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Tue 19/02/2008 2:30 PM  name = Jim Longney   
    message = I enjoyed looking at the pictures from Pinto and remember that area well from my youth. Ernest and Louise Longney were my Grandparents and I believe my dad told me the building you show and old box car I think was the post office at Pinto. Thanks for the memories Jim           Place of Residence = Medicine Hat Alberta Canada

 Sun 22/08/2004 5:41 PM  Hello, Mr Gent.  My name is Heather Brokenshire.  My husband and I purchased a 1/2 section of land in the area of Pinto.  We live on NW of 24-1-6 w2 and own the land also on SW of 25-1-6W2.  It is a fascinating area rich in history.  We had no idea about the interesting areas right next door.  I am glad I found your website while doing a search for "Pinto".  Thanks for sharing it.
Heather now lives on the
Dan and Josie (nee Pukas) Longney place, Frank mentions below

Wed 02/04/2003 1:32 PM  Frank Nieviadomy-
Did see the Hirsch page, also the Taylorton and Pinto pages.  Mom is a Banks her Dad Hugh was Postmaster for a time in Pinto,  owned most  of the Town site he owned mines around town, the hole for the Basement and the Concrete front step is still there.  Their house was moved to North Portal,  we used to visit there a lot of Sundays visited the last remaining people living there  called her Aunt  Frances Longney.  Her son Dan lives just south of Pinto.  Also one of the earlier Pinto Post Mistresses was a Taylor ( not the Taylors Taylorton named after) that was my Grandmothers maiden name.  My Grandmother (nee Taylor) wrote a family history showed relatives through the Eastern States, Butcher's Hollow in Tennessee those kind of places, I checked Encyclopaedias showed they were all Coal mining sites, that's how they ended up in Pinto.  The Banks brothers, there were three James, Hugh, and Harry came to the Pinto area in the early 1900's.  James moved on to New York but Harry and Hugh both had coal mines in the area.  

See I'm full of useless information-could go on for hours.  I enjoy history (hated it in school).
This isn't useless info, interesting stuff, and like you Frank, hated history in school.



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