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Macoun Saskatchewan

Macoun Sask. Postcard (ca: before 1920)
 Signed "Gobam"
Sent to a Mr. Ted (or Jed) Shvets, Prophetstown, Illinois, USA
Sent Sept 27, year not shown on mail stamp, but prior to 1920
as the big High School can be seen in background.
Large 2 storey building on left center, was the Macoun Hall,
which burnt down.  It housed the Post Office at one time.
Postcard courtesy Grant Walker, CA, Jan 24, 2015

Incorporated as a Village, Oct 16, 1903.

shown on Canadian Pacific Railway,
 CPR, Soo Line,  in 1927 below

Located NE Section 22, NW Section 23, Township 4, Range 10, W2

Latitude- 49 18' 48" North
Longitude- 103 15' 43" West

Elevation 1903 ft

Elevator, Post Office, Telegraph Station, and Gas Station in 1927

Named after a great Canadian Botanist,

John Macoun

2 Elevators in Macoun Sept 1903
Western Elevator Co.-
William Robb-
25,000 bushel capacity each

Located north of Highway 39
and south of township Rd 44

St Names in Macoun
John St.
De Forest St
Young St
Tallman St.
Monroe St.
Hamilton St.
Robinson Ave.
Michel Ave.
Hansen Ave
O'Connor Ave
Appleton Ave.
Sorlein Ave.
Breen Ave
Youngberg St.

Post Office History


Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)

Office Opened Sept 1, 1903
Section 22, Township 4, Range 10, W2

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military
Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy

Edward Rollins





David Westbourne Patten




Non-residence of Postmaster

Susan Hannah Patten, nee Currey





Hugh H. McLeod





William Ash





Mrs. Dorothy May Nelson





Miss Mollie Jane Wells










Macoun Co-op Association





This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced,
nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Postmaster Bios

First Postmaster- Edward Rollins
b- 1848,  Ireland, age 63 in 1911
d- aft 1921  (note one online source says 1901,
 which can't be true as he is living in Benson in 1921)

David Westbourne Patten
b- July 1868 in Wolverton, Oxford, ON
d- May 26, 1947, in Weyburn SK
buried in SK Mental Hospital Cemetery, Weyburn SK
son of Walter Charles Patten (1840-1917)
and Charlotte Buckberry (1842-1925)

married Susan Hannah Patten, nee Currey,
she became 3rd Post Mistress in 1914
b- Aug 1867 in Wolverton, ON
d- Nov 5, 1928, Sunnyside, Yakima County, WA, USA
Father- George N. Currey (1832 - 1886)
  Mother- Susan Catherine Wilber Currey (1839 - 1915)

son- Howard Wilber Patten
b- Feb 28 1893 in ON (1893 in birth reg, 1892 on headstone?)
d- July 26, 1945
buried in Estevan City Cemetery

Hugh H. McLeod
b- 1862  (July 25, 1861)
d- 1933 (possibly Oct 9, 1933 in Winnipeg MB, age 71)
buried in Macoun Cemetery 2 pages of family history there.

Rest are entering Privacy/Living issues.

Macoun Ca 1920-1921

Has SK Govt telephones, CP Telegraph and Dominion Express
Presbyterian, German Lutheran and Norwegian Lutheran Churches
Public and High Schools
Population 275

General Stores

Armstrong & Co.

Macoun Trading Co.


J. R. Borrowman, Hardware

Canadian Investment Co. Ltd. - Lumber

Martin E. Christenson, Flour and Feed

Wally Shupe- Billiards and Confectionary

John R. Reid- Livery and Coal

James Penny- Barber

N. O. Johnson- Contractor

Judson Utility Construction Co. -WD Work and Hardware

A. J. Kramer- Restaurant

Macoun Garage

Macoun Telephone Service Board
Agent for SK Govt Telephones

Macoun Hotel (Chinese)


David Harper, Insurance

Ernest R. Steele, Insurance
 and Justice of the Peace

Farm Equipment

W. A. Harvey, Implements

Massey-Harris Co.


Alex Mitchell, Physician and Drug Store

Land, Real Estate

Havner Land Co. - Real Estate


International Elevator Co. Ltd.
Ogilvie Flour Mills Co. Ltd.
Western Elevator Co. Ltd.

Post Office

Mrs. Susan H. Patten, Postmistress


The Post, Weekly on Thursday
Howard W. Patton, Publisher


T. Peterson & Sons

William Shippam


Royal Bank of Canada
Harry A. Westergaard- Manager 1905-1927

from 1905 to 1918 the Royal Bank building
was the
Northern Crown Bank.
It closed in 1932 and the building was moved
to River Park in Estevan and used as a hotel there.

CPR Pumphouse and Water Pipeline

The CPR Steam Locomotives needed lots of water
to keep them running
So every so often they had to install pipelines
to a CPR Pumphouse on the Souris River.
The one from Macoun ran SW,
from NE Section 22, Tsp 4, Rge 10, W2
to   NE Section 30, Tsp 3, Rge 10, W2
Of course all of this changed when
Rafferty dam went in.
This whole area would be under water now.

Macoun CPR Station Fire

Morning of July 31, 1947 the CPR station in Macoun burnt to the ground.
It was a one storey building, with Office, Waiting Room, Agent's Quarters at the rear,
and an Express and Freight Warehouse.
Station Agent at the time, R. J. Jaques
Fred Vicary from Hitchcock turned in the alarm at 2:30 am
Fire Chief William Winton, and the Estevan Fire Department responded
the building was a total loss.

Macoun Hotel Deadly Explosion and Fire

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Macoun history book

Macoun Cemetery



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No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
without the express Written Permission
 of Doug Gent

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