Estevan Collegiate Institute
50th High School Reunion
June 9 - 10, 2017
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27-APR-2017: Please note a new site is now complete. It is a more modern and mobile friendly site and all new updates will be posted there only.  Please update your bookmarks.

You can view the site here: New Site

50th Golden Anniversary Reunion in 2017 in Regina

Black and "Gold", how fitting!

  If you attended ECI in 1967,
 Grade 9, 10, 11, and 12, inclusive,
  you are invited to this Reunion. 
  Teachers, Spouses, Partners, Significant others, Welcome as well. 

All Alumni who attended ECI in 1967,
Please note- Alumni from other years may also register,
but the focus and theme, will be for the year 1967 only.

Alumni Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12, who attended ECI in 1967,
celebrate 50 years in 2017!

June 9 - 10, 2017
Reunion to be held in Regina.

This will be a Friday evening 1:00- 11:00 PM
 and Saturday 1:00- 11:00 PM Event

The Organizing Committee has set up a Facebook Reunion Page,
"ECI Reunion 2017"

Not only is it the class of 1967's, 50th ECI School Anniversary,
It will be Canada's 150th Birthday!

A Special Year to Celebrate!

Remember this site will be constantly changing,
so please "Refresh" your Browser on each visit,
to see the latest changes.
If you turn your computer off and then on,
that should automatically refresh your browser.
I use Internet Explorer and Windows 7, on an old Dell Laptop.


As I am an "Old School" Web Page Designer,
soon to be put out to pasture!
I don't know if this site looks right,
or even works on a Mobile Cell Phone, Smart or Not,
I do know my Password Protected Alumni Info Pages,
Do not work with Apple Ipad's, since they don't use Adobe Flash!
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So if you want to see, and use all the features on my site,
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So those that insist on using their Smart Phones, or Ipads,
then you might want to switch over, and find the Facebook Page.
I do NOT do Cell Phones, or Facebook, or Twitter, or ??,
so please don't ask me to help with those.

So start Spreading the Word, and then
Contact Us
and I will forward your notes, and ideas,
to the Regina Organizing Committee

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