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The History of
 St. Peter's
Estevan Saskatchewan,

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 St Peter's Lutheran Church
Located at 130 Souris Ave N.
in Estevan Saskatchewan
SW Corner of Souris Ave (Highway 47)
and Isabelle St.
PH- (306) 634-2024

Moose Mountain Circuit #5
Central District
Lutheran Church of Canada

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Brief Church History

Originally the name was
St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Part of the Missouri Synod.

The beginning of the Church in Estevan SK.
is ascribed to the bold decision in 1918,
by Rev. C. F. Walther,
 then Mission Secretary of the Minnesota District,
for Manitoba and Saskatchewan,
not to direct the Candidate for the stations
 north of Estevan to live in Halbrite as first planned,
but in Estevan, serve these places from there,
 and also take over Oxbow south,
while at the same time attempting
 to begin a mission in Estevan.
(Source: 1957 District History Book
from Mrs Maxine Holm, Archivist,
Lutheran Church -Canada, Central District)

In the fall of 1918 it was a Mission project
with Rev. William A. Reitz as the first Pastor.

Regular services began in 1919.
The first confirmation class was held on April 11, 1920.
On January 29, 1928, the Constitution was adopted.

My Mother's family, the Gus and Mae Gesell Family,
were part of the early Parishioners
of the First St Peter's Lutheran Church in Estevan.
They were Not the "First" ones,
but joined the Church in it's early beginnings.

According to "A Tale That Is Told"
4 families were involved in the early Church.
Quote- "Edwald Maier, Th. Rosenau,
Dobratz and Krueger,
 and services were begun in the German language."

Prior to the 1930's location,
 they worshipped in many personal homes,
as well as various Minister's homes.

The First "official" Church the Congregation attended,
was the Methodist Church in Estevan,
later became the United Church,
today (2008) the parking lot for the Royal Bank.
First "Official" Church used by St Peter's Lutheran Congregation, the Methodist Church, later United church

#2 Church was the Baptist Church,
that they shared use of like the Methodist one above.
I believe this was the Church my mother was confirmed in
 most pictures are thumbnails,
 click to view larger image

Church #2- Actually the Baptist Church that they shared at the time my aunts Tillie and rose Gesell's confirmation picture in front of this Church

The Third Church was at
1005 2nd St in Estevan.
(Drawing of this Church is above, pictures below)
Construction started during the vacancy after Rev. Wolters left.
Dedicated June 29. 1930,
Rev William A. Reitz, and Rev. D. R. Ludwig attending.
The 2 lots were bought on Apr 18, 1929
Services were held until 1933 in German.

By 1941 the Congregation was able to purchase a parsonage.
The First build was too small, and in the fall of 1951,
construction began for an addition
for a total seating capacity of 200 people.
On January 8, 1954, Estevan Midale and Outram
formed a new Parish.
By 1956 all debts had been paid off.
The Congregation numbered 340 Souls,
and again talks of expanding were occuring.

This Church was sold in Aug 1964,
 to the Alliance Church for $15,000
Rev Holm was the last Pastor in this Church.

In 2008 it is
now St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church

Early view of the 3rd Lutheran Church on 2nd Ave.

Church #3- 1005 2nd st Church #3, 1005 2nd st, 1999, now the St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church

The Fourth St Peter's Lutheran Church was constructed
at 130 Souris Ave N, in Hillside Subdivision,
actually Pleasantdale Subdivision,
as Souris Ave divides the 2.
The Ravine to me is the natural Boundary.

In 1963 property was purchased, and in May of 1964
 a ground breaking ceremony was held.
Construction began in June and on November 22, 1964,
the new church was dedicated.
A new parsonage was also built behind the Church,
on Cundall Drive, and it was dedicated in Sept 1965.

Church #4 ca 2000

On April 9, 1978 a mortgage burning ceremony took place.
The Congregation had grown to
689 Souls and 470 Communicants.
In 1986 a new Rogers Glascow 740 B. Organ
 was purchased and installed.
(Source- 1991 District History Book

from Mrs Maxine Holm, Archivist,
Lutheran Church -Canada, Central District)

The 4th Church remained untouched for many years,
until the early 2000's when they constructed
a whole new addition on the front,
and moved the Main Church to this new addition.

Full Page Article written by Jonas Weinrauch,
in the Estevan Mercury, Sept 19, 2001
describes the renovation plan.
Pastor Dale Mohr was involved at this time.

Today this is the 5th Church for the Congregation.
I know a building fund exists for this new addition
and donations are gratefully accepted for it.

Now the older section, Church #4,
Inside Church #4
 is used for Luncheons, and Youth Groups.

I was confirmed in Church #4.
One of the first Class to be confirmed there.

I know the Church has a great singing group
that performed at the
 ECI Reunion 2000 Church Service
Today I think the name is the
Country Gospel Praise & Worship Band

New Church #5

Easter 2007
2 Photos above courtesy Rev. Denninger

We had my Mom's Funeral inside this new Church

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