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BC Tel Northern Division
Photo Collection
Aircraft Used


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Brooke Hodson photos below:

Misc Aircraft Used

 BC Tel Citation Jet

 BC Tel Turbo Beaver, at unknown dock

BC Tel Beaver at Terrace Airport
time of Brown Bear fire

4,  5,  6,  7
Equipment to replace radio equipment burnt up in Brown Bear fire

8, 9, 10, 11

12,  13,  14
Telus C-FASA Dehavilland Turbo Beaver,
DHC-2 MK. III built in 1966, sn 1640TB2

C-FEBX, on unknown lake
owned by Western Straits Air out of Campbell River
Crashed Sept 27, 1995, killing the pilot and 7 passengers

16, 17A
Northern Mountain Bell Jet Ranger 206

C-GGRG, c/n 1951,  Bell 206, Northern Mountain Helicopters,
Photo ca Dec 1989
This machine rented for $450/hr plus $22.90/hr Fuel/oil charge in 1982
It was built in 1976, Model S code- C05641
As of 2002 located in Airdrie AB

C-GJZK Erickson Helicopter Crane

Photos from Ron Anderson below:

C-GNMJ, Bell 205A-1, Northern Mountain Helicopters
 Long Line Fuelling at Nine Mile Mountain, ca July 1988
in 1980 this machine was operated by Maple Leaf Helicopters ltd.
and rented out at $950.00 per hour plus a Fuel/Oil Surcharge
It wasn't cheap to bring in these big machines.

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