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Baron Maurice de Hirsch
or Moritz
Freiherr Von Hirsch auf Gereuth 
b- Dec 9, 1831

in Munich, Bavaria
d- April 21, 1896
at his Estate
at Érsekújvár near
Komorn, Hungary
When he died,
he left an estate
valued at

made chiefly in
Railway Enterprises.
He gave $10,000,000.00
to the Jewish Colonization
Assoc. of the USA


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Hirsch, Saskatchewan
is a Small Hamlet
located at
Lat- 49 deg, 11' 00" N
and Long- 102 deg, 36' 00" W
on SE 1/4 of Sec 3, Twp 3, Rge 5, W2
in S.E. Saskatchewan
1882 ft above Sea Level
Alt spelling:  Hirsh
Located in Rural Municipality
of Coalfields #4

Hirsch was founded in May 1892 by the
"Young Men's Hebrew Benevolent Association"
of Montreal, acting on behalf of
"The Jewish Colonization Association"

Hirsch Panorama, taken May 2003
 from the West, looking East


Created by Jewish Settlers
as a primarily Jewish Colony,
supported by a donation in 1890 from the
Baron Maurice de Hirsch Institute,
with the assistance of
the Jewish Colonization Association. 
It is named after it's benefactor,
Baron Maurice Hirsch

First , oldest and only Jewish colony
directly organized and established in Canada by
the Jewish Colonization Association.
Each family was given a $500.00 loan
repayable at 4% interest.

During the 1930's
most of the Jewish Families
left the area, and moved to Winnipeg.
It is ironic, that today
 this is very productive land,
for Grain, and also for Oil production
from the 1960's until today.

Hirsch History is being collected
by a former resident,
Gail Skikevitch
Please click on the link below
for a mail in form
to contribute to her Book
Hirsch History Form in .pdf


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