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 Kisbey Saskatchewan

Village Status

Located at  NW Section 18, Township 8, Range 5, W2
between Forget and Arcola

Latitude- 49 38' 47" N
Longitude- 102 40' 21" W

Elevation 1975 ft

in RM Brock

Located on the Canadian Pacific Railroad, CPR, in 1927

Red e/W line in map below is part of what is now Highway 13
Yellow, N/S line is Highway 605

part of 1927 map of this area.

Elevator, Post Office, Telegraph Office and Gas Station in 1927

Town named after Richard Claudius Kisbey
also seen Richard Claude Kisbey as his name

son of Judge William Henry Ferdinand Kisbey,
b- Sept 3, 1828 Dublin, Ireland
d- Aug 6, 1910 Wellington Sq., Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
and Maria Marcella Kisbey, nee Little

Grandfather- Richard Kisbey
Grandmother- Marion Kisbey, nee Scott

children of William and Maria:
Ethel Claire Kisbey
b- 1857
William Dennington Kisbey
b- 1861
married Sarah Belle Baldwin
Alice Marion Kisbey
b- Oct 12, 1855
d- Sept 20, 1902
Richard Claude (Claudius) Kisbey*
b- Jan 20, 1863, Belfast Ireland
d- Dec 7, 1941
Eveline Maude Kisbey
b- May 29, 1868
d- 1924

Richard married Annie Logie "Lizie" Turriff,
July 8, 1890, Morden, RM of S. Dufferin, MB
they had 5 children:

Lily Kathleen Kisbey
b- Jan 20, 1893, Assiniboia, NWT, (Sask)

Norah Logie Kisbey
b- May 25, 1894, Section 14, Township 7, Range 2, W2, Assiniboia, NWT, (Sask)

Percy Dennington Kisbey
b- Oct 2, 1895 Manor SK
d- June 2, 1916, killed in battle, Santuary Wood,
buried Menin Gate, Ypres Memorial, Belgium
student in Estevan when he enlisted Apr 5, 1915 in Saskatoon SK.
reg # 411092
Canadian Infantry, Lance Corporal

Irene Ethel Kisbey
b- Apr 27, 1891 Assiniboia, NWT, (Sask)

Dorothy Evelyn (Eveline?) Kisbey
b- July 7, 1898, Section 14, Township 7, Range 2, W2, Assiniboia, NWT, (Sask)

Post Office History

S0C 1L0

Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)

Office Opened : May 1, 1905
Section 18, Township 8, Range 5, W2

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military
Date of Birth Date
of Appointment
 of Vacancy
 of Vacancy

J. L. MacLeod


Aug 1875 in PEI




W. F. Hale






Arthur George Walton Hughes


Apr 20, 1892




Miss Jane Elizabeth Smart


Feb 1, 1899




Charles Martin Hall






Miss Freda May Prosser






Durward Scott McAlaster












Mrs. J. K. McKellar





P. J. Kouach





Additional Information:

PO 2322-1

Private Building

Semi-staff - 1948-04-01

This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced,
nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Ext Links

Kisbey Museum
291 Ross St
PO Box 117, Kisbey SK, S0C 1L0



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No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
without the express Written Permission
 of Doug Gent

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