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Scout Hill
 Hill of the Murdered Scout

Butte Marquee

Couple miles NW of Northgate is
Scout Hill- The Hill Of The Murdered Scout
actually located on NW Sec 12, Tsp 1, Rge 3, W2

Note- 1927 map, Highway 9 is not in the same place today (2011)
The Hill is at the north end of Riviere des Lac

On the 1927 map above there is a small triangle marking the spot.
This actually part of a first order in a triangular network
that straddles the International border,
and was surveyed by the US and Canadian Governments.
It does not mark the exact boundary, but used to
coordinate the Official Boundary markers.
Latitude- 49 deg, 1 min, 26.430 Sec
Longitude- 102 deg, 17 min, 28.948 Sec

There is a concrete /stone geological survey pillar
on top of the hill, as described above.

It is a small hill, maybe 100 ft high,
but is one of the higher points in the area.
Because it isn't real high, it is easy to miss driving by.

ca 1830 George Dawson recorded in his dairy
the story of the Cree and Mandan tribes.
But Professor Bryce claimed it was
the Assiniboine and Sioux tribes, who were at war at the time.
An Assiniboine brave climbed the hill
with the objective to spy on the Sioux encampment nearby.
He found a Sioux warrior asleep in his buffalo robe on top.
The Assiniboine killed the Sioux with a stone.
To mark this event he built an effigy of the Sioux
making an outline of the body with stones, with a hollowed area
filled with a stone, for the head.
He also cut the footsteps near the body, removing the sod.

Here are some pictures of the site,
and survey marker,
taken by my friends, Wayne and Opal Wagner

Survey Marker on top of the hill

The spot where the Murdered Scout laid
now covered in moss, and a different color
than the surrounding prairie grass.

Pinto Pony came up to visit

The Hill is a famous landmark used for many centuries,
by the Natives, later the Metis fur Traders, NWMP,
and then the early European Settlers.

NWMP under Commissioner George Arthur French
camped overnight at this hill, Thursday, July 23, 1874
"A" Troop left here at 3:30 am heading 16 miles, to
St. Peter's Spring,
which was just SE of Roche Percee.

You have to cross a Texas Gate, from Highway 9,
heading west,  to access the hill,
and is no doubt now Private Land.
Please try and get permission to access.
Note- I do not know the contact person, sorry.

See my Estevan  NWMP Wood End Museum Page
For more Pictures from this event

External Links of this Event
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Henri Julien's report of this Hill

Dr. Bryce's report ca 1886

Picture top of hill


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No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
without the express Written Permission
 of Doug Gent

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