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My Dad, Phillip George Gent
Phil Gent's (1912-1982)
  S.E.  Saskatchewan, Canada
Highway Map

SHOWING TOWNSHIP 1, 2, 3, and a small portion of TSP 4
IN RANGE 2 AND RANGE 3, and a small portion of RANGE 4

New* The map on this page has been modified Mar 19, 2010,
with Mouse Over Hot Spots,
on all the Schools, Churches, Towns, Rivers, Creeks, Lakes, etc.
shown on the large map below,
If you "hover" your mouse pointer over any item,
it will show a caption note for that item,
which when "clicked on",
will take you to the name and brief description I show below.
This will help better to identify the Schools and Churches, etc.
 not named on the map.
Note- Some still not identified, or researched.
If you know any of these,
Please let me know which page (URL) and # of the item.

Table below laid out the same way as the Map below

Portion Tsp 4, Portion Rge 4, W2 Portion Tsp 4, Rge 3, W2

Town, 1902 ft Elevation,
Sec 1, Township 4, Range 3, W2
Latitude- 49° 16' 05" N
Longitude- 102° 17' 13" W
Town of Alameda Web Site
(Note- Not my web page, link may or may not work)

Highway 9 runs N & S

Portion Tsp 4, Most of Rge 2, W2

Moose Mountain Creek

Tsp 3, Portion Rge 4, W2

Portion of Frobisher,
Village, 1891 ft elevation
Sec 13, Township 3, Range 4, W2
49° 12' 35" N
Longitude- 102° 25' 37" W
Frobisher History Book

(Note- Not my web page, link may or may not work)

Tsp 3, Rge 3, W2

Mayflower School #866
NE 1/4 Sec 32 , Township 3, Range 3, W2
John Fraser Moffet
had a homestead grant on this lot
Hjortur Bergsteinsson
credited with forming this school

South Alameda School #96,
SW 1/4 Sec 13, Township 3, Range 3, W2

Highway 9 runs N & S


Tsp 3, Most of Rge 2, W2

(Note- Latin for Oxbow is Boscurvis)
Town, 1902 Ft. Elevation
Sec 23, Township 3, Range 2, W2
Latitude- 49° 13' 48" N
Longitude- 102° 10' 09" W
Town of Oxbow Web site
Oxbow History Book, Vol 1
Oxbow History Book, Vol 2
(Note- Not my web pages, links may or may not work)

 CPR train siding,
East 1/2, Sec 32, Township 3, Range 2, W2
There was a Water Tower
and Y in the Rails at this point.
ca 1907-1909 this Water Tower was removed,
and a new Train Water system
installed in Oxbow.
Siding named after Robert A. Peard,
born in England, age 25 in 1906,
immigrating in 1902?,
CP Train dispatcher in Brandon,
(Name per Bill Barry's book, "People Places").

Bow School #165
NE 1/4 Sec 2, Tsp 3, Rge 2, W2,
3 miles S of Oxbow
Closed in 1946

Moose Mountain Creek

Dominion Government
Coal Test Site #2
NW Section 15
Township 3
Range 2, W2

at Junction of
 Moose Mountain Creek
and the Souris River
just SW of Oxbow

1880- This was the second test drill site,
Driller William Henry McGarvey,
under Professor Alfred R. C. Selwyn's
supervision from Montreal,
Director of the Geological Survey of Canada,
looking for coal in this area,
for commercial use.
A small Coal Mine did form
just north of this spot
 and later abandoned.

Tsp 2, Portion Rge 4, W2 Tsp 2, Rge 3, W2

unincorporated area, 1864 ft elevation
Sec 26, Township 2, Range 3, W2
Latitude- 49° 09' 00" N
Longitude- 102° 19' 02" W

Out Of Sight School # 1345,
SE 1/4 Sec 5, Township 2, Range 3, W2
Luke David Thompson,
was instrumental in naming this school
A William Wallace Sr,
born in Scotland
was one of the main persons
that helped form this school district.
From all records,
the school literally was out of sight.

Roscoe School # 1100,
 NE 1/4 Sec 23, Township 2, Range 3, W2
Karl Emil Kijak
 had the homestead grant on this lot

Openshaw is shown just NE
of the Roscoe School
It was located on Highway 9 south,
across from a Biberdorf farm at one time.

Unknown School No 1
NE 1/4 Sec 19, Tsp 2, Rge 3, W2,
4 miles E of Openshaw

Highway 9 runs N & S

Tsp 2, Most of Rge 2, W2

Marconi School # 1313,
NW 1/4 Sec 10, Township 2, Range 2, W2
Map shows the symbol on the SW 1/4?
John Thomson
had the homestead grant on this lot
a Mr. Hugh Hammel
 donated the acre of land for the school
Opened in Aug 1905,
Charles Knickle first teacher
named after Marconi
inventor of the wireless
In the mid 40's the school
 was moved to
SE 1/4 Sec 10, Tsp 2, Rge 1, W2

Tsp 1, Portion Rge 4, W2

McColl School # 2539,
NE 1/4 Sec 12, Township 1, Range 4, W2
James Milne
had the homestead grant on this lot
It was located on his farm land,
as his son Albert Milne
 attended this school

Tsp 1, Rge 3, W2

unincorporated area, 1843 ft elevation
SW 1/4 Sec 24, Township 1, Range 3, W2
Latitude- 49° 03' 00" N
Longitude- 102° 18' 02" W
At one time there was a Elevator,
and a GTP Railway station.
The station burnt down Feb 1919.

My Elcott web page

(not shown on map, but hot spot activated)
 SE Sec 31, Township 1, Range 3, W2
just North of the Souris River
Here was a Post Office
run by Luke David Thompson,
out of his home,
b- Oct 1868 probably in Watertown SD, US
d- Nov 1958
and his wife Dora Thompson, nee Morris
Luke immigrated to Canada in ca 1900.

Stony Run School # 1051,
SW 1/4 Sec 15, Township 1, Range 3, W2

Highway 9 runs N & S


Tsp 1 , Most of Rge 2, W2

unincorporated area, 1841 ft elevation
established in 1913
 with the coming of the Railroad
Sec 6, Township 1, Range 2, W2
Latitude- 49° 00' 00" N
Longitude- 102° 16' 02" W
I have a web page for

Souris River,
unincorporated area, 1705 ft elevation
Sec 30/31, Township 1, Range 2, W2
Latitude- 49° 05' 00" N
Longitude- 102° 16' 02" W

My Souris River web page

 Kopperud Lutheran Church / Cemetery,
set up the Norwegian Synod
SE Section 18, Tsp 1, Rge 2, W2

Boscurvis Methodist (United) Church
5 mi E of Elcott,
on NW Sec 14, Tsp 1, Rge 2, W2

St. Peter German Lutheran Church
3 mi E and 2 mi N of Elcott,
on SE Sec 32, Tsp 1, Rge 2, W2

Scout Hill School # 617,
SW 1/4 Sec 22, Township 1, Range 2, W2

Henry Angus Evans
 had the homestead grant on this lot

 Rivière Des Lacs Lake  
Lake between SK, Canada and ND, USA
It is thought the lake
was part of the Souris River at one point,
and a land slide
caused the Souris River to change direction,
creating this Lake.

Common Waterways

 Souris River (aka, Mouse River, St. Pierre)
Tributary of the Assiniboine River,
Originates in Yellow Grass marshes, north of Weyburn, SK.
Goes down to Minot, ND, USA, then back up into Manitoba, Canada
ending at the Assiniboine River
The mouth of the Souris was the site of Two Rivers School
and a short lived village called Souris Mouth, and/or Two Rivers.
which today, is just a couple miles, NE of Treesbank Manitoba
700 km (435 mi) in length and drains about 17,600 square miles
2 dams are on this river now, Rafferty and Alameda

Moose Mountain Creek
a Tributary of the Souris River
Moose Mountain Park area drains into the Souris, via this creek.
It is shown running north by Rapeard
The mouth of the creek at the Souris River, is just west of Oxbow.

Highway 18 on this old 1927 map
running East and West
from Bienfait to the Manitoba border,
is quite a bit different today
The Highway has been shortened up considerably


Reference Key to
Roads, Railways etc.
Reference Key to
Buildings, Altitude etc.
Township Map
Showing Section #'s

`AlamedaRapeardOxbowOpenshawSouris River unincopr areaElcottNorthgateRiviere Des Lac LakeKopperud Lutheran ChurchKopperud Lutheran Church CemeteryFrobisherScout Hill School #617, Stony Run School #1051, Sec 15, Tsp 1, Rge 3, W2McColl School #2539 Sec 12, Tsp 1, Rge 4, W2 Marconi School #1313, Sec 10, Tsp 2, Rge 2, w2Out of Sight School #1345, Sec 5, Tsp 2, Rge 3, W2Roscoe School #1100, Sec 23, Tsp 2, Rge 3, W2South alameda School #96, Sec 13, Tsp 3, Rge 3, W2Mayflower School #866, Sec 32, Tsp 3, Rge 3, W2Moose Mountain CreekMoose Mountain CreekParkfield, not shown on this mapBoscurvis Methodist (United) ChurchSt. Peter German Lutheran ChurchBow School #165Unknown School No 1

map of Kopperud Church and Mellom farm, with coalmine area shown
Close-up map of Northgate area
showing Kopperud Lutheran Church. with cemetery nearby,
set up by the Norwegian Synod,
first service in the area, Mar 29, 1903,
one book says at Lars O. Mellom home.
This Church was built in 1910
 with regular services until the mid 50's.

Also shown on this small map is the Coalmine location
set up in the 30's by Julius O. Mellow,
and the Konopaki brothers from Bienfait


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