA, age 34 in 1865 census.
she died July 1887
daughter, Ada M. Brown, nee Elliott, b- ca 1855 in PA
living at Reynoldsville, PA
Simon lived with her after his wife died.
She married Freemont M. Brown.
Son- Ward C. Elliott, b- June, 1863 in PA
married Ella, nee ?, in 1890, b- July 1866
Ella was the niece of Gen. Daniel H. Hastings
Ward had 2 daughters,
Dollie Elliott, b- May 1892,
 and Florence Elliott, b- Feb 1896
Ward C. Elliot Family living next door to his sister in Reynoldsville
Ward was Editor of the Reynoldsville Volunteer paper.
S. B. Elliott family moved to Tioga County PA, in 1841

Simon took training as a Mason, Printer, Teacher, Architect, and Engineer.
He was an Architect in 1865, Mansfield, Tioga Co, PA
Became a Civil and Mining Engineer.
Mr. Elliott was a Geologist, Botanist and Astronomer. 
General Manager at Arnot Coal Mine, Tioga County,
4 miles from town of Blossburg, PA, and also a mining Engineer there
working for the Blossburg Coal Co, 1879-80.
probably from Mansfield, Tioga county, PA, USA.
General manager of Bell, Lewis and Yates, in 1896,
for approx 13 years prior to that..
1898 living in Winslow Township, Jefferson Co
title of "Honourable", member of PA Legislature
representing Tioga Co, in the Lower Branch 1861-62.
and a member of the old State Forestry Reservation Commission
President of board of Trustees for State Normal School in Mansfield PA
Member of the Temperance Convention in Mansfield, May 12, 1870.
Nov 23, 1858, elected President Tioga Co Teacher's Institute,
Simon wrote the book, "The Important Timber Trees of the United States,
a Manual of Practical Forestry." in 1912, at age 82
Burgess (Mayor) of Mansfield in 1859
Had a liberty ship, hull #1802, built and named in his honour during WWII.

Simon had one brother
Hon. Dr. Charles V. Elliott,
b- Mar 1824, native of Sheshequin, Bradford county, PA
He lived in Mansfield, Tioga Co., PA
d- 1904, at home in Mansfield PA, age 80
buried in Prospect Cemetery
married Julia A. Holden, Jan 1864, from Mansfield
married twice, survived by 2nd wife. Eliza Graves
son of Julia, Arthur H. Elliott,
and a daughter,
Mary Eleanor Elliott, daughter of Eliza,
wife of Dr. Charles W. Brown Washington, DC
C. V. Elliott owned a drug and book store in Mansfield, PA
Alopath Physician in 1870, started in 1847
Practiced medicine in Hudson City before Mansfield.
Post Master 1861-1873 in Mansfield.
also served in Tioga County Legislature, 1870-1890
He also was a surveyor of the Northern Pacific Railroad.
The Elliot's Grandfather came to America with the Livingstons.
Settled at Livingston Manor.
the family were engaged in the Revolutionary War.
All these Elliotts are part of the Cherry Flat PA family.

S. B. Elliott State Park, in PA,  named after him.
In Sept 1892, he was
General Manager of the Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal and Iron Company, 
 who was travelling on this train,
He describes this mine-
"Estevan Mines are located in a coulee,
 which is crossed by the Soo Railroad,
and are reached by a branch line about 3,000 feet long. 
The screens, pan, tipple and chutes were made in Pittsburgh" 

He was checking on the Dominion Coal Company
the first Commercial mine in Estevan

"Virginia" Yates Railcar

 I am an amateur genealogist,
The info presented here, may, and will have errors.
Use this as a start, and do your own verification.

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