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I started out collecting history in SE Saskatchewan
as the map above shows.
Per the index on the left I have expanded from that a bit.
Rather than see these few pictures sit in a family album
I have decided to add them for all to see.

My Pages are created to preserve History,
What you see is love
for the History of the area
and to Honour my Ancestors
that have given me what I have today.

I Am Researching The Following Surnames
Gent, Gesell, Gessell, Wendel(l), Davey
Twomey, Forster, & Johnston



I am an Amateur Historian, and Genealogist.
I use every source I can find, old newspapers, census, archives, etc.
I do a quick search for the names on these pages.
Therefore I do NOT profess to have 100% accurate information.
Use my info as a clue to do your own research.
I am not related to these folks, nor do I have hidden info.
I encourage everyone to visit their local Museum,
or buy a local history book for more info.
I attempt to connect people with their ancestor in these places.
If it works on just one person, per page, it is worth the time it takes me.
I do not charge for access to my pages,
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You can view these pictures on my pages, for free, all day long.
Why people think they have the right to steal these photos is beyond me.
The reason I want all the pictures, and various pages on this site,
is to encourage folks to not only learn about their local history,
but maybe even a bit about some other place in Saskatchewan or even BC!
Canadian History is great, we just don't know it.

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Page Created
and Maintained by

Doug Gent
Terrace BC

A Proud Canadian!
Proud to be born in Saskatchewan
Note- Background of this page
is the Gent Farm
Located 1 mile South of Bienfait
ca 1927 
Picture above was an old car I played in 
   on this farm many years ago.
I thought it was a Ferrari then!

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Doug Gent- Web Editor
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