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 Local 33

 Workers Union

Flag of Canada
 Local 33

 of the TWU
 is located in
 Northwest  B.C. Canada

Map showing location of Local 33 Jurisdiction in NW BC
 Local 33 
 Covers the Largest
 Geographical Area 
 of ALL Locals in the TWU

 Local 33's Address is:
Box 422
Terrace B.C.

TWU Logo in 2000

Logo in 2002

 TWU Head Office Address is:
5261 Lane Street,
 Burnaby, B.C. 
V5H 4A6 
Telephone: (604) 437-8601
TWU Home Page

As of Jan 2015 the TWU
became part of the International Steel Workers Union

 The TWU was Affiliated with the
 Following Organizations:
BC Federation of Labour
Alberta Federation of Labour
Canadian Labour Council (CLC)
and the Canadian Federation
of Communications Workers
Local 33 was a Member of the
Kitimat-Terrace & District

Labour Council 

Box 238
Terrace, BC
V8G 4A6 
Tel/Fax: (250) 635-5080 


This Site was originally created
May 1998, as an active Local Site.
On Geocities Free Web Pages.
But in 2009 Geocities was shut down,
and it was time for some revisions.

With a lack of communication for updates,
A Change had to be made.
Now redesigned May 30, 2009
as the History of the Local

This site is in no way
controlled, or authorized
by Local 33, or the TWU.

This site promotes the past history
prior to 2005 only.
Only new additions will be:
1. Deceased members names added to In Memoriam page
or 2. New Retired members names, if I am notified.

Created and Maintained by
Doug Gent - Local 33
TWU Retired Member

Any Errors or Suggestions:
please E-Mail me
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