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 MAY 14, 2008   
It is with great sadness I report that my Aunt,
Ruth Fiest, mother to Ross and Grant,
passed away in Calgary this am
My Mom, Helen Gent, passed away last year,
now her youngest sister this year.
Rest in Peace Auntie.
                                  Doug Gent

  June 9, 2007
name = Krista Dancsok
    General Comment Place or Event Name = Estevan
    Place of Residence = Stockholm, Saskatchewan, Canada
    message = It looks like a very nice web site.
I was just looking at the stuff about my grandfather Ken Morine.

Oct 8, 2006
name = Timothy Underwood
    General Comment Place or Event Name = Estevan, ECI Etc.
    Place of Residence = Saskatoon
    message = Fantastic site.
              This is probably better than preserving the old buildings. It could last much longer.
I lived in Kitimat from 1970 to 1980. Loved Terrace.
I'm not through reading your material but I am looking forward to it.
 I go back to Estevan every other year and ride around the out skirts on my little trail bike.
That's pretty much what I did over in Kitimat and in Terrace.
My high school graduation was in Vedder Crossing B.C.
 so I only appear, regretfully, in the ECI records for grades 9&10.
Wonderful site.


    July 16, 2006
name = Carla Dearston
    General Comment Place or Event Name = Estevan
    Place of Residence = Arlington, Texas USA
    message = Just an FYI to let you know that my mother,
who is listed on your page (Ruby Zimmerman/Dearston) has deceased. 
She passed away on 7-22-2003.  If you'd like any more information on her, please let me know.

    June 21, 2006
name = Donna Sinclair (nee Donna Hagel)
    General Comment Place or Event Name = Estevan
    Place of Residence = west vancouver b.c.
   message =  Had a great time at e.c.i. reuion, interested in future dedications,
also wondered what became of dale kolahy, my big crush in grade three.
  Regards from donna sinclair (nee donna hagel) Great Work you have done.

 April 29, 2006
name = Bill Harris
General Comment Place or Event Name = ECI
Place of Residence = Toronto, ON
message = Great job Doug!
It certainly is frustrating to see all the junk that appears on the internet now!
Glad to see all the reunion pictures posted again, excellent memories!
And the version of Washington Lee Swing is pretty good too!
Take care
Apr 21, 2006
Name and Message Approved for Public Viewing = Yes
name = Bill Harris
General Comment Place or Event Name =
Place of Residence = Toronto
message = Great job Doug. Nice to a dedicated site that has lots of space available.

Didn't make it back for the Centennial but expect to be there this year. No family left there but lots of great memories!
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