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 Estevan Collegiate Institute

 ECI Cornerstone

Latest News- Apr 25, 2016
Plans are underway in Regina for a School Reunion in 2017
If you attended ECI in 1967 you are invited.
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 ECI Cornerstone

This picture shows the opening left to place the cornerstone when completed
Here you can see the opening
 left to place the cornerstone in 1912

In Sept 1912, the original ECI Cornerstone
was laid, with a big celebration and ceremony.
The Cornerstone was salvaged from the demolition,
and on Sept 20, 2007 was re-laid at the monument.

Ken McDonald and his team added some articles
and resealed the case.
It has now been incorporated
into the columns of the new brick wall.

Some of the contents were water damaged,
such as a 1912 Public Service bulletin.
But 2 old newspapers remained intact from 1912
as well as a new set of 1912 coins

Ken and his team added a 2007 set of new coins
donated by the Royal Bank and the Estevan Credit Union.
As well as a Sept 2007 copy of the Estevan Mercury,
Some Color pictures taken of the demolition of ECI,
Plus a copy of
"Black & Gold Memories" from 1964.
I don't think I will be around to see it reopened.

Here are some of Larry Preddy's Pictures

Opening the original ECI Cornerstone from 1912

Gerry Westgard opening the cornerstone Tin lid The lid has been opened the contents have been seen after 95 years! Mayor St. Onge with the contents of the cornerstone

 placing the new items into the cornerstone placing a copy of Black and Gold memories from 1964 into the cornerstone

 The Contents closeup

Sept 20, 1912 Estevan Progress newspaper

Estevan Progress article Sept 20, 1912   

Estevan progress, full front page Estevan progress article cropped a little bit

Sept 19, 1912, Estevan Mercury
Sept 19, 1912 copy of the article in the Estevan Mercury

Estevan mercury paper from 1912  Estevan mercury article from 1912

Original set of 1912 coins
5, 10, & 25 cents pieces

Original 1912 set of coins, nickel, dime and quarter

Laying the old Cornerstone in it's new place
Sept 20, 2007
95 years later!

Bricklayer Gerry Westgard (see below)

We still need money to pay for the addition
of the granite wall plaques with the names.
Please donate generously!
We hope you do it today!

Have a look at the new Fencing
placed around the top of the monument
New Top Fence Nov 2007

To View our New Printable Contribution Form
Note- Tax deductible receipts can be sent now
for your donations

Note- Gerald (Gerry) Westgard was born Mar 24, 1937
and passed away June 17, 2009.

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