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50th High School Reunion
June 9 & 10, 2017
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   ECI -1967 Alumni Information 

 These will be a password protected pages
due to the pictures and information they may contain.

Please do not make any of these pictures public on facebook etc.
The 2000 Alumni Address List should not be copied at all.

**UPDATE** 2-APR-2017: Please note a new site is in progress and will soon replace this one. All the information is the same but it is a more modern and mobile friendly site.

You can preview the site here: New Site

If you are a 1967 ECI Alumni, you can access these pages
contact the Web Editor for access. "contact button on left"
Be sure your email address contains your name
so I can use that to validate who you are.
There is no banking info, or secret info in these files,
and really borderline if password required,
but I decided to add this just in case, to preserve Alumni Privacy.

Now the sad part is Apple Ipad's do not support flash,
and obviously my 1&1 server uses Flash Password Pop Ups,
so if you use an Apple Ipad, you can not get into these sites.
I suggest using a laptop or desktop computer for my site.
I do not understand why Apple didn't make their product
compatible with Adobe Flash, which was used on most web sites,
before the Ipads came out.  I bought my wife a Samsung tablet,
which from what I have seen, is a better product, and does handle flash!
and for half the money, but sadly doesn't have the little apple symbol?
I think we can live without the symbol!

1967 Yearbook Pictures

1967 Grade 12 Pictures

Grade 9-11 coming soon.

This Contact, Bio, list was compiled for Reunion 2000,
I have edited all the 1967 Alumni from that list,
to produce the 1967 list below, in .pdf format.
Please do NOT copy this file into an unsecure environment!
This information is available in the Reunion 2000 Book,
which I am sure is in many Public Libraries by now,
so it isn't like this is extremely Private Information any more.
Your 2017 Reunion Souvenir Book will contain updated info.

1967 Alumni- Reunion 2000

1967 School Board

 Mr. Arnold Norman Gabert- SUPERINTENDENT (1955-1974)
b- ca 1914, on a Farm near Springside SK.
d- Nov 16, 2013, Saskatoon, age 99



Mr. George Thomas GREEN

Mr. William "Bill" George OUTHWAITE

Dr. Morrell Metro SOROKA




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