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Charles Carroll
General Merchant

Charles Carroll (Sr)
b- Oct 1873 in USA
Feb 4, 1938, age 66
Immigrated to Canada in 1907
Irish, Catholic, Occupation- Butcher
wife- Maye Jane (Jennie) (May) Carroll
b- Oct 1884 in USA
d- Apr 18, 1948
Immigrated with son, in 1908
English, Presbyterian
son- Charles (Allan) (Butch) Carroll
b- Feb 5, 1907 in USA
d- Feb 2, 1993
son- Willis Carroll
b- July 1909 in SK

1911 family living on Lot 12, Block 2 in Bienfait

Butch Carroll in his teen years was a Rum Runner.
Working for American Gangster, "Doc" Riley, for 50 cents/day
unable to pin down Doc Riley.
Capone had a lawyer, Bart Riley
There was a Michael Riley, known Chicago gangster
who was he?

Bienfait City Garage
Stewart Giem and Billington Proprietors.

Stewart Jesse Giem
b- Oct 31, 1922 in Bienfait
d- Jan 13, 2010 in Estevan, age 87
buried in Bienfait Cemetery
wife- Katie Giem

Father- Jesse Giem
b- May 27, 1887 in USA
d- May 2, 1949
Immigrated in 1906 to Canada
Mother- Ruth Elvira Giem, nee Elliott
b- Mar 1, 1890
d- Jan 15, 1984
both buried in Bienfait Cemetery
They had 6 sons

Jesse's father- Jacob Giem- b- Apr 1855 in USA
Immigrated in 1906
Jesse's mother- Amelia Giem, nee ?
Jesse's siblings, Lilian, Myrtle, Irvine?, Inas & Silas, born in USA
Della & Christian, both born in SK
1911 living at Tsp 2, Rge 5, W2
Silas married Annie Wiik, had a daughter
De Ella Hazel Giem, b- Apr 21, 1908 in Hirsch

Mr. Stewart (Stu) Giem used to do all the work on my dad's car.

Frederick B. Billington
b- Feb 2, 1870
d- Jan 20, 1958
wife- Ella Adeline Billington, nee Giem
b- Nov 19, 1876
d- Nov 8, 1951
both buried in Estevan City Cemetery
they had a daughter, Verna Billington, b- July 1899
son- Francis Billington, b- Aug 1902
son- S. Billington- b- Sept 1903

now I assume Ella was the sister of Stewart's dad
Fred Billington was councillor for Division 5 for RM of Coalfields, 1935-36
Lester H. Billington for 1937-47
Not sure which Billington Stewart was in business with
but assume it was Fred.
It was actually Francis Edward Billington
look at my Hirsch Elevator page for this families info

W. H. Rigate- CNR Agent
 also agent for Cunard, and White Star Steam Ship Lines

V. F. Doerr- Photo developing

William (Bill) Henry Rigate
1877 in England
birth reg bet Jan-Mar 1878,
 Reg Dist of St. Olave Southwark, London/Surrey Co, UK

d- ? in ON
wife- Ellen Emma Rigate, nee Daines
b- Sept 10, 1879 in London, England.
d- Sept 11, 1929 in Bienfait SK
married bet July-Sept 1902, Reg dist West Ashford, Kent Co, UK
William Rigate moved to Ontario and is buried there
More family history here

Valentine Frederick Doerr

See my Doerr Family web page here

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No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
without the express Written Permission
 of Doug Gent

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