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 Estevan Collegiate Institute

 Construction and History


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Construction of ECI 
 Contractor Mr. Harry (Emerson) (Mac) McKenzie
 And his wife Jennie, nee Mill. 
He was awarded the Contract in Aug. 1912. 
Feb 20, 2010, Received a nice email from
Joan Lytle, nee Wilkinson (1958-1962)
who, as a School Project, 
wrote a letter to
Mrs. Jennie McKenzie

 the Wife of Estevan Builder,
Harry Emerson (Mac) McKenzie, 
who built many buildings in Estevan,
including ECI.
Jennie June McKenzie, nee Mill, 
was born to
Rial and Carrie Mill,
at Schaler, Iowa on July 6,1889,
She died July 23, 1980,
and is buried in Estevan City Cemetery.
She married Emerson, June 24, 1909.

Below is Mrs. McKenzie's reply to Joan in 1955.
Here she describes coming from Iowa to Estevan,
on Apr 5, 1905, by train.
The Mill family lived in Strubel, 
Archer, Sheldon, Hudson and Reinbeck, Iowa.
Before they came to Canada.

Some very interesting historical information included.
(2 pages)
Please click to enlarge.

Thanks Joan for sharing this letter!
ECI     Ca-1930 
 Not Much in Westview at the time! 
Estevan Collegiate Institute 
Collegiate opened for classes
Jan. 22, 1914 
(Above the door it said built in 1912)  
Collegiate -1949
Opened Friday Oct 28, 1949 
by Education Minister W. S. Lloyd.
(New Gym on left- 
and new Vocational Training Wing,
 On Right Front)
The Vocational Wing was built
at a cost of $128,000.00.
It was started in 1947, but due to a shortage
of materials, it wasn't closed in until 1948.
It was first used in September of 1949.
In the Vocational Wing there was classrooms
for Commercial work, and in the work shops,
machines for wood working, metal work,
motor mechanics, and drafting.
City of Estevan issued debentures fro $1,000
and a grant of $58,850 from the Dominion
and Provincial Governments.
An Equipment Grant of approx $12,000
from the Dominion and Provincial Governments
and the School to put up $6,400.  
Speakers at the opening:
Mayor of Estevan,  Harry Nicholson
A. P. Miller, Torquay, of larger School Unit #2
and Edward McCormack, MLA, Souris

July 30, 1946
New Gym being built at $36,000 
Collegiate -1958 
(New West classroom Wing on Right)
The West Wing Classrooms
 Were added in 1958 
Construction started in 1957
Collegiate -1964
Estevan Collegiate Institute 
School Monogram on Top 
Designed by 
 Creighton Bannatyne, 1931 
School Crest 
Designed by
 Paul Fraser in 1963
School Song 
Written by 
Harriet Holmgren- 1934 
School Hymn 
Written by
 Ron Jevons in 1961 
Tune - Waltham
 The gym was added on in 1947 
The East Vocational Wing was added at the same time 
With the Typing Room on top and 
Wood Working room below 
My Uncle Ed Gesell taught wood working 
And other subjects 
While I was attending ECI. (64-67) 
ECI Ceased to exist in summer of 1969 
The School reopened in 1969 as 
Estevan Junior High, Grades 7,8 & 9 
With the grades 10,11 & 12 attending 
The New Estevan Comprehensive School 
in 1990 Grade 9 was removed
 and they attended the ECS. 
The School was permanently closed, as of June 27,2003
And then it was demolished, replaced by houses.  
Now is the time to get your donations in
so we can finish the legacy project
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