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The School has closed it's doors, as of June 27,2003,
The School and property were sold to an individual,
 and the school has been demolished as of Apr 24, 2005.

We have raised over $33,000 from the Reunion 2000,
the Silent Auction, Cash Donations, and various other sources. 
 We will need more to finish the Job. 

    The Legacy Committee have plans,
as per attached Conceptual Drawing.

    This is an expensive plan,
and we need your help to Complete it. 


in .pdf format

As per the Drawing Inscription
This is a Conceptual Drawing only!
This is the view from the valley, looking north toward where ECI is.
Drawing by Cheryl Andrist (nee Mitchell) ECI Alumni
The black squares will be where the names of all
Alumni and Teachers are engraved
The 1912, Collegiate Institute sign
over the front door (shown below)
plus the front columns around the door,

Are shown at the front of the stairway,
which leads up to 1st Street
Also visible (upside down) is the ECI floor tile, from the foyer.
as shown below

We now have the above items from the demolition,
and finally your donations to make it all possible.
Your donations will make this a reality
Please give generously

Thanks in Advance!

NOTE- Construction started Apr 24, 2005
thanks to Larry Preddy and Ken McDonald's
hard work at picking and cleaning bricks!!
Larry was hoping most of the work would have been done
 by July's Estevan Homecoming in 2005!
But now with the building permit delay, the completion date is unknown.
Send in your donations now, so the permit and testing can be completed,
and the rest of the construction can proceed.
Would be nice to see it done June 30, 2007, at the dedication ceremony.

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No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
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