Estevan Collegiate Institute
50th High School Reunion
June 9 & 10, 2017
Executive Committee


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In our
18th Year

  Reunion 2017- Executive Committee 

Carol and Skip Coomber, Bonnie and Lorne Frank, Peter Ng,

Bud (William) and Deb Haygarth, Ron and Trudy Hitchcock,
Colleen Slater-Smith

Chairman- Ron Hitchcock- Regina

Co-Chairperson- Bonnie Frank, nee Thompson- Calgary, California

Treasurer-  William Haygarth
with the Assistant, they will collect Reunion Fees,
Pay all Bills, and keep the reunion in the black!

Assistant Treasurer- Skip Coomber
See Treasurer's job above, same job. 

Decorating Committee Chair Person-  Bonnie Frank

Venue / Catering Committee Chair Person-  Colleen Slater-Smith

Entertainment Committee Chair Persons- William Haygarth / Ron Hitchcock

Registration Committee Chair Person-  William Haygarth
Responsible to Register all Alumni,
and Collect required Fees prior to the reunion.

Contact Committee All alumni
They will use Telephone, Facebook, Email etc,
to contact all living Alumni.
They will work with the Registration Committee.

Facebook, Social Media Chair Person- Colleen Slater-Smith
The old ECI Web Guy, does NOT do Facebook,
Twitter, or other Social Media Sites.
He barely can do a Web Page anymore!!
But we need a Reunion Facebook site
to help spread the word, to those that do that sort of thing.

Reunion Web Page- The ECI Web Guy, Doug Gent, Terrace BC
I do as I am told, from all the above!

We need Volunteers NOW!

or- Ron, Bonnie and Colleen, will start appointing Alumni !
In a very Democratic way, I am sure, as only they can do!
They appointed me, the ECI Web Guy again,
after kicking and screaming, and saying no 40 times,
so time for others now to help out, willing or not! 
Many hands, makes light work!

Of course Regina, or near by, would be the place to recruit Alumni from,
so they could attend a monthly meeting or so,
but some of these positions could be done from the moon.

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