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History of
Estevan Collegiate Institute
Estevan Saskatchewan


Estevan Mercury
 Reunion 2000

I was given exclusive rights by Peter Ng, 
Owner and Publisher, of the Estevan Mercury
to use any, or all, of the information,
from the Reunion 2000 Souvenir newspaper,
on the ECI web site back in 2000.
And finally in 2008
I get around to using the pictures here.
I Thank Peter for that privilege


Chairman of the Reunion Committee, Larry Preddy's Message

The 20 Page newspaper contained interviews
 with different Alumni from each Decade,
done by Shelley Ruecker.
  As well as old Pictures and information on ECI,
some already on this site, compiled by Carol Toth,
who also did a lot of the work
 on the yellow souvenir Name and address book.
Sad to say Carol passed away.

Some of the names Interviewed,
 or Honoured with an article are:
Muriel Niblett (Grade 11, ECI, 1927)
Rueben Jahn (ECI Class of 1928)
Jimmy Young (ECI Caretaker 1922-1958)
Dolly Backman (nee Gesell) (ECI Class of 1934)
Don Perry (ECI Class of 1936)
Miss Helen Rattray (article from May 24, 1956 Mercury)
Miss Anne MacGregor (ECI Teacher from 1933-1962)
Gregg and Gwenn Trout (ECI Class of 1937-1938 respectively)
Toni John (nee Phillips) (ECI Class of 1944)
Erwin Krueger (ECI Student- Class of 1951 and Staff Member)
Shirley Andrist (nee Sillers) (ECI Student-Class of 1951 and Staff Member)
Ernie Dahl (ECI 1951)
Ken Clarke "The Poor Man's Poet"
Richard Meckler (ECI class of 1961)
Ross Lein and Dennis Cooley win top Collegiate awards
 (reprinted from nov 15, 1962 Mercury)
Judy Moroz (nee Rohatyn) (ECI grades 9 and 10, 1967-68)
Colleen Slater-Smith  (Ode to ECI in the Year 2000)
Brian McCallum (Reminising... Memories of ECI) (see below)
Marilyn Fox and Ruth Grimson (Valedictory Addresses from wed May 7,1969 Mercury)
Bona Jean Brace (nee McLeod) (Article written by Bill Tenant about John McLeod)
(John Mcleod was co-founder of Estevan, his story is summarized in the article)
Joan Torgeson (wins Collegiate Oratory from Jan 31, 1947 Mercury)
Larry Preddy's Chairman's message
Premier of Saskatchewan, Roy Romanow's message
The School Song and Hymn
Complete list by year of the ECI Reunion 2000, Alumni and Staff Attendees (4 pages!)
and last and surely least an interview of me of all people, plus the little letter
I sent in as the Web-Guy which I thought was enough of my 2 cents worth!
Thanks to all above, who offered their time and to those that
gave generously to the paper, Thank-You!

PS- When Larry opened the sealed donation box,
he found a $100.00 bill inside!
Now that's appreciation for a newspaper!
It raised $1,046.00 for the Legacy Fund
Every penny of the donations went to the Memorial fund,
Now that's the ECI Spirit!!!!
Thanks Peter Ng, from all the Alumni!

reprinted with permission
from Reunion 2000 Souvenir Paper
produced by the Estevan Mercury
July 21,22,23-2000
 Memories of ECI 
 by Brian McCallum
 Student at ECI 1964-65
 Now a Resident of Australia

Picture of the original article, click to enlarge

   In a distant time, not yet beyond memory, there was a  magical land. A land that could create and shape memories, and  make time stand still. 
   It’s a land that is now hard to describe. It’s as much a feeling as a vision. There was a valley, which had seen glaciers come and go in time long past. There was a community with people and buildings that still stand out in my mind.
   The school, my school, grew as the community grew. It provided entertainment. It provided learning. It endowed the future.
   Many people strode through its doors and tramped its stairs with a dance full of excitement. Many entered its class rooms and gazed out its windows. All had had their own thoughts and dreams. Some felt resentment, others comfort. Some experienced enthusiasm, others anger. Some enjoyed the safety it provided, others planned for the future.
   It was a busy school; it vibrated with life. Its spirit was fuelled by both students and teachers. The teachers didn’t always smile, and the students didn’t always obey, yet the hallways echoed with joy, and the classrooms buzzed with learning. 
   Sometimes the learning made sense, and was enthralling to comprehend. Sometimes the learning slipped through our grasp, and we would dream and gaze out the window.
   Yet the students. They learned about words, and chemicals, and countries, and numbers. They learned about the past and to think about the future. They learned about fitness, and fair play. They learned about debating and listening. They learned about patience and frustration. They learned about people and about themselves. They learned about love and about loss, about loyalty and about disappointment.
   Like the first glow of the summer sun, the school provided warmth which those within its care could remember long into winter. The school was often appreciated, but rarely thanked. It was listened to but never completely understood. Some of the understanding came long after each student left. Long after each student had forgotten it. Long after the sounds of the echoes had died down to become vibrations in the memory.
   The school nurtured those within its care, generating growth.  It provided a beginning. It welcomed each student who entered through it doors, cared for each student as best it could, and fare welled each student as they inevitably left its care.
    Some returned to the community from which they came. Adding their contribution. Others contributed to communities far from the school. The students dispersed to the four corners of the globe. Providing a legacy to many who had never known the school. 
In my memory, the school will always stand tall. Overlooking the wide valley. Listening to the echoes of its memories. Saying ‘your welcome’ to those who kept its memory alive. Saying ‘thank you’ to those teachers and students who filled its corridors.

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