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Winlaw Saskatchewan

Section 22, Township 1, Range 30, W1

Mainly a Scotch settlement

Located in Local Improvement District no 1
changed to RM of Argyle no 1, Dec 19, 1912

Located on the South Antler Creek

First settlers, Robert Henderson, Donald and Tom Colquhoun
and Archie K. Brown came to Winlaw district in 1882

Winlaw Post Office History

Federal Electoral District: Assiniboia East (SK)

Office Opened- Sept 1, 1884
on Section 22, Township 1, Range 30, W1

Moved Apr 15, 1898
to Section 17, Township 1, Range 30, W1

Office Closed- Sept 15, 1915


Name of
Date of
Date of
Cause of

Thomas "Tom" Colquhoun
(see below)




Robert Harkness Henderson
(see below)




John Walker Stevenson
(see below)




A. H. Brown
(see below)



Rural Mail Delivery

This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced,
nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of the Post Office material above
 is the National Archives of Canada

Thomas "Tom" Colquhoun
b- Apr 4, 1861 in ON
1881 in Williamsburg, Dundas ON
He came from Dundas Co., ON,
where there was the Colquhoun settlement.
arrived in Winlaw area, June 12, 1882
homesteaded on east 1/2 Section 22, Township 1, Range 30, W1
1891 census in Deloraine MB
1901 in Lisgar MB as a Merchant
son of Alexander Colquhoun
wife- Annie Ross
b- Apr 10, 1861 in ON
daughter Rossie Marie Colquhoun
b- Mar 28, 1896 in RM of Winchester, MB
she married Kenneth Wilfred Ferrier, Mar 11, 1922, in Brandon MB
son- Alexander "Lloyd" Colquhoun
b- Oct 23, 1898 in RM of Winchester, MB

Robert Harkness Henderson
b- Jan 26, 1855, Holywood, Dumfries Co. Scotland
Immigrated  from Glasgow, Apr 19, 1882,
Arrived in Quebec, May 6, 1882,
on the Allan Steamship Co. "Manitoban",
shown age 27.

2nd son of James Alexander Henderson

married Catherine Henderson, Oct 1886, Brandon MB (1885 in one record)
b- Oct 24, 1857 (1859?) in Scotland
d- 1927
She immigrated in 1886
she was a neighbour of his from Dumfries co. Scotland
same name, no relation.

5 children:
John "Jack" Robert Henderson
b- Jan 2, 1888 Sec 20, Tsp 1, Rge 30, W1, Assn (SK)
d- 1963

James "Alexander" Henderson
b- Sept 21, 1889 on the family farm, near Winlaw, Assn (SK)
d- Oct 6, 1976 at Gainsborough SK, age 87
buried in Winlaw SK
Attended school in Winlaw
Attended Agricultural College in Brandon MB
Steward Winlaw United Church
Secretary of the Winlaw Cemetery board for 27 years.
Trustee for Winlaw School District
Served as RM Councillor, and Reeve of the RM
Original member of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool
first wife Alice, 2nd wife Sarah 

Lulu Jane Henderson
b- Dec 5, 1891 Gainsborough, Assn (SK)
d- Oct 16, 1990, Estevan SK
married a Mr. Irvine, lived in Estevan in 1976

Hazel Henderson
b- Oct 20, 1893 in Assn (SK)
d- Bef Oct 1990
married a Mr. Calquhoun, lived in Carnduff in 1976

Janet Henderson
b- Oct 15, 1897 in Assa (SK)
d- 1941
married a Mr. Brown

Robert Homesteaded on east 1/2 Section 20, Township 1, Range 30, W1.

John Walker Stevenson
b- Feb 28, 1857 in Scotland
Immigrated in 1892
father- William Stephenson
married Isabella Couttes, June 27, 1879
b- Apr 14, 1855 in Scotland
son- John Walker Stevenson
b- June 18, 1880 in Scotland
d- 1942
Ivie William Stevenson
b- July 26, 1882 in Scotland
d- 1970
Esther Stevenson
b- Mar 29, 1887 in Scotland
d- 1968
Murray Alex Stevenson
b- Mar 23, 1889 in Scotland
d- 1977
Anna Stevenson
b- Feb 11, 1891 in Scotland
d- 1949
Robert Coates Stevenson
b- Apr 23, 1893 in Gainsborough, Assa (SK)
d- 1945
Dorothy Eleanor Stevenson
b- June 18, 1895 in Gainsborough, Assa (SK)
d- 1972

I know of an Archie K. Brown in the area
one of the early settlers,
but not A. H. Brown, possible spelling mistake?

Winlaw United Cemetery

Dec 1888 Winlaw School District
 was formed Dec 1888

Presbyterian Church,
Rev John Hay presided
now the Winlaw United Church
June 1973 they celebrated 86th anniv
This was the first church in southern Saskatchewan.
Rev John Hay married Jessie Colquhoun

Ext Links

Winlaw History

There is a Gainsborough History book
which I do not have


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No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
without the express Written Permission
 of Doug Gent

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