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Latest News- Aug 4, 2016
Plans are underway in Regina for a School Reunion in 2017
If you attended ECI in 1967 you are invited.
Please have a look at our Introductory Web Page.


198. Apr 15, 2016-  Yes I am still alive and kicking,
made a few corrections, and cleaned up a few pages,
had a picture of Valleyview school noted as ECI,
so must have been drinking that day!!!
In our 18th year online, 16 years since the big reunion!
With facebook etc, technology has changed the web.
I still get emails from this site, so keep it plugging along.

197. Nov 13, 2013, added update and pics from Larry Preddy

 Update Nov 2, 2013

196. Mar 22, 2012- revised the header, and cleaned up a few errors

195. Dec 21, 2009- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all
Couple months ago, added more memorial photos from Larry

194. Mar 2009- added Complete Legacy Monument page.

ECI Legacy Completed Name Plaques
Is Your Name Listed?- If yes, Please Donate

 New Tax Deductable Donation Form

193. Mar 1, 2008

last few days I have changed the site more
than I had done since Reunion 2000
some of the additions are below,
but go to the index page for many more.
Many of the images that were on my history cd
are now online for all to view.
I only made 125 cd's so maybe others out there
that didn't see it.  the Cd had more text,
and I think a better format, but powerpoint
is a real memory hog on web sites.
these new flash slide shows seem to have solved
some of that problem.
Each slide show can be controlled by the viewer
control buttons bottom left.
I have added an auto advance time, but might be too fast
or too slow for all viewers.
Hope someone out there will enjoy them.

192. Feb 29, 2008
Finally got off my Duff and created some new pages,
well actually redone some old ones,
Created a new history slide show in flash format
that compiles all the pictures from the Construction of ECI
to it's demolition, then the start and work on the legacy memorial.
Have a look and see what you think, all in one now!
It's user friendly, with back and next buttons etc.
History Slide Show

then I made a slide show from the Yearbook Pictures
that were on the History cd in 2000
Yearbook Pictures

Then I dusted off the old Reunion 2000 web pages
and lumped some of the Trivia ones into a memory lane trip
ECI and Estevan Memory Lane

Last but not least, added some pictures on the
Teachers & Staff Page

Hope you enjoy them all
I am now going to work on adding the reunion 2000 memorabilia
into a flash slide show as well. Stay tuned.

191. Feb 2008- All of the Student name Plaques
are now installed at the Legacy memorial site.
We now have to pay for them...
Please, Please, Please, send in a donation
that is now tax deductible
View Completed page

190. Way to go Riders!!!!
189-   GO RIDERS GO! 

188. Nov 14, 2007
Have a look at the new Fencing
placed around the top of the monument
New Top Fence Nov 2007

187.  Oct 19, 2007
new ECI Cornerstone Page Sept 2007
more pictures of the construction of the memorial
Page 3, Cement work and landscaping Aug 2006
Page 4, Laying the recycled bricks Sept 2007
plus a New Donation Form,
 with tax receipts available now

186. Mar 24, 2006
New Guestbook format, New Server,
no more Ads, no more pop-ups
More Pictures, More bandwidth
Hope you enjoy it all

185. Apr 24, 2005
ECI is Gone!
but NOT Forgotten!
check out the start of the ECI Legacy Monument

183. Mar 26, 2005
The Beginning of the End of ECI

By Easter Monday,
 ECI will be torn down completely
Larry Preddy took this picture from the back,
Thursday Mar 24, 2005
Gym is gone, and rest will follow this weekend.

181. Nov 1,2003 inserted NOSPAM in all email addresses
on my web pages, hopefully to protect all your email
addresses from spam.

180. OCT 21, 2003
Redone my alumni pages with the deceased alumni
for 2003 and part of 2002
also updated my memoriam page with this list.
The purple deceased names, are growing rapidly,
too rapidly for my comfort.
It hurts me deeply to have to record these,
but hope someone out there will learn of a loss
of a favorite school chum, even if it is after the fact.
Thanks to Shelly  Vandermey (Ross)
who reminded me that someone out there
is still looking at these pages.
Thanks Shelly and sorry for the loss of your Father, Gerald Ross.

179.  JUNE 30,2003 -
Major overhaul of the site
Removed reunion 2000 pics,
figured 3 years maintaining them was enough
Also removed some other pages
that were getting out of date.
Also added a couple new pages
our Legacy Project and an Alumni In Memoriam Page
(links below)
both are important, so please have a look at the
new 2003 issue of ECI Web pages

178. Mar 5,2003
All this retirement time
so decided to teach myself
the new Flash program
and I have added a new little movie
on our intro page, to show you what I have done.
Warm in BC, but a little chilly on the Prairies I hear!!

177. July 4, 2002
More Bad News
Ken Morine, one of the organizers of Reunion 2000, has passed away
The ECI Family sends our deepest sympathy to his Family and Friends,
We will all miss him!

176. BAD NEWS!
Tripod is putting the squeeze on free space on their web site
thus my 40 meg web site must be reduced to 20 megs by Apr 30th,2002
or I will loose it all.
So drastic cuts have been made, I have had to remove alot of the Reunion 2000 info.
I have tried to keep the web site as much as possible, pre reunion
It's too bad, but all good things must come to an end.
This isn't an end, not yet anyway!
One day that will come here too.
I will keep it running as long as they let me have it here for free.
Hope you enjoyed the whole site, when it was whole!

175.  Happy New Year to everyone!
Big news this year I am a Grandpa!!
My oldest Son Andrew and his Wife Jenn had a boy named Braiden
Would have loved to be near them at Christmas time
On a sad note we have lost 2 more teachers-
Shirley Orsted who attended the 2000 reunion passed away from cancer
and Mrs Dragushan has also passed away.
We miss them all.
Condolences to their families and friends

174. AUG 21,2001
Yes I am still here and ready for updates when sent my way
added another deceased to the growing list
Sheila Carlson Bailey passed away on Aug 3,2001
Nothing else to report
Sorry for the bad news!
Love the last person that signed the guestbook by the way!!!
I knew he was alive just like Elvis!!

173. Mar 19, 2001
I was forced to reload and redo this entire site today
Tripod didn't like all the secondary links I had so they are all gone
and the school has it's own site, with no side links to other sites
hopefully they will leave me alone now.
it was quite a shock looking for the site and it was gone.
thank God for backups!!
The memorabila and reunion pics will have to wait
and be loaded when I have time.

172- MAR 1, 2001- Added another Deceased Alumni
to the Echoes In Memorium list
Nothing new last few months
I am planning on another trip back to Estevan this May
for my Mom's 90th birthday
If you Know my Mom, Helen Gent, and want to send your best wishes
please send me a card,
and I will deliver it to her on her birthday May 31st

171- Back after almost 2 months
Jan 27, added 36 more reunion pics today
that larry preddy scanned from Ron and Tina Just's album

170. Nov 17, 2000- redone Echoes online
2 Alumni deceased past few weeks, sorry to hear that news
hope everyone is getting ready for the big season
around the corner, and that Estevan's snow has ended.
They had quite a blast per my mother.
I just got .0001 inches this am so no problem here YET!
We can get 4 ft in one night, so can't talk too loud!!

169. Oct 30, 2000- added 4 more pages
now finished with all of Bonnie Thompsons Pics
I have over 80 pages of reunion Pics on line now

168. Oct 27, 2000- added 7 more pages,
10 pics from Diane McLeod
and a bunch of Bonnie Frank (nee Thompson) Pics
more yet to come from Bonnie

167. Oct 23/2000- 3 months after Reunion 2000
Hard to beieve isn't it?
added Mr Frank Strange's email address on teacher page today
as per his request a while ago.
updated guestbook archive
received another pack of pics, from someone in Medicine Hat
but no time at present to scan them
will get it done asap
thanks for sending them
Sent my last CD last week from a late order
Sorry that is it, no more made and don't plan
on making any more unless you ask real nice!!!
I hope everyone enjoyed their copy
never heard any complaints so no news is good news

166 Aug 27, 2000- half way thru bathroom remodel
                           but thought I better add some more
                      reunion pics, pages 60,61 and 62 are new tonight
                              pics from gerry fichtemann

                          165 Aug 24, 2000 and more rain, Yuk!
                         added a couple more pages of reunion pics
                                  starting at   here
                              scanning when I get time now

164. added up to page 24 to the mercury reunion paper pages
redid a few of the beginning ones so you will want to check them out
Still quite a few pages and pics to scan to finish this off

163. redid Echoes on-line page with new issue
uploaded a few reunion paper pages
cleaned up a few errors here and there, nothing major
Have many more reunion pictures to scan
but this will take some time
remember we want your address,tel# or email change please
Link above!

162 Aug 15, 2000- started my new Estevan Mercury Reunion Paper Page
will take time to expand this one, but it is a start

161. Aug 14, 2000- added up to page 56 for reunion pages
up to pic 214 now, many more to scan!
cleaned up afew of the other pages I missed last time.

160. Aug 13, 2000- added 2 pages of pics sent in by P. Gordon Schnell
check them out starting at page 50
159 Aug 12, 2000- finished all my MEMORABILIA PICTURES this AM
might find a couple more here and there
but that is it, 45 pages of them with 3-4 or 5 on each page
hope you enjoy them
still have lots of reunion pics to scan but that's another day!
Redone the silent auction page also
some how never uploaded the new one I made at Larry Preddys
I think I have now redone all the links at the bottom of each
page, removed a bunch of pages no longer required
and generally redone the whole site.
If you spot an error, send an email
Larry Preddy is going to keep an updated
address, tel number, email list, for the alumni
so if you have a change email him or myself
or fill in the address form page, LINK ABOVE, which will take care of it all for you.
We don't want to have to spend a year collecting new addresses again!
Once was enough thanks!!
time for a break, another pile of hours gone!!!

158 Aug 11,2000 added up to page 30 of memorabilia pages
over 110 pics uploaded to view
so with the 192 reunion pics this should keep everyone
busy for a few minutes, depending on the speed of your connection
links below or use links from index page
with some of the pics they aren't as clear as they should be but the
digital camera I was using was the latest and greatest
but most are ok, I would love to have been able to
spend a week scanning all this info in properly
but time and equipment just were not handy
I was going to add these pics on the mail order CD's
but they will be on here for free for all, and each CD
I sold will be identical.  I will be burning another
bunch this weekend so get your last minute orders in
since this will be the last burn and that's it.
I am out of the ECI history CD business as of Sunday.

157. Aug 10,2000- added 13 pages of MEMORABILIA PICTURES
available from a button on the index page
includes all the eci drawings that were on display at the reunion
I have tons more pics to add but no time for now
this will be it for a day or so

156. AUG 9,2000- Added up to picture #184 today, see Reunion Picture Page
Page 47 is the last one so far
Broke up the Guestbook archive to pre and post reunion
as the pre-reunion one was just too big to handle
Please let me know picture # and name if shown as unknown

155. Aug 8,2000- Well finally some reunion pics other than the 2 I stuck on at Larrys
go to the Picture of the week page, now Reunion Picture Page
and follow the forward arrows, I have 32 pics so far, so bookmark the last page
to see the continuation one of these days.
Please Enjoy the few pics that are on the site now.
Also redone a few of the pages already but have many more to go

154. I"M HOME!  Now I have 5 weeks of weeds to pick!
Then I have to put about 500 pictures on the net
from the reunion.
My voice has recovered and my mind is still going!
It was a weekend to remember for sure.
Great job to everyone in Estevan
I have lots of corrections to do and many web pages to change
please bear with me after 5 weeks away I have lots of personal
business that needs doing first I am afraid.

153. We made it to 1,000!
What a weekend, have said Thank-you so many times
I lost my voice for 2 days.
It was a huge success!
I have heard comments like
"It was the best thing that has hit Estevan!"
Thanks to all the Committees and everyone who attended!
Check out the new Silent Auction page with all the items that were sold
Larry and Doug say watch for something bigger in 2005!
100th anniversary of Saskatchewan!!!!!!
Hopefully when I get home I will get around to updating and
modifying the whole site.
New Picture of the week today also, I hope!

152. New Total, 40 from 1,000 Alumni

151. New Silent Auction Item Page
See link above
Bring your $$$$$ for the Legacy Fund
New Total 1343!!!!!
(We still need 46 more Alumni to reach 1,000 Total)

150. New total 1330!
9 days to the Reunion
Lyle Olsen has discussion page set up for ECI Alumni
Go to
In Estevan now and enjoying the Heat!
Beefeater and Derrick still have a few rooms available
for those last minute Registrants

149.  20 days left and counting
only 3 more days left here, and off I go!
Don't forget to bring some cash to buy the souvenir
copy of the Estevan Merc ($2 dollars) and to buy my CD ($10.00)
to bid on the Silent Auction items ($hundreds)
not to mention the bar bill!!!!($thousands)
Hey you only live once, and I am half a century old now
so I better get rolling!!!
Most of you are over that figure
and some are so close they forgot where the 40's went!
Got interviewed by a nice lady from the Merc last night
for the souvenir paper, so guess there will be one article
you can skip over when you get it!
I am on cloud nine last couple days
Phone call from Bobby Curtola
on thursday, my original drawings of ECI in Estevan
as I write this, after 2 months of letters etc!
and an email from a school buddy I haven't heard from in 35 years
and he is coming to the reunion!
Don't get any better than this!!!!

all the other past changes are archived

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