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History of
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  ECI Awards, Scholarships, Trophies

Display of Trophies and Awards

Governor-General Medals


SK Govt. Scholarships
Library Award

John Philip Sousa Band Award

Moroz Trophy
Donated by
Joseph "Joe" Moroz


Collegiate Board Medal


Student's Representative Council
SRC Presidents 1936-1969
First SRC President
Gregg Trout

Last SRC President
Patrick "Pat" Michael

Roger's Cup
Senior Boy's
Championship Cup
Donated by
Miss Elizabeth F. C. Rogers
Principal in 1918 at ECI
Only Female Principal at ECI

Rattray Shield
Girl's Championship
Donated by
Miss Helen Bell Rattray

McMonagle Cup
Junior Boy's Champion
Donated by
James Roach McMonagle
Principal of ECI

McMonagle Cup
Intermediate Boy's Champion
became Junior Boy's
Donated in 1927 by
James Roach McMonagle

Krivel Cup
440 yd race, Collegiate Meet
Donated in 1928 by
Mickey, Saul, and Barney Krivel

Duncan Cup
Junior Boys
Donated in 1917 by
Mayor Peter Cuthbert Duncan
(see below)

Canadian Legion Scholarships
Jack Memorial Scholarship
Provincial Bursary (Auxiliary)

Wylie Medal
Grade 12, highest Latin mark
Donated in 1925 by
Judge Edmund Richard Wylie

Torgeson Medal
Grade 12, Highest marks in
2 Mathematics Classes
Donated first in 1936 by
Theodore "Torge" Andrew Torgeson

Scholarship Awards
Queen's University Scholarship
Khaki University Scholarship
Kinsmen University Entrance
Southam Scholarship
Royal Roads Scholarship
Professional Engineers Scholarship
Ladies of the Royal Purple Award

Rattray Alumni Award
Grade XI entering XII
Presented by Collegiate Alumni,
and Estevan Community,
in honour of
Miss Helen Bell Rattray

Moore Shield
for Public Speaking
Donated in 1924 by
Walter Tredway Moore
Served on the ECI School Board
He was Sheriff in Estevan
1921 in Estevan,
born Apr 16, 1885 in East Whitby, ON
Occupation-  Barrister
son of Herman Moore, a Minister,
and Caroline H. Rodd
married Kathleen Dyre

Bryant Trophy

Garner Shield
for Female Public Speaking
Donated in 1923 by
 Eleazer William Garner
Moore and Garner, Barristers
in Estevan.
McLeod Trophies

Norman Leslie McLeod, BSc. MLA

McLeod Trophy Series 1-7
Donated by
 Norman Leslie McLeod
Intercollegiate Basketball

Most Valuable Student Award
awarded in 1949
by Miss Helen Bell Rattray

Patterson Cup

I am not sure who donated this Cup
My guess was Patterson Motors
a garage in Estevan.
Thomas Patterson, owner.

Patterson Cup, 1916-1925
Mercury Cup
, 1929-1940
Mercury Medal, 1940-1963
100 yard dash winners
Mercury awards donated by
Donald Cullodan Dunbar
and later Andrew King
for The Estevan Mercury
Senior Girl's
 Championship Cup
Donated in 1924 by
Miss Helen Bell Rattray

Mandel Memorial Award
Most progress in English
Donated in 1946,
In memory of
Dr. Jacob "Jake" Barney Mandel
b- 1915
d- Aug 14, 1944
by the Max Mandel Family

Conrad Medal
Donated in 1952 by
Edwin Nathan Conrad
Principal of ECI
born in PEI in 1901


sorry no larger picture
Creighton Cup
Intermediate Girl's
Championship Cup
Donated in 1926 by
Miss Vera Youmans Creighton
Teacher at ECI
b- 1895, d- 1989

after 1935 donated by
H. L. Johnston

I.O.D.E. Awards
Nursing Scholarships
Professional or Educational
Band Awards
I.O.D.E, Scholarship
National Post Graduate

Henneberg Shield
for General Proficiency
Donated in 1916 by
the Henneberg Company.
August and Bill Henneberg,
Later Don Henneberg

Creighton Shields
Donated in 1926 by
Dr. James F. Creighton MD
Annual Intercollegiate
Track Competition
3 shields, see right photos

Creighton Shield
Section A Championship
SE Saskatchewan
Dr. James Forbes Creighton

Creighton Shields
Left- 1935-36-37
Center- 1929-30-31
Right- 1926-27-29

Bannatyne Memorial

Mayor David Bannatyne

Bannatyne Medal

Jim Debienne
Holding the Duncan Cup, at Reunion 2000,
Jim had to get special permission
 from the Estevan Art Gallery and Museum
where for some reason this Cup ended up.

Only a hand full of cups and plaques were able to be found in 2000.
Not sure where they went, or if they have been found since.
You would think they were donated to a museum?
Or at least kept at the School Board office.
Sample of some below, as well as above.

Display Table at Reunion 2000



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