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 Estevan Collegiate Institute

 Destruction of ECI



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 All Color pictures below,
 taken and submitted by
 Larry Preddy

These pictures say it all
Captions can be found by
moving your mouse over the pictures

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 The Building

 Demolition of ECI

The Start of the End of ECI, from the back, the Gym is gone!
The Start, Thursday Mar 24, 2005
The Gym is gone!

ECI, morning of mar 29, 2005ECI morning of Tuesday Mar 29, 2005

Then comes the Old East Wing

ECI evening mar 29, 2005ECI evening of mar 29, 2005

Then the East Side of the Original Section

ECI front door beforeECI front door after removal of name

Then the Front Entrance is removed, for re-use

Tile Inlay taken by my Niece Dena Gent
The Tile Inlay
Inside the Front Entrance of ECI
cornerstone taken by my neice Dena Gent
The Cornerstone of ECI

Larry Preddy sent me this note:
"We got the Terrazzo Steps out of the Entrance,
 All of the structure around the Door
 (before & after pictures above)
Including the Cornerstone
 and all of the Red Brick we should need
 for our Legacy Monument"

The future!
The Future

Original part of ECi being torn down apr 1, 2005Original part of ECi being torn down apr 1, 2005

Down comes the Original Section

Original part of ECi being torn down apr 1, 2005Original part of ECi being torn down apr 1, 2005

All that remains as of Apr 1,2005
 is the Newer West Wing
No April Fool's Joke here!

eci north east corner of the new section ECI Front of the 1958 Addition, the West SectionFront of the 1958 addition, the newer west section
eci north west corner apr 9, 2005
eci south west cornerSalvaged Brick, collected by Larry Preddy and Ken McDonald, they could use more helpers.

This Section is proving to be a little tougher
more rebar and newer construction style
These were the views up to Apr 9,2005
the pile of bricks in the last picture
on the right, is the salvaged bricks
for the ECI Legacy memorial.
Larry could use more helpers
collecting the bricks, I am sure.
Not as many red bricks were saved
as was hoped for, so the newer section bricks
will be salvaged and used for the retaining wall.

Final tear down of the newer West end sectionRemoving the west end sectionFinal pieces coming down
tiny bit of rubble leftLooking SE, from the tennis courts, nothing but a little rubble pile leftTHE END OF GOOD OLD ECI!!


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My Personal Editorial on this is when are we going to learn
from the European community that these old buildings
are our Heritage, they can be used for tourist purposes,
and with proper upkeep, and new heating systems,
be turned into money making buildings,
not just a pile of bricks, or another Condo development.
We spend a fortune on a tin building for a museum,
but overlook a beautiful museum piece in itself.
ECI the original part could have been saved,
with the gym west wing etc dismantled.
The lots around it could have been sold.
This money could have been used to update the building.
This is the building the museum should have been in.
Or the Library, or whatever.
It would have been saved and an admission charged
to enter and view the building.
1700 came in 2000 to see the old building.
And that was with nothing in it to draw them there.
Estevan demolished Valley View School,
now ECI, and next will be probably Hillside School.
Lets build another tin or concrete block building there too!
Why do people visit England?  For the Food?
No, it's the old buildings.
Would I pay to go to England to see a Condo complex?
It's easy for a short sighted bean counter
 to see the savings by removing them.
That is the easy, stupid way out.
They probably don't know the history of the building,
nor do they care.  they see $$ saved now.
Turn the building into a tourist draw, and charge to view it.
Sell office space in it.  Lots of options,
but most of all, start to save the history now.
There will soon be no elevators, and soon no old schools,
or old buildings in Estevan and in Saskatchewan.
A real shame in my opinion.
When will the old Stone Church be torn down?
Good thing it isn't a school, or it would have gone years ago!!!!
Wake up Estevan, you have something that will draw people,
and you are tearing them down.
Form a Heritage Society, and fight to declare these old buildings,
Heritage sites, and save them from destruction.
If you don't the Bean Counters will win every time!


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