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June 1st, 2006
 Name and Message Approved for Public Viewing = Yes
name = Norma-Jean Kofin
General Comment Place or Event Name = Bienfait
Place of Residence = Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

message = I am looking for the name of a coal company and the family who owned it, or managed it, in Bienfait around 1960 - 1965.

This company bought a lot of mining equipment from the town of Nordegg, Alberta, when the mine there was liquidated by the Alberta government. It was a gentleman who was, I think, in charge of the buying and moving of this equipment from Nordegg. He had sons who helped him, who would now be 60+, I think.

I met these people in Nordegg when the equipment was being dismantled but unfortunately, cannot remember their names.

I would love to find out the name of the family so that I can contact them with important information I would like to give them!

Hope someone, through your site, might know this and get back to me. Many thanks.

Norma-Jean Kofin -
Edmonton, Alberta
780 436-4865
Note remove NOSPAM from email address
Thursday- May 18, 2006
Name and Message Approved for Public Viewing = Yes
name = Dr. Philip Barnes
General Comment Place or Event Name = Bienfait
Place of Residence = Palm Springs, CA 92264
message = Found an old clipping from the Estevan Mercury when Bienfait converted from a Village to a Town and if there is any interest I could E-mail it as an attachment. For the record I am still around but have moved from Winnipeg to Palm Springs. If any one is interested in communicating with me my E-mail address is Hope this finds you in good health. Dr. P. Barnes
(remove NOSPAM from email address if you reply to Dr Barnes)
Saturday- May 6, 2006
 Name and Message Approved for Public Viewing = Yes
name = Pat Marshall
General Comment Place or Event Name = Bienfait
Place of Residence = Somerset England
message = Hi Doug I am in England. I recently found there was one of my family who had a son who was sent to Canada by Dr Barnardos around 1906. He was a homechild. I found his attestation papers for the first world war. His address was Bienfait. His profession said farm worker. His Name was George Edwards and he was born in 1895 in England. He was wounded at the Front and sent to a Hospital in London. He married his cousin around 1918 and then I assume he came back to Canada. I just wondered are there any records kept around there that might include him? I assume he was sent to work on a farm there. Any advice would be appreciated
regards Pat Marshall

Archived Guest World Guest book format
Monday 02/27/2006 8:02:08pm
Name: Doug Gent
Location: Terrace BC
Comments: Will shock the hell out of the July 1st Committee here, and help promote Bienfait's Golden Anniversary Celebration on July 1st, 2007. No registration required. Estevan June 30

Wednesday 12/07/2005 7:08:10pm
Name: Brenda Taillefer
Comments: Hi Doug.

My name is Brenda (nee Schrock) Taillefer. My Dad, Roy Schrock was from Bienfait, as was my Mom, Marjorie (nee Hazzard) Lehman. My Grandmother lived there all of her life until her death back in 1980, her name was Minnie Hazzard. I really enjoyed the site, I can't wait to show my Mom. If she recognizes any of the folks in your photos, or if we find any good old pics, we'll send them your way.

Thursday 10/20/2005 9:57:05pm
Name: Jason Chen
Location: Dawson Creek, BC
Comments: haven't been there for about four years ago. doesnt seem to have changed much. still the quiet prairie town i grew up in.

Monday 06/06/2005 5:11:03pm
Name: Katina Chapman
Location: Estevan
Comments: I'm the current Bienfait Librarian. I am sitting in the new Library, next to the town office. Your information is interesting and I will continue to visit and learn more about Bienfait. Just outside this window so many historical moments took place on this very street. One just has to close their eyes and imagine the past. Good Job.

Tuesday 05/24/2005 2:53:45pm
Name: Mike Carlson
Comments: Thank you for the time and effort taken to make this happen!
Tuesday 05/24/2005 2:41:10pm
Name: Mike Carlson
Comments: Thank you for the wonderful job looking back at the history of my hometown is very interesting now that I'am older and appreciate it more!
What was your Bienfait Nickname? Been town

Saturday 05/14/2005 3:13:51pm
Name: rita (nee FEDYK) WENGER

Friday 04/22/2005 2:32:11pm
Name: rebecca and lexie again
Location: Bienfait
Comments: This web page was very useful for our school project.
What was your Bienfait Nickname? The non-nerds. Just kidding

Sunday 03/13/2005 10:47:22am
Name: Ron Jewchyn
Location: Montesano, Wa.
Comments: My mother was contacted about the homecomming by mail. We are going to attend, my mother lived in Bein Fait and attended grade school there with her sister. She is excited to be attending. She was Julia Scribailo then.Her sister Ann also attended grade school then.

Sunday 03/06/2005 4:20:20pm
Name: paul carroll
What was your Bienfait Nickname? pollywogs

Saturday 03/05/2005 3:57:05pm
Name: jessie and rebecca
Homepage Title: We are cool
Referred By: E-Mail
Location: Bangkok
Comments: We like this webpage. It is interesting to learn abou a place in a different country like canada
What was your Bienfait Nickname? Thailand girls

Tuesday 02/22/2005 11:47:54pm
Name: Joy Hirtle ( Doerr )
Location: Farm - Kennedy, Sk
Comments: This is just a terrific website Doug !
I was born in Bienfait and lived there until I married.I still have family there , and will be looking forward to attending the festivities. I have had a great time looking at the site, spend several hours and still haven't read everything yet. Bienfait holds a very special part in my heart,I visit it as often as I can.It was, and is still is, a wonderful place to live and raise a family.
What was your Bienfait Nickname? Little Joe

Tuesday 02/15/2005 7:29:11pm
Name: jeanette Fortin-Angus
Location: Vancouver, B.C.
Comments: great to see some history of the place I was raised at. Although I didn't live there long (aprox 4 years) I would still like to know about the place my parents chose to live and work at when I was young, etc. Thanks for the opportunity! P.S. I remember a 1 room red brick school house, a pumphouse for the town water (and winter ice rink)
and the brand new school building for my 1st and 2nd(repeat)class. The High School was across the street from the hospital and the Halloween parade that came to the hospital when I was sick and a special lady by the name of Grandma Vaverica (she was a neighbor)she was wonderful!!! Any body remember "Baby Huey"...that was Albert my brother. Take care
What was your Bienfait Nickname? Naughty Nettie

Tuesday 01/04/2005 5:17:18pm
Name: Sheila Milani ( Wickstrom)
Location: Kelowna BC
Comments: We were suprised to learn one of the early schools was on the Wickstom Farm location. The original homestead was made by A.P.Lein (Rolland Iowa about 1899) Thanks very much for the site.

Friday 12/31/2004 6:54:23pm
Name: Sheila Zieglgansberger
Location: Big Muddy, Saskatchewan
Comments: Actually, we lived in Roche Percee but Bienfait was the hub of our activity. We still frequent the area from time to time to visit and hope to make it there for the festivities if we can fit it in between Horse Shows!
Tuesday 10/26/2004 2:45:24pm
Name: Eileen Schuh
Comments: I use to live there in 1958. it holds alot of fond memories.

Saturday 10/23/2004 7:47:52pm
Name: Derrell Sears
Location: Victoria, BC
Comments: Hi from sunny Victoria, speak up can't hear you all..someone outside mowing the lawn (lmao)fishing is great, retirement is more fun. My favourite sister-in-law sent me packing to this page. My brother Scott and sister Berva stil live there I visit often, but I have a feeling this summer is gonna be a party. Oh yeah the Sears clan plan on playing some ball so be ready Beantowners......anyone remember ""BUBBLES""
What was your Bienfait Nickname? Snozzie

Tuesday 10/19/2004 9:48:45pm
Name: Derrell Sears
Location: Victoria BC
Comments: Hi from sunny Victoria, speak up can't hear you all..someone outside mowing the lawn (lmao)fishing is great, retirement is more fun. My favourite sister-in-law sent me packing to this page. My brother Scott and sister Berva stil live there I visit often, but I have a feeling this summer is gonna be a party. Oh yeah the Sears clan plan on playing some ball so be ready Beantowners......anyone remember ""BUBBLES""
What was your Bienfait Nickname? nickname aka Snozzie

Tuesday 08/03/2004 8:15:04pm
Name: Ken & Elaine McDonald
Comments: Just found your Bienfait site, looks great. Glad to see your helping out with this community event. We plan to attend so will see you in 2005.

Friday 05/14/2004 4:20:28pm
Name: Carrie Johnston (tuchscherer)
Location: Arcola,Sask.
Comments: Nice to see some familiar names on this site. My mom and dad still live in Bienfait, Joe & Shirley Tuchscherer and various other family(Wagner's, Gunness's,Dukart's,) Pretty good memories of Bienfait, wouldn't want to have grown up anywhere else! Now I have 4 children and love raising them in a small town.
Sunday 04/11/2004 8:51:20am
Name: Tony Kieffer
Location: San Angelo, Texas
Comments: I lived in Portal, North Dakota 1964-1966 and had heard stories concerning Lee Dillage and bootlegging on the border. I was very happy to find your web page and back ground on bootlegging during the prohibition years.

Thanks for your efforts. The information was very much appreciated.

Saturday 02/28/2004 1:41:32pm
Name: Carla Baxter
Location: Vicoria, B.C.
Comments: no comment
What was your Bienfait Nickname? Martha

Thursday 02/19/2004 12:40:15am
Name: norm backer

Tuesday 02/17/2004 2:56:27pm
Name: Pat Dixon
Comments: My Dad, Clarence Frederick Dixon, was born in Bienfait on April 12, 1923. His parents, Margaret and Fred Dixon, did not spend long in Bienfait (grandpa was a miner). My brother, sister and I are trying to find out information about the years spent in Bienfait.
Your reunion sounds like a wonderful plan.

Wednesday 12/31/2003 9:01:41pm
Name: Duane Clark
Location: Frobisher, Sask
Comments: Went to school in Bienfait from 1939 to 1948

Monday 12/01/2003 8:29:19pm
Name: BGL
Comments: I was searching for information on a company named -High Test Lighnite Coal Company Limited, whose head office was in Bienfait, it appears the company was formed in 1937.

Wednesday 11/26/2003 6:29:55am
Name: Stephen Endicott
Comments: Congratulations to Doug for his hard work and imagination in creating this website.

Tuesday 11/04/2003 6:17:03am
Name: Brian Berger
Comments: Looking for any reference as to who Joe Embury was in 1913 as my Grandfather worked for him as a labourer.

Saturday 11/01/2003 3:16:24pm
Name: Dennis Lamb
Location: Edmonton AB
Comments: I was born in Bienfait in 1947 My parents were Charles and Kay Lamb.

When I was four years old I moved my family to Alberta.
Sunday 06/29/2003 6:22:47pm
Name: Jim Brown
E-Mail: jh.brownNOSPAM@sasktelnet
Location: Melfort Sk.
Comments: very interesting
What was your Bienfait Nickname? jimmy brown

Wednesday 05/28/2003 9:21:44pm
Name: Calvin Wiggett
Hey doug,nice to see someone making this website a reality. Makes me fell proud to have Bienfait,the town I grew up in.Lots of wonderful memories. Keep up the good work!

Monday 03/31/2003 7:56:25am
Name: Francis Nieviadomy
Location: Saskatoon
Comments: Lived in Bienfait for 19 years then Estevan now Saskatoon. Visit there quite often, Mom, little sister Robin still live there.

Monday 02/24/2003 7:39:50am
Name: François Gobeil
Comments: Excellent! Highly Informative! Merci!

Wednesday 01/15/2003 4:09:35pm
Name: Marie-Louise Bienfait
Location: Germany
Comments: It was fun to see that there is a little village with my family's name. I am from the french-belgian border - the name Bienfait is not uncommon there.
Bienfait from Europe sends greetings to Bienfait in Canada - as soon as I will have an opportunity, I'll visit you!!!
What was your Bienfait Nickname? I am born with the name Bienfait :-)
Thursday 12/05/2002 10:45:55pm
Name: michael widdifield
Location: richmond, b.c.
Comments: great site. my dad (dale) turned me on to it and i've spent alot of time checking out all the info and pics. it's neat to finally put images to some of the stories dad, and even granny and grampa (kathleen and herman) have told. thanks for the view into their past.

Thursday 12/05/2002 7:04:48am
Name: Gary Dunitz
Location: Regina
Comments: Still playing for dances-should have it down by now!

Sunday 11/17/2002 6:39:33am
Name: Bienfait François
Comments: Hello,
I've just found the "Bienfait" web Site from Canada (Saskatchewan). I am myself someone from the Bienfait family, french speaking belgian, born in Brussels (belgium)in 1963.
Funny to see how a name can travel around the world !
François Bienfait

Saturday 11/16/2002 5:42:33pm
Name: Lyndon Stachoski
Comments: This appears to be packed with information and since arriving here in Bienfait and hired on as Town Administrator I expect your site will be most beneficial to me. Thank you for your obvious extensive efforts.

Tuesday 11/12/2002 6:39:27pm
Name: Kristeen Lester
Location: Bienfait
Comments: i like this website .. my grand parents and my dad grew up in this town.. i like looking a the old pictures of bienfait .. ive lived in my house since i was born (15yrs)
What was your Bienfait Nickname? dont have one yet
Monday 10/14/2002 4:36:18pm
Name: Paul G. Carroll
What was your Bienfait Nickname? pollywogs

Sunday 09/29/2002 1:30:35am
Name: Lorne Bradley
Location: Edinburgh Scotland
Comments: Love your Bienfait website
The old home town holds many memories.
Most of them good.
Get in touch you know who you are.
Still drumming.

Sadly just received news
Lorne passed away in Edinburgh Scotland.
He attended the Bienfait Reunion in 2005
Lorne Douglas Bradley
b- ca 1948
 d- Jan 3, 2009, Aged 61 years
wife- Patsy (nee Hannon),
children Agnes, Christopher and Nicholas
Sincere Condolences to the Bradley Family


Thursday 08/29/2002 10:41:38pm
Name: Dale Todd
Location: Regina
Comments: My dads home town. George Todd. He's passed on now but I was drawn to the abundance of info on your site.

Thanks, and Good Job!

Thursday 07/18/2002 1:35:30pm
Name: Donna Wallace
Location: ont.

Wednesday 07/17/2002 11:59:31am
Name: Janet Alberts
Location: Bienfait Public Library
Comments: HI Doug. We had talked in the Estevan Library and I am the librarian at the Bienfait Public Library. I would like you to thank you for posting my hour changes to you web page. I am under the understanding that Jim from Estevan's library sent you a family that was wanting to locate their family information from here and I was wondering if you were able to help them and did they get what they needed?
You can answer this to
Sunday 05/05/2002 6:05:44pm
Name: Raymond Schell
Location: Jackson's Point, ON
Comments: I went to ECI, 1944-48.
I really enjoy your web.
Sunday 05/05/2002 0:42:08am
Name: Gordon Kingdon
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Edmonton, Ab
Comments: I'm gone and I'm glad... living the good life in Edmonton
What was your Bienfait Nickname? Sneaky
Monday 04/08/2002 4:30:29pm
Name: Walter Ciepliski
Homepage Title: Prairie Velvet Farm
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Bienfait
Comments: Thanks for the memories!
What was your Bienfait Nickname? Waleye
Thursday 04/04/2002 3:57:05pm
Name: Beverley Herget ( Christenson)
Tuesday 04/02/2002 2:50:30pm
Location: ESTEVAN
Friday 03/29/2002 11:58:01pm
Name: Nan
Location: Calhoun Georgia
Comments: Good job on your site!
Wednesday 02/06/2002 3:55:46pm
Name: Dr. John Luyk
Comments: Just an addition to my first entry....
The house that we lived in did NOT have a 'loading dock' on the side but it did have the two large storage room areas in the back of the house. My folks were told that this building had once been a bank. It had a large window at the front. I wish I could remember the address. We kept a large stainless storage tank in the one back room for water so that we only needed to haul water about once a week. This hauling of water was done by carrying the water in new garbage cans in the trunk of the old '47 Chevy. I'll never forget the day that my father came home with an almost new '58 Chev Bel-Air. Sure wish that I had that one today.
Does anyone recognize the description of the house?
Saturday 02/02/2002 2:23:03am
Name: Dr. John Luyk
Location: Burlington, Ontario
Comments: My family only lived in Bienfait for a brief time. My father was working for a construction firm doing some work in Estevan that started in early 1958. My mother, brother and I stayed in Brandon, Manitoba until the school year was finished and when we moved to Saskatchewan there was no available housing in Estevan due to an influx of oil company workers. We set up home in Bienfait living in an old two story building across from the ball diamond adjacent to the school. I attended grade 2 and my brother, grade 3 but we had to move in the spring of 1959 and moved to Selkirk, Manitoba. This building we moved into looked like it may have been some sort of business establishment earlier in the century as I remember what appeared to be some sort of loading dock area attached to the side of the house and what must have been a storage room in the back of the main floor. There was a one room building right next to it that was, at that time, occupied by an elderly woman who I think only spoke Ukrainian. My memories of Bienfait are a bit fuzzy with respect to location of the various establishments in town i.e. north-south etc. but I do have fond memories of the short time that I lived there. You have a fun site with a lot of history. Perhaps some clearer aerial photos would help me remember some building locations. Keep up the good work!
Thursday 01/10/2002 9:20:51am
Name: Kenneth J. Friedt
Location: Regina Sask.
Comments: WE enjoy your web site.I like my Gr. 7 photo.
Monday 01/07/2002 7:03:01pm
Name: Norman Walter Backer?Debbie Anne Backer
Comments: Son of Vivian Ward and Walter Backer
Wednesday 01/02/2002 9:49:49am
Name: Dr. P. Barnes
Location: Winnipeg, MB.
Comments: I was the doctor in Bienfait from 1953 to 1957 and along with Harry Bradley was largely responsible for the conversion of the village to a town. At the time the main purpose was to obtain a better borrowing power so that waterworks and sewage could be obtained and also help relocate miners who were living out at the M&S mines which were going to be closed. There is a lot of interesting history related to that and I still have some of the original plans drawn up at the time. You should be beginning to think about your 50th anniversary of incorporation as a town.
What was your Bienfait Nickname? Doc
Tuesday 01/01/2002 5:20:43pm
Name: Bonnie Biesenthal (nee Walliser)
Comments: I have briefly viewed parts of your site and think it is absolutely great.
What was your Bienfait Nickname? Fweebug
Wednesday 12/19/2001 2:01:14pm
Name: jim king
Wednesday 10/03/2001 6:19:08pm
Name: Pam Wagner(Miller)
Location: Bienfait
Comments: Great place and I signed in because my brother-in-law told me to. Thats Harvey Slyvester for those of you that want to know.
What was your Bienfait Nickname? I did not have one :o(
Monday 09/24/2001 4:30:36pm
Name: Terry Moriarty
Comments: Cool site, I will look more when I get time. E mail me and tell me who is doing this site. and dont forget YOUR Bienfait nickname
What was your Bienfait Nickname? Jap
Sunday 09/23/2001 2:40:20pm
Name: allyn rohatyn
Location: fort providence nwt
Comments: very interesting and well done!
What was your Bienfait Nickname? no nickname!
Saturday 09/01/2001 10:11:56pm
Name: Harvey Sylvester
Location: Sherwood Park, Alta.
Comments: Good job Doug. Bienfait is a great town to grow up in.
Saturday 07/28/2001 3:42:49pm
Name: Wayne Gemby
Location: Kamloops, B.C.
Comments: I am new on the web, so I do not have
a page yet. Hopefully, I will get set
up soon. Would love to hear from all
who are registered.
What was your Bienfait Nickname? You really do no want to remember that.
Friday 07/20/2001 4:23:32pm
Name: Dwayne Walliser
Comments: Hello Doug,
Just spending some time surfing and ran across your page. Remember when I used to come out to your farm and we would play as kids. Few years ago.

You have done a nice job with the Bienfait Site. I haven't had a chance to look at all of it yet but have book marked it and will spend some more time.

Dwayne Walliser
Friday 05/11/2001 7:40:30am
Name: Alan Hamann
Location: Bienfait
Comments: Enjoy your site, being new to town and with an interest in the local history, I'll be back many more times. A lady who works PR for Luscar refered me to this site. The interesting part is, she lives in Edmonton! Keep up the good work!
Monday 05/07/2001 8:50:04pm
Name: Ed Katrusik
Location: Calgary
Comments: Hi Doug
Love your Beantown web page! Please keep up the good work. Blair Giem told me about it.
Thursday 04/05/2001 7:18:32pm
Name: Loretta Peterson (nee Tucker - from Bft
Wednesday 04/04/2001 9:05:37am
Name: Garry Giem
Comments: This is a great tribute to a great small town. I would not have wanted to been raised in any other place. Life and times were so simple then.
Sunday 04/01/2001 2:16:02pm
Name: Norman and Debbie Backer
Location: Spirit River, Alberta
Comments: April 01,2001. Our family is in the process of compiling family history and in the process of following up on the Backers, Wards and the Moores from the Frobisher area I came across this web page on my home town web page. I was born in Estevan, Saskatchewan and lived with my parents Walter and Vivian Backer in Bienfiet , Saskatchewan where my father taught school in the late 1950,s and also taught school in Frobisher. I have memories of chasing the sound of the firealarm and being the first kid to the firehall to try to get on the truck as father was also a member of the Voluntary fire dept. Its funny how lights and sirens attract kids. I now reside in Spirit River ,Alberta which is 60 miles east of Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway were I am a Conservation Officer for the Government of Alberta.
Thursday 03/08/2001 2:29:28pm
Name: Theresa Fehr and Malina Thompson
Location: Swift Current Sask
Comments: We visited your web site to find out where bienfait was and just wanted to tell you how impressed we were with your website.
Tuesday 02/20/2001 4:27:20pm
Name: Denise DeRosier
Comments: Thanks for all the great work. I grew up in Bienfait and enjoy viewing all the information on your website.
Tuesday 02/20/2001 3:34:18pm
Name: Christene Christenson
Location: Winnipeg
Comments: My sister, Bev., told me to check out your page. Good work! I do have some old photos I would share if you're interested. Hope to hear back from you.
Thursday 02/15/2001 11:18:49am
Name: george machnacky
Location: toronto
Comments: Visited town this past fall. Wandered around and met several local people. The ladies at the ceramics club were very kind and directed me to a member of the group who sold me several souvenirs.
It took me many years of talking about it but I finally visited the town were I was born.
Tuesday 02/13/2001 3:47:38am
Name: jt
Location: victoria, bc
Comments: here researching relatives.
Sunday 02/04/2001 9:32:27am
Name: François Gobeil
Location: Hull, Québec
Comments: Pages très intéressantes, merci.
Sunday 01/28/2001 11:23:15am
Name: Terry Chachula
Location: Flin Flon, Manitoba
Comments: Stupendous Job On My Hometown;
Need To review your work when time permits;
Born in 1948 - Took all schooling in Bienfait, then to University in Saskatoon. Been in Flin Flon For 30 Years. From one mining town to another;

Terry Chachula
Thursday 01/25/2001 12:14:51am
Name: Graham Corsar
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Friday 12/29/2000 1:52:02pm
Name: Tannis Rohatyn
Location: Outlook, Sask.
Comments: I lived in Bienfait from when I was 7 till I was 15. Many fond memories of Bienfait come to mind whenever hearing the name of Bienfait. My dad was the mayor for nine years and was the founding member of the Bienfait Museum. To this day, I still like to go back and visit and see the changes. So many new faces now that no one knows who I am anymore though. Thank you so much for the information on Bienfait. It is interesting to read the history of a place that I lived some of my life in and never knew its history. Thanks.
Sunday 12/10/2000 8:18:36pm
Name: Kevin Perkins
Location: Bienfait, SK
Comments: Excellent!
Sunday 11/05/2000 10:15:12am
Name: Rhonda MacNeil
Location: Regina
Comments: My father told me about this site. His name is Kenneth Friedt. My grandma still lives in Bienfait. Her name is Barbara Friedt.
Friday 11/03/2000 1:27:57pm
Name: Bill Baker
Location: Saskatoon
Comments: Excellent site, Doug! I particularly enjoyed your school pictures. I started school in Bienfait in Grade 3 in 1958, graduating in the class of '67, one of hundreds who can recall the squeeking of Mr. Gough's huge shoes as he strolled down the school hallways.
Friday 11/03/2000 9:17:11am
Name: Annabelle (Friedt) St. Jean
Location: Okotoks, Alberta
Comments: Hi Doug! Thanks for letting me know about the updates that you have done. This is a great site for all of us who are far away now. Brings back lots of memories.
Thursday 10/26/2000 12:35:47am
Name: Aileen (Vaughn) King
Location: I grew up in Bienfait
Comments: Thanks to Joan DeRosier I have had the pleasure of checking out each part of your "Bienfait" website.
True to the name of the town - this is a work of art - Well done! Keep up the good work! :)
Monday 10/16/2000 8:24:35pm
Name: Bill DeRosier
Location: Regina
Comments: Great Webpage!!!
Nice to see people but so much work forward for my hometown.

Saturday 10/14/2000 11:05:45am
Name: Pat Linn
Location: Martensville, Sk.
Comments: Thanks Aunt Rosemary for sending me this page.
The cemetery records page will help me with our family tree.
Another great job well done Doug!
Friday 10/13/2000 11:43:17am
Name: Don Gent
Comments: I thought I'd better get in the book too!! Don't want baby bro' to be mad. The other side of report card is on a show me yours and I'll show you mine basis.
Friday 10/13/2000 9:01:44am
Name: Rosemary Ternes Mack
Location: Bienfait SK
Comments: Doug, you did a great job. I am really impressed. Keep up the good work.
The Town of Bienfait's October newsletter had your website address and I had to check it out.
Thursday 10/12/2000 1:12:04pm
Name: Dean M. Sane
Location: Bienfait
Comments: Great web page...great job Doug. Did your family live just south of Bienfait, where the Estevan
road curves to meet the south road from Bienfait? Dean M. Sane
Friday 09/29/2000 0:34:15am
Name: Doug Gent
Comments: just testing my new guestbook


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