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 Lignite Coal Mines
 Melville Lubec Cobb


Mr Melville Lubec Cobb travelled with
Mr. Arthur G. Yates, and many of his rich friends and associates,
They visited Estevan in Mr. Yates Personal Luxury Railcar called The "Virginia"
arriving after dark on Sept. 10, 1892 from Winnipeg.

Below is a synopsis of those on the train
Rail Car named after Mr. Yates wife.
Reports state it had an observation area at the rear.

This was a train full of very rich men. 
Most if not all Millionaires.

with him
Mr. Arthur Gould Yates
Mr. Simon Bolivar Elliott

and 4 from Winnipeg,
Mr. Angus M. Kirkland, 
Lawyer William Egerton Perdue,
Mr. William Forbes Alloway.
 and Major James Morrow Walsh. 

He was checking on the Dominion Coal Company
the first Commercial mine in Estevan

 Mr. Melville Lubec Cobb,

Seen as Melville L. Cobb in most history books

b- Sept 13, 1854, Dighton, Bristol, Mass, USA
d- night of  Oct 12, 1916, at his home, in Brookline, Mass.
Funeral held Sunday, Oct 15, 1916

middle name, after his mother's maiden name.

wife- Ellen (Ella) Cobb, nee Messenger,
b- June 1859 in Melrose, Mass, USA
d- ?
married Jan 2, 1882 in Malden Mass, USA
Ellen's father- Frank A. Messenger, mother, Mary F. Messenger, nee ?

Melville's daughter-
 Helen M. Cobb,
b- Sept 1885, in Mass USA
d- ?
married June 16, 1908, in Brookline, MA, USA
to Walter Stanley Bucklin,
b- 1880, NY, NY, USA
Walter's father- Charles W. Bucklin, mother- Lydia F, Stanley

Melville's son-
Clarence M. Cobb,
 b- July 1889 in Melrose, Mass, USA
d- ?
married Dorothy Dutton, Apr 17, 1912 in Boston, Mass, USA
Dorothy's father- Frank Dutton, mother- Blanche Merrill

Melville's Father-
 Capt. William T. Cobb,
b- 1911, in Taunton, MA, USA,
d- July 31, 1875 (July 28, 1875 in one source)
from heart disease, in his stateroom
on board one of his Fall River and New York Steamboats
returning from New York.
 age 53, in 1865, occupation= agent
age 43, in 1855, occupation= merchant, in town of Dighton, Bristol Co, MA
known as Captain William Cobb in Dighton, MA
President of the Old Colony Steamboat Company.
Treasurer of J. C. Jessop Co. (color grinding works, Woollen Mill)
President of Union Manufacturing Co
stockholder of Albion Lead works.
Treasurer Dighton Rolling Mill Co
Came to Dighton in 1837
with 2 brothers, George Cobb and Benjamin Cobb
they were also sea captains
Bought what was known as the Bragg farm
in 1840 built the bark Elizabeth Hall
1849 went to California captain of the bark "Ann" during the gold rush
returned, leaving the sea for good.
built a wharf and store,
became agent for the Old Iron Colony company
built many vessels at his wharf, last 1874 a Barkentine
(3 or more masts) named after himself.
1857 bought the Rhode island Coal mine with 2 partners
one of the originators and President of Dighton and Somerset Railroad
built Broad Cove bridge across the Somerset river, longest in New England

Capt. William Cobb Married twice-
1st wife- ? Peckham,
William had 2 children with her

2nd wife- (Melville's mother)-
Emma Cobb, nee Lubec
b- ca 1822, in NC, USA,
d- ?
age 32, in 1855, age 43 in 1865
1860 census both living in New Bedford, Bristol Co, MA, USA
she was living in Dighton when they married
had 3 sons, 2 daughters with Emma

William's Grandparents
Grandfather- Charles Cobb
Grandmother- Rhoda Cobb, nee Dean,
b- ? in Farmton MA

Melville's siblings:
brother- Charles (Charlie) Cobb-
b- ca 1836 (Farmer), (age 19, 1855)
(mother ? Peckham, 1st wife)

Unknown Cobb, unknown name or sex
(mother- 1st wife)

below siblings born to William and 2nd wife, Emma

Sister- Emma Josephine Cobb-
 b- Apr 10, 1844 in Dighton, Bristol, MA
(age 11 in 1855) (one source says born Apr 1)
d- Jan 4, 1913 in Brookline, MA, age 68
married George Canning Burgess

Brother- William T.  Cobb,
b- ca 1846 in Dighton MA (age 9, in 1855)
d- Nov 21, 1909 in Newton, MA, age 63

Brother- Lamartine Cobb, b- 1848, (age 7, 1855)
married Fanny G. Porter, b- 1855
married Mar 2, 1874, in Boston, Suffolk Co. MA
Fanny's father- Thomas R. Porter, mother- Julia A. Porter, nee ?

Brother- Lincoln Cobb- b- July 1865, 1 mo old in 1865 census
d- Oct 13, 1866 in Dighton, MA, age 1

sister- Corah M. Cobb,
b- ca 1859 (age 6, in 1865)
married Ernest S. Jack, b- 1861,
on Mar 17, 1887 in Melrose, Middlesex, MA
Ernest's father- Thomas S. Jack, mother- Eliza T. Jack, nee ?

all siblings above born in Mass, USA

Melville described as a Coal King from Boston,
handling half a million tons of coal a year there.
ca 1916, excerpt from a book "Melville L. Cobb,
long a prominent factor In the bituminous coal trade in Boston,
died at his home In Brookline, Mass., recently, after a short Illness..."
Director Lynn, Central National Inc 1849
Director- Beacon Trust Co. (20 Milk St.) Inc. 1893
Director- Washington Trust Co, (20 Milk St.) Inc. 1904

The large six story brick and stone apartment house
#102 Huntington ave,  corner of Garrison st . Back Bay
was owned by Melville L. Cobb

He was checking on the Dominion Coal Company
the first Commercial mine in Estevan

"Virginia" Yates Railcar

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The info presented here, may, and will have errors.
Use this as a start, and do your own verification.

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