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 Outram Saskatchewan

Unincorporated Hamlet

Located at  NE Section 19, Township 2, Range 10, W2

Latitude- 49 9' N
Longitude- 103 19' W

Elevation 1906 ft

Located on the Canadian Pacific Railroad (CPR)
Estevan- Neptune Branch, built in 1913

Located just north off Highway #18

In RM of Cambria #6

part of 1927 map of this area.

Map shows they had at least one Grain Elevator.
Harold L. Tilley, Agent, ca 1929, Sask Wheat Pool Elevator.
First Elevator was built when the Railroad came thru in 1913.

found a Harry Tilley,
b- July 1906, age 5 in 1911, living in Girvin, SK.,
son of A. Tilley and Mary Tilley
sister Rheta Tilley
same guy?  not sure.
all born in Canada

Post Office History

Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)

Office Opened as Outram Station- May 1, 1914
in a Private building
sec 19, Twp 2, Rge 10, W2

Changed to Outram Sept 17, 1956

Office Closed- Jan 9, 1981

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Birth Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy

Edwin C. "Ed" Erickson
(see below)





Mrs. Olga Crave





Edwin C. "Ed" Erickson





Halvor O. Moe





Kristian Kittelson
(see below)





Sidney Ellis "Sid" Turner
(see below)





Dmytro Rudy





Dmytro Rudy





John Kiniak





John Kiniak





This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced,
nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Edwin C. "Ed" Erickson
First Postmaster
operated a General Store from a tent until he built
a store, where the Post Office was located.

Sidney Ellis "Sid" Turner
Merchant and Postmaster in Outram
Invented a Lock Nut in 1929,
with Harold L. Tilley,
the Grain buyer for the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Elevator
granted Canadian Patent no 286.355 for 18 years.
they applied for patents in the US as well as Europe.
It could be manufactured for almost the same cost as a regular nut.
it involved a wedge hammered in to the nut, binding the threads.
Sir Henry Thornton President of the CNR
and his chief engineer were impressed with the invention.
If successful they were to build a plant in Estevan.

Sidney Ellis Turner
b- Dec 1875, in Hastings, Sussex, England
d- ?
1905 he came to Canada and settled in Estevan
married bet Apr-June 1901, registered in Hastings. Sussex, England
wife- Lily Winifred M. Turner,
b- Jan 1875 in England
son- Stanley Turner,
 b- Dec 1901 in England
daughter- Pearl Turner,
b- Dec 1908

Halvor Moe
found a Halvor Moe
Reeve of RM of Hazel Dell no 335, 1929-1930
same guy?

School History

Part of Estevan School Unit #2,
Fall of 1946 ad for teachers at
 Outram Vocational and Rural High School
they were to use the Airport buildings,
School located 16 miles west of Estevan
Agricultural school for up to 300 students.
Purchase price $14,000
Board was $18 per month.

In 1956, a  5 room School was here.


From School info above,
we can see an Airport was built here
during WWII.
It was an auxiliary airport to Estevan

Included one hangar, mess hall, sleeping dormitories,
and other buildings on 1 acre of land.


Andrew Kettelson
(alt spelling seen-Kettilson)
b- 1868
d- Mar 1929, age 62
Funeral Mar 7, 1929
Him and his wife, buried in Bethel & St. John's Cemetery
RM of Cambria #6, SE Sec 30, tsp 1, Rge 10, W2
(link below)
He came to Estevan about 1904,
and was one of the first
 to take up a homestead in the Outram area.
married to Helga Kettelson, nee ?
with 5 sons:
Kristian Kettelson (Postmaster 1922-23)
Oscar Kettelson
farmed 3 miles west of Outram, ca 1929
Trygor Kettelson
Thomas Kettelson
lived at home, ca 1929
Olaf Kettelson
lived in California, ca 1929
daughter- Hilda Kettelson
d- ca 1925

In Mar 9, 1914 a William N. Sweitzer died
in Hudson Iowa, leaving a widow
and 5 children $37,735 estate,
a half section of land near Outram, valued at $9310 was included

Leo Kolke (Kolkes?) moved in spring of 1914
from this area to south Frobisher area.
He died in 1958
Kolke School in the area named after this family

Norman Leslie McLeod M.L.A. (standing)
 speaking to a crowd at Outram Sask.
(click to enlarge in new window)
Undated photo (likely mid-late 1930s).
Source: B. J. Brace family archives.

Origin of Name

Outram possibly named after
 a Rev James Outram who explored
land for the HBC in BC.
only a wild guess.

History Book

note- I DO NOT have a copy,
and I can't find it online
"Our Prairie Heritage - Cambria 1902-1977"

PLEASE NOTE- Not my site, not my research
link may or may not work in the future


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No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
without the express Written Permission
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