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Unofficial Web Page of
Rural Municipality
of Coalfields No.4
S.E. Saskatchewan,

 History and Information
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Main Index Page

RM of Coalfields No. 4 Office
Office of
Rural Municipality of Coalfields No.4
423 Main St.
Bienfait Saskatchewan
Ph- (306)-388-2723
Modem- (306)-388-2323
Shop (Hirsch)- (306)-388-2696

Rural Municipality of Coalfields No4,
Comprises the Towns/Villages of:
Bienfait, Frobisher, Hirsch,
North Portal, and Roche Percée,
located in SE corner of Saskatchewan
Adjacent to the United States Boundary

Range 4,5, & 6 comprise E/W boundary
Township 1,2, & 3 comprise the N/S boundary
an area 18 miles square.

The Souris River bisects the Municipality almost in half.

RM#4- Coalfields Map
RM4 Location in SE Saskatchewan Canada

Town/ Village Web Pages Below
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 Content of which is NOT 
 controlled or maintained 
   by RM of Coalfields #4
Bienfait History
Frobisher History Book
Frobisher History
 Hirsch History
North Portal History
North Portal-on Facebook
North Portal CBSA
Taylorton History
Pinto History
Deborah History
 Official Roche Percee Page
Roche Percee History
RM #4 Links & News
  RM #4 History
 RM Weather

Sask. Government


RM # Map of SK


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Note- This is the Unofficial Web Page of RM#4,
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My purpose is to promote interest in this area, World Wide.
Being born in Bienfait, is my only connection with the area.
Thanks to Barry Katschke for the Office Picture
and the list of past and present Councillors
also Ingrid Beahm for the idea of creating this web page
and the updates.

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