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 Estevan Collegiate Institute
 Guestbook Archive
 Pre-Reunion 2000
 (Feb 1999- July 23, 2000)



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 Record 228
 Name: Diane Marklinger (Murphy)
  From: Estevan
 Time: 2000-07-21 17:40:11
 Comments: Hi everybody! Have a great time this weekend.

 Record 227
 Name: Lloyd Muma
  From: Weyburn
 Time: 2000-07-19 17:49:37
 Comments: Hi. Sorry to miss out on the action of this reunion. Prior callings would not allow me to attend. A short article I
 read entitled "How to Enjoy the Happiest Day of Your Life" by Joseph Fort Newton in Philadelphia Evening Bulletin wrote:
 "So, just for today, let us be ageeable, responsive, cheerful, charitable; be our best, dress our best, walk softly, praise people
 for what they do, not criticize them for what they cannot do. And if we find fault, let us forgive it and forget." I hope everyone
 has an enjoyable time at the reunion. My brother Jim will not be present either. We both would like to see class mates again.
 Lloyd Muma

Record 226
 Name: Joan Cook (Schnell)
  From: Estevan
 Time: 2000-07-13 15:02:33
 Comments: I'm so glad to see so many old friends coming. Read Lyle Olsen's comments - thanks so much for you good
 words. We're putting the registration packages together and finishing the other details now. Hope all of you that are travelling
 will have a safe and happy journey. See all of you then.

Record 225
 Name: Shirley Erickson (Whitlock)
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Regina,Sask.
 Time: 2000-07-07 00:40:17
 Comments: Hi everyone,looking forward to the reunion and getting together with some very special friends . But hey you guyes
 why didn"t you do this years ago when we looked a lot younger ?? Cant wait to see all my old school friends. Shirley E

 Record 224
 Name: Doug Davidson
  From: Calgary
 Time: 2000-07-06 09:56:03
 Comments: I am getting ready for the big party by practicing at the Calgary Stampede. Starts tomorrow at 6:30 at the parade
 breakfast. I noticed that a few titters are not signed up, even some right from Estevan. Has anybody heard from Reg Rutherford
 since he left town? Gary Pettigrew? Thanks to all who organised this party, I am looking forward to it, too bad pink pants will be
 unable to attend. SEE you on the 21st. Doug

 Record 223
 Name: Carol-Ann (Selk) Getz
  From: Edmonton,Ab
 Time: 2000-07-05 22:15:24
 Comments: Hi everybody! It is so exciting,isn't it? I just read Lyle Olsen's message and I feel like I'm starting my reunion
 already! Looking forward to seeing everyone! I'm getting a tutorial from one of my daughters in order to connect with you guys.
 Hey, I never said I'd enter cyberspace without kicking and screaming. Thanks to everyone who has worked so hard and so
 creatively to get this happening for all of us. We are impressed, aren't we? Gotta go, but I'll be taking another look at messages

  Record 222
 Name: Lyle Olsen
  From: Southern BC,
 Time: 2000-07-04 00:23:42
 Comments: Hey, folks. Don't know about you, but I'm becoming increasingly excited about the upcoming Reunion in just a few
 short weeks time. Anyone else getting thoroly jazzed for this? If so, why not post to the guestbook right here and/or elsewhere
 (eg, see below) and say so? What I've seen, only a fraction of the 1200 hundred plus (have I got that right, including IHH?) regs
 have posted here so far, and besides where is it written that you could only post once? Good onya Doug Gent--this guestbook has
 been a wonderful way to hear from and in some cases connect with old friends from another lifetime. A few of us from the class
 of '64 ( +-) have subsequently found each other and actually begun an email circle, up to 6 or 7 so far. We would very much like
 to expand it to any other classmates from 63-65 or so, but many of which we don't know what their emails are etc. We have
 heard that very many might be coming and that is so exciting. If we haven't gotten together in last 35 years, who knows how long
 it might be before the next time (yes that is called a rhetorical question Miss Lee). We figure it's going to be a whirlwind of a
 weekend and not easy to get to see and talk to everyone anyway, so might as well get started with the catchingup beforehand if
 possible, and hopefully keep it going afterhand as well. I considered but in the end couldn't ask Doug to do this, he has busted
 major millenial butt so much already, so I just went ahead and banged a simple board together. Ie, the discussion group for the
 early 60's gang has just been set up at: If you are of that partic ECI era (or even if you're
 from any other one!), please drop by and leave a post (message). Anything at all, just say something, and don't be shy! If you
 have any trouble with the board workings (it's pretty straightforward: post to start and submit to finish), please let me know and
 I'll be happy to help you, both before the big R and hopefully after as well. Lyle PS. If you're from another era than this one
 (early 60's), and think you'd like to have your own era discussion board set up, just ask me ( and I can fairly easily
 do it for you, and would be very happy to do so, after that it's all yours to use and enjoy. L

Record 221
 Name: Wayne Wagner
  From: Stony Plain, Alberta
 Time: 2000-07-01 20:08:20
 Comments: Looking forward to seeing all of you at the reuinion!!!
It's been 35 years since I seen this old Buddy, this is why I wanted to see this Reunion happen!, The WebGuy
20 more days!!!!

Record 220
 Name: Barrie and Elaine Newton
From: Victoria, BC Canada
 Time: 2000-06-26 13:13:30
 Comments: We are looking forward to seeing all the old faces. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Record 219
 Name: Basil Parsons
  From: Etobicoke, (Toronto)
 Time: 2000-06-22 18:19:10
 Comments: Haven't been in ECI since I walked out in '44 - looking forward to a great weekend

Record 218
 Name: Merv Embury
  From: Ottawa, Ontario
 Time: 2000-06-20 20:07:13
 Comments: It has been great fun cruising the reunion home page that Doug has so obviously spent such a great amount of
 time creating and maintaining. As a class of '65er, I am most certainly looking forward to Reunion 2000 and the opportunity to
 reacquaint with friends not seen for thirty-five years. It is hard to believe that one-third of a century has passed since we set off
 from … dear old ECI to face the challenges of our adult lives. As such, Reunion 2000 will be a wonderful way to celebrate
 the new millennium and reaffirm the ECI school song commitment, "We'll never let that true Collegiate spirit die". Doug's
 Reunion 2000 web site clearly demonstrates the benefits of using the internet to help organize the reunion across all the
 provinces of Canada and the continents of the world. Who in '65 could have imagined that such a dynamic global
 communication network would come into existence during our lifetime? To you Doug, congratulations and a sincere thank-you
 for the personal commitment that you have made toward a successful Reunion 2000 through the services of this world class
 web site. Looking forward to three days of great fun throughout the weekend of 21/23 July!

 Record 217
 Name: Ian Neilson
  From: Ottawa
 Time: 2000-06-16 10:44:56
 Comments: We will not be able to attend, although I see my brother David is registered. All the best to everyone.

Record 216
 Name: Diane (McLeod) Sain
  From: Medicine Hat,AB
 Time: 2000-06-13 16:24:36
 Comments: Hi Larry: You people are doing a fantastic job, I bet you're glad it is nearly here. I'm really looking forward to
 visiting my HOME town and seeing all my 'old' classmates. I would love to hear from any of you. Good old ECI!!!

 Record 215
 Name: Troy E. Davis(Gene Davis)
  From: Living in PA, USA
 Time: 2000-06-12 10:12:42
 Comments: HI everyone, Hope to see you all. I'll be there. Golf anyone. Are we going to have a old timers basketball game
 or anything?

 Record 214
 Name: Jim & Joy (Halladay) Haygarth
  From: St. Albert, Alberta
 Time: 2000-06-11 21:32:39
 Comments: We are getting more excited every time we surf onto this site. Doug, you are just doing a fantastic job. Can't wait
 to get back to good old Estevan to see some "old" faces.

Record 213
 Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Edmonton
 Time: 2000-06-07 21:39:09
 Comments: hello all friends from way back. I'm doing my very best to attend but it is a very busy time here in Alberta this
 summer. Am looking forward to seeing you even for a short time Doreen {Olson} Gibson

Record 212
 Name: Colleen Slater-Smith
  From: Regina
 Time: 2000-06-05 10:42:50
 Comments: Hi Everyone. Congrats to Linda Coomber-Bendtsen who received a degree at the U of Regina Convocation
 May 26. Bill Harris phoned last night -- he and his wife are visiting in Regina. Bill was looking for the tune Waltham (the ECI
 Hymn) for the band to play at the reunion -- and I found it while we were chatting on the phone -- in the 1930 United Church
 Hymnal -- I guess there is some value in hanging onto some things --(I just saw a PBS-TV show about clutter and junk --
 perhaps I will take the advice in that show AFTER the reunion. I'm finding a lot of good stuff for the reunion -- including my
 1963 cardboard Freshie sign that reads: I am Riola's freshie. I'm still looking for that grad dress tho'.) Bill wants to know if the
 former cheerleaders will be wearing their gold outfits -- the gold felt uniforms. Do these still exist? Does anyone have one?
 Saw Wally Coates on Saturday -- he is enthused about the reunion and rarin' to go !! Bill Harris says there aren't a whole lot
 of folks signed up to play in the band at the reunion. How come? Bill says he'll ask Doug Gent to put the music on the website
 so we can practice in advance. Take care. See you in July !!!

Record 211
 Time: 2000-06-04 22:40:00

Record 210
 Name: Linda Francottie (Outhwaite)
  From: Calgary
 Time: 2000-06-04 22:29:10
 Comments: Finally signed on. Nice to see so many familiar names. I to would like to see more from 1968 - 1969. Look
 foward to hearing more from everyone.

Record 209
 Name: Gail (Godman ) Szostak
  From: High River Alberta
 Time: 2000-05-17 20:47:55
 Comments: Looking forward to seeing everyone again. The organizers have done a terrific job. Should be a great time.

 Record 208
 Name: Brian McCallum
  From: Melbourne Australia
 Time: 2000-05-16 05:12:35
 Comments: Just another check of the site. I see alot of names I know who have signed the guest book. A great job on
 organising the reunion, web site, and tracking down all those people. My vote of thanks and congratulations to anyone who
 has been working on any of the committees. I've emailed Doug, Colleen, Larry, and Jan, which has almost been like being
 there. It is great to see the number that are going to the reunion. It should be great. I hope everyone has a good time. What a
 party!! I honestly would like to be there, but it is not to be. If it gets out of hand and you start to tear the building down for
 souvenirs, please save me a brick or doorknob. Actually I prefer a doorknob. The postage costs less.

 Record 207
 Name: Robert Just
  From: Red Deer, Alberta
 Time: 2000-05-14 22:04:01
 Comments: Looking forward to the events and meeting old friends.

Record 206
 Name: Sandra Ott Bagelman
 From: Swift Current, father from Estevan, cousin Paula Ott Hurford from Estevan
 Time: 2000-05-07 19:11:59
 Comments: I would like to attend the reunion, although I never attended ECI. My Grandfather was Alexander Ott and his
 wife, my grandmother Pauline Hirsch lived in Estevan and raised 2 sons, John Louis Ott and William Ott (Willy). I live in
 Texas and have for most of my life. Is there anyway I may attend the reunion? I have not seen my cousin Paula Ott Hurford in
 over 30 years. I understand that there will be some Hirschs attending which I am related to. Please let me kow if this is
 possible and is there a place to stay in Estevan? I want to see my family so bad, it would mean so much to me. Please e-mail
 me with details. I would be forever in your debt. Sincerely, Sandra Ott Bagelman  She is invited!

 Record 205
 Name: Jim and Joy Haygarth
  From: st. albert, alberta
 Time: 2000-05-06 23:41:00
 Comments: looking forward to seeing all our old school friends. hats off to doug and the organizing crew. we'll have a great

Record 204
 Name: Diane Johner & Gloria Kuntz (Cowan)
  From: Edmonton, Alberta
 Time: 2000-05-03 21:07:56
 Comments: Its nice to see a good response. As the list grows it makes it even more exciting. . Do hope those not registered
 will reconsider & join us. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

 Record 203
 Name: Loretta Loppe Nee Grube
 From: Oxbow Sask.
 Time: 2000-04-30 11:44:14
 Comments: How many people have registered to date?. ANSWER ABOVE!

Record 202
 Name: Heather [King] Hamill
 From: Red Deer Alberta
 Time: 2000-04-19 06:21:29
 Comments: Hi everyone ! What a fantastic job everyone is doing! This is just great. Counting the days till we all see each
 other again.Till then...........

 Record 201
 Name: Jim Beahm
  From: Estevan
 Time: 2000-04-17 21:10:01
 Comments: Hi all--Actually I found out about this site from the registration info pak. Fantastic job on building this site. I know
 it must have been a lot of work and many, many hours on the old keyboard.

 Record 200
 Name: Kerry Dyer
  From: Calgary, Alberta
 Time: 2000-04-15 10:41:28
 Comments: I went to EJH in 1969... the first year it changed. Oh well, I think this is a great idea and hope you all have a
 great time. I'm sure I will hear all about it the reunion from my much older brother and sister who did attend ECI. Have great

Record 199
 Name: Ruby Bodlack
  From: Kamloops
 Time: 2000-04-13 15:34:30
 Comments: Hello to all the Alumni,especially the Class of 47. Hope to see many of you at the reunion. Looking forward to
 seeing old friends and faces.

 Record 198
 Time: 2000-04-12 21:33:35
 Comments: I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion,I am certain all the hard work the committee put into it
 will be well worth it

 Record 197
 Name: Lynn Ryan
  From: Langley, BC
 Time: 2000-04-12 20:30:25
 Comments: I'm looking forward to returning to Saskatchewan and Estevan for the reunion. Hope my registration has arrived
 by now--if it hasn't please let me know as it was sent a couple of weeks ago.

 Record 196
 Name: Wayne Marklinger
  From: Bolton, Ontario
 Time: 2000-04-09 12:17:30
 Comments: Great job on the website. If everything works out will see everyone in July.

Record 195
 Name: Pat Peters (Turner)
  From: Regina
 Time: 2000-04-06 14:12:27
 Comments: Hi again! I've changed jobs since I last signed on and have a new e-mail address. July is coming quickly...thanks
 to those who have contacted me...renewing past friendships has been great...until this summer...

Record 194
 Name: Richard McNamee
  From: Seattle, WA
 Time: 2000-04-03 21:55:39
 Comments: Good web page!!! Anyone from the class of '68 should drop a line.

Record 193
 Name: Paula Petterson
  From: Estevan,Sk
 Time: 2000-04-03 15:50:32
 Comments: Really looking forward to seeing some of the faces from the past, finding out what direction everyone took. I
 never left town, so not much changed for me. Still at Sasktel, probably be here another 10 years or so. See you at the

 Record 192
 Name: Carol (VanBeselaere) Slugoski
  From: Medicine Hat Alberta
 Time: 2000-04-03 01:04:22
 Comments: Reg and I are counting the days to see all our (old) classmates. I see Dorothy and Janice have signed in, waiting
 for Karen,Dorothy call her up and make sure she's coming. Wonderful idea Doug and alot of work for you and the committee
 and we sure appreciate it. See everyone there, boy it's going to be fun.

Record 191
 Time: 2000-04-01 08:12:47

 Record 190
 Name: Lavern Lotten
  From: Oungre,SK.
 Time: 2000-03-30 21:40:51
 Comments: Hi!! Checked out website. Good to see a few names of people that I went to school with. Have to and see if I
 can register for the party now. c'ya later.

Record 190
 Name: Greg Stevenson (for Jean Irene Hill, and his Grandmother, Edith Rooks Hill.)
  From: East Lansing, MI, USA
 Time: 2000-03-30 16:01:59
 Comments: Wonderful site. Mother attended Central School, grandmother was school nurse, both in early-mid 1920's

Record 189
 Name: Cheryl Andrist (nee Mitchell)
  From: Estevan, SK
 Time: 2000-03-28 16:12:20
 Comments: Hi Doug! What a wonderful web site. It is good to talk to you again. Last time I think that I talked to you was at
 a Bienfait School reunion. Is that correct? I enjoyed looking through all the alumni that are registered. I hope others whom
 have been contacted will register. It will be a blast getting together and meeting all of our school friends. Bye for now. Cheryl

Record 188
 Name: Pat Linn (Mack) ECI 1959-1962
 Website: under construction
  From: Martensville (Saskatoon is a suburb)
 Time: 2000-03-27 14:01:32
 Comments: Hi Everyone! A great web page Doug! Congratulations to each & everyone of you who has worked so hard @
 transforming a reunion dream into a nearing reality. Thank you ever so much! I would have signed earlier if I had known about
 this page. I recognize some names from the good old days. I registered by mail, See you in July.

 Record 187
 Name: Helen Larson (Clayton)
 Time: 2000-03-27 08:53:57
 Comments: Very informative site. Brings back memories. Thank you for all your work to provide this site.

Record 186
 Name: Jim Saxon
  From: Estevan,Sask.
 Time: 2000-03-26 20:43:26
 Comments: Hope to see you at the reunion

 Record 185
 Name: David Saxon
  From: Estevan,Sask.
 Time: 2000-03-26 20:40:46
 Comments: See you at the Reunion

Record 184
 Name: Shirley Wheeler (Saxon) (note- her email is
  From: Weyburn, Sask
 Time: 2000-03-25 18:22:04
 Comments: Thanks to all who have made this Special event come together. The hard work I am sure will be rewarded

Record 182
 Name: Lily Famulak (nee Persson)
  From: Regina, Sask
 Time: 2000-03-24 18:14:09
 Comments: Hello, would like to hear from you. Am looking forward to seeing everyone at good ole ECI.

Record 181
 Name: Marjorie (Olson) McLeod
 Time: 2000-03-22 21:08:25
 Comments: Looking forward to the event . thank-you all for arranging it . I registered some time ago by mail , have just
 figured out how to use this machine. see you all in July. Marjorie

Record 180
 Name: Susan Fraser (nee Langedahl)
  From: Calgary AB
 Time: 2000-03-19 21:26:43
 Comments: I'm looking forward to attending. I have not been able to attend any earlier reunions. Got out the old yearbooks -
 brings back a lot of memories. Looked through the list of names on this site and was saddened to see some classmates who
 are no longer here. Will be nice to hear how the years have treated everyone. See you in July. P.S. would be happy to hear
 from anyone and in particular my neighbour Riola Turnbull.

Record 179
 Name: Dianne Pajak (nee Hawkins)
  From: Calgary Alberta
 Time: 2000-03-17 10:32:57
 Comments: It was a shock that you could track me down after all these years, especially at work. Thanks for contacting me
 but at this time I am not sure if I can attend due to work commitments.

 Record 178
 Name: Olga Geddes (nee BURAK)
  From: Estevan (now Lethbridge, Alberta)
 Time: 2000-03-17 09:59:55
 Comments: Sorry but probably wont be able to attend due to the ongoings of our electrical contracting business. I know that
 all of my classmates and teachers will have a good time and wish I could visit with them again, and I want to express best
 wishes and good health to all. Thank you Olga

 Record 177
 Name: Valerie Edmondson
  From: Kelowna, B.C.
 Time: 2000-03-16 23:34:06
 Comments: Just sent my registration off. My daughter is in the process of moving to Swift Current so she is going to attend
 with me. I still have lots of relatives in the Estevan area so I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and visiting with family.

Record 176
 Name: Fran Wellock (nee Schnell)
  From: Coquitlam, BC
 Time: 2000-03-14 08:52:02
 Comments: I am looking forward to seeing old friends in Estevan. I have been away for 38 years but I am sure I will
 remember many faces. Thanks for all the work everyone has put into this reunion. See you in July.

Record 175
 Name: Ron Marwood
  From: Prince George, B.C.
 Time: 2000-03-13 23:36:41
 Comments: I was at the 20 year reunion but will probably not make this one.

Record 174
 Name: Val MacDonald (nee Kvietinskas)
  From: Kelowna, B.C.
 Time: 2000-03-12 23:39:25
 Comments: Hi Everybody. Just surfed onto your web site and its fantastic, you've done a tremendous job. Brings back a lot
 of happy memories.

 Record 173
 Name: Alexandra Lawrence
   From: Richmond b.c.
 Time: 2000-03-12 22:57:57
 Comments: looking more than forward to see all of you and catch up with everyones news!!!!!!!!!

 Record 172
 Name: Gary Brailsford
  From: Victoria
 Time: 2000-03-12 17:44:23
 Comments: Looking forward to a great bash. Got a free minute? give me a call 800-667-5466. Easier than tracking anyone
 down among the crowd. will be out in July.

Record 171
 Name: Keith Colville
 From: St. Louis Mo.
 Time: 2000-03-11 15:31:37
 Comments: Hi eveyone in estevan. was surprized to recieve reunion notice in mail. when I left canada I left behind some good
 memories and friends. hope to make it up there but just dont know yet sincerely keith colville

Record 170
 Name: Joan (Wilkinson) Lytle
  From: San Antonio, Texas
 Time: 2000-03-06 13:56:56
 Comments: I've been keeping in touch with the updates and plan to be there. A "few of you" are doing lots of work for so
 "many of us." Thanks y'all!

 Record 169
 Name: Karen Bryan (nee Marsh)
   From: Pincher Creek, Alberta
 Time: 2000-03-02 21:25:23
 Comments: Hi! I've just spent some time checking out what is new and who has signed on. It will be fun to see old friends
 and meet new ones at the Reunion. Thank you to the committee for the work you are doing to put this all together! Are there
 any QUILTERS out there?!? I hope there will be a chance to meet you at the reunion. It is always great to see what others are
 doing. See you in July!

 Record 168
   From: presently Red Deer, soon to be in Houma,LA
 Time: 2000-02-28 13:34:17
 Comments: We were planning on coming to the reunion but in late 1999 accepted a transfer with my company Schlumberger,
 to Houma, LA which is just outside of New Orleans. I was really looking forward to seeing all you guys from the class of the
 last year at ECI. Hope all that are able to attend have a swell time around good old Estevan. We've been away since 1991
 when we moved to Edmonton and then later to Red Deer, Alberta. Thanks to all who have been involved in this effort and
 thanks Doug Gent for a user friendly Home Page. I'd sure like to say hello to "Dibbs" Don Debienne if you see this note send
 me a line or two. My wife Arleen nee Sovdi and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary last year in the Estevan area and saw a few
 friends and family at that time. Our parents are still around the Estevan area so we come back frequently to see them. We're
 doing well in health and looking forward to living in a warmer climate for awhile. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER.

 Record 167
 Name: Iris Youngberg
   From: White Rock , B. C.
 Time: 2000-02-28 11:19:31
 Comments: Lookimg forward to this exciting event. Will a weekend be long enough to see everyone? I left in 1963 and still
 feel connected to good old Estevan and ECI. Talked to Leon Gingras recently who is looking forward to coming. My brother
 Lynn, sister Judy Clerke and Pat also will be there. Talked to Ernie McLean, somehow he had not received a reg. form, so
 made sure he got a copy. See u in July!

Record 166
 Name: Colleen Slater-Smith
  From: Regina
 Time: 2000-02-25 17:08:38
 Comments: Hi Everyone -- we've been busy here in Regina with the SK farm crisis and I have not had a chance to keep up
 with the ECI Reunion website -- wonderful to see all the messages from so many people !! Hi to Lorne Wagner, I can hardly
 wait to see this fabulous car you're talking about. I want to extend Happy Birthday Greetings to Darlene Spivey and Bill Harris
 for Feb 2000, and to Kelly Jackson and Gloria Jean Kernatz for March 2000. Celebrate !!!! Had visits with Elaine Selk
 Carter and Joyce Hargest Allen just after Xmas -- they both still have their ECI grad dresses -- I am still trying to find mine --
 I know it's in a box in the basement . . . somewhere. Elaine and Joyce say they don't think they will wear their grad dresses to
 the Reunion -- I thought it would be great fun to wear them for the cocktail party on the Friday night. We'll see. If I can get
 into it, folks, I intend to try to wear that dress to the party. (If I'm not in it, you will know I have gained weight !!!) Also had a
 nice visit with Judy Rowan Klassen in Calgary just after new year's. Judy has already completed weaving the black and gold
 shawl for the Reunion Silent Auction to raise funds for the memorial. And she asked me, "What have you made?" Yikes.
 Guess I best get on that task. Mrs. Forgay and I drove to Estevan for Pine Andrist's memorial service in December and we
 visited with many people we haven't seen for a long time. Many spoke of the reunion and how excited they are about it. We
 dropped in to the drug store to see Larry Preddy -- but he was out -- probably on reunion business !!! We were sorry to miss
 him. We did buy copies of The Estevan Mercury at the drug store tho' and saw the full page that Peter Ng dedicated to names
 of students who had yet to be located. A subsequent telephone chat with Carol Toth (who has worked like a trouper on all the
 names and addresses -- literally hundreds of hours organizing and getting everything onto the computer) informed me that
 many of those folks have now been located. This effort to find people is heroic !! Congrats to the Estevan committee members
 for their determination that everyone should be located and invited to the party!!! Received a telephone call from Ross Irvine
 here in Regina last week -- he is searching for information on a novelist named King who is from Estevan. Does anyone have
 information about this writer? You can let Ross know through the e-mail system on this website, I think. The Celebrating SK
 office in Regina phoned me this week to say that all the special Celebrate SK paper supplies and folders that Pat Brooks
 Cundall has ordered were ready to be picked up -- about 15 boxes of materials !! Balloons, too!! The Celebrate SK office
 said it had a trolley to help move these materials out to the street but, whoever was picking up these supplies should bring a
 van or a truck !!! Wow. Pat advised me that Colleen McCall Elberg would be picking the materials up today -- I hope she
 had some help. It is a year ago this week (week of Feb 22) that the idea for the reunion was discussed and we did our survey
 to see if there was interest. Wow. Interest!! We had no idea that it would turn out so well!! Thanks to all the folks who
 phoned with addresses back in March and April '99 and sent notes and letters to make sure their friends and siblings were
 included on the mailing list. And a BIG CONGRATS to Doug Gent who was so determined in FEB 1999 that we must have
 an ECI 2000 Reunion in the Year 2000 !!! Now there are almost 5000 people found and 400 people registered. And, I'm
 told, not a hotel room to be found in Estevan. Is that true?? Doesn't matter -- who will have time to sleep that weekend. It will
 be wonderful to see everyone again. Take care. See you in July. Cheers. Colleen (I'm now going to the basement to find that

 Record 165
Name: Violet Woodward (Garrish)
   From: Fort St John British Columbia
 Time: 2000-02-21 08:38:40
 Comments: Signing in for my mother who attend in the 1920s as she was born in 1911, she and her sister are the only ones
 left of their family of five children who went to school in Estevan. Their father was mayor of the community during these years.
 Vi is now in a carehome and is not physically able to make the trip to the reunion.
Record 164
 Name: Joanne (Highfield) Dukart
   From: Estevan
 Time: 2000-02-11 15:44:32
 Comments: Just looking to see who has signed on and decided I should too. Looking forward to this reunion just to see old
 faces etc. Should be fun.

Record 163
 Name: Lorne Wagner
   From: Bienfait Sk.
 Time: 2000-02-10 20:07:09
 Comments: Excited about the chance to see some old friends I remember being so envious of the lucky guys who drove
 those cool cars to school every day Can't wait to show off one of my streetrods I think the car geeks will really like. Built to
 look like it came from the fifties.Thanks to Doug Gent for making my house famous on the net. Sure was surprised !!!! Hope
 to see everyone this summer and thanks Larry Preddy.

 Record 162
 Name: Sharon (Paton) Meehan
   From: Toronto, Ontario
 Time: 2000-02-10 09:50:39
 Comments: Think the reunion a terrific idea and hope to bring my husband to Estevan to meet all my "OLD" friends!

 Record 161
 Name: Rob Dean
   From: Winnipeg
 Time: 2000-02-06 18:59:47
 Comments: Just stopped by for a look. Parents both attended ECI in the late 40's. (Richard Dean and Bettye Kristianson)
 Good luck with the reunion!

Record 160
 Name: Doug Robinson
   From: Okotoks, Alberta
 Time: 2000-02-05 14:32:37
 Comments: Looking forward to the reunion, a lot of water under the bridge since '96.

 Record 159
 Name: La Verne Hinzman
   From: Creighton , Sk.
 Time: 2000-02-05 09:00:45
 Comments: Very informative - impressive

Record 158
 Name: Virginia Horrocks (Bahm) & Pat Horrocks (McNall)
   From: Kerrobert SK & Lacombe AB
 Time: 2000-02-04 10:15:13
 Comments: You bet we'll be there with bells on - looking forward to sharing "remember whens", laughs, hugs and tears.
 Thanks to the committee for all their work. See yáll there!

 Record 157
 Name: Merle (Lennox) Marples
   From: Edmonton, Alberta
 Time: 2000-02-03 12:20:22
 Comments: What a great idea - and thank you for all the work setting this up. Look forward to seeing everyone in July 2000.

 Record 156
 Name: Gladys( Davies) Hill
   From: Buckley,Washington
 Time: 2000-01-27 17:44:32
 Comments: Looking forward to the reunion---hope I recognize a few faces.Great job putting it all together!

 Record 155
 Name: Natrice Sweigard (now Rese)
   From: Trenton, Ontario
 Time: 2000-01-26 18:17:17
 Comments: Just found out about this site, and the impending reunion. Hope it is very successful. I see a few names in the list
 that I remember from my time spent at ECI!!

 Record 154
 Name: Ernie Berva Stock
   From: warman north of saskatoon
 Time: 2000-01-25 08:26:18
 Comments: hope to see lots of people we han?t seen in a long time . we have booked our rooms already. see you all then.

Record 153
 Name: Grant Ralston
  From: Fairview AB
 Time: 2000-01-20 13:55:42
 Comments: Just having a look at the guestbook and thought I would add my E-mail address

Record 152
 Name: Jeanette Hampel
   From: Cupar, Sask.
 Time: 2000-01-19 16:47:50
 Comments: I enjoyed checking the info on Dear OLD E.C.I... I am not on the net so rely on my daughter to look at the web
 page and filling me in. I look forward to seeing many of the classmates from 1953-1957 in July. Congratulations on a job well
 done to the organizing committee. I am sure it is a huge job. See you in July.!!!

Record 151
 Name: Dorothy Phillips[Dunk]
   From: Thunder Bay
 Time: 2000-01-16 16:02:11
 Comments: See you in July

 Record 150
 Name: Arlene Bill [Kusler]
   From: Wild Horse, AB
 Time: 2000-01-16 14:10:22
 Comments: Thanks for all the work you people are putting into this!! I'm looking forward to next July. Arlene

Record 149
 Name: Diane (Wickstrom) Glaspey
   From: Outlook Sask.
 Time: 2000-01-09 14:41:06
 Comments: Hope to see a lot of old friends in July Diane.

 Record 148
 Name: Norman Farstad
   From: Edmonton, Alberta
 Time: 2000-01-09 14:26:09
 Comments: Please change my E-mail address. I have changed it since last signing on. Thanks. See you in July. Norm Farstad

 Record 147
 Time: 2000-01-07 17:47:07

 Record 146
 Name: Dean Phillips
   From: Woodstock,Ga.USA
 Time: 2000-01-07 12:38:39
 Comments: Great web page. Will see you in July.

Record 145
 Name: Darrel Mueller
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Saskatoon, Sask.
 Time: 2000-01-03 17:13:13
 Comments: Hi everyone, hope to have a great time.

 Record 144
 Name: Rob Will
   From: Vancouver
 Time: 2000-01-03 10:11:53
 Comments: Very cool web-site. I particularly like the guest book. Since I left Estevan in 1971, I have lost contact with most
 everybody, and this is like a blast of prairie air blowing straight at the coast. Nice work people!!

Record 143
 Name: Bonny Davidson(Frederick)
   From: Red Deer, Alta
 Time: 2000-01-02 12:12:17
 Comments: Looking forward to this adventure; ''YES'' it will be an adventure.It will be great renewing freindships and seeing
 freinds I've thought about but that's as far as it got.Great web site, Thanks to all that have helped organize this.

 Record 142
 Name: Karen Duduman (Blue)
  From: Red Deer, Alberta
 Time: 2000-01-01 16:25:17
 Comments: Am enjoying the ECI updates - I even got out my old yearbooks ! Would like to attend the reunion but doubtful
 as we have a wedding in early August. I'll keep checking in for info, though. Keep up the good work!

 Record 141
 Name: Larry Hamblin
  From: White Rock B.C.
 Time: 2000-01-01 15:34:46
 Comments: I heard about the ECI Reunion from my brother. I am looking forward to meeting old friends again. You have
 done a fantastic job on this web site, there is lots of info available. Keep up the good work.

 Record 140
 Name: Bryan Berger
  From: Melville, Sk.
 Time: 1999-12-31 09:53:25
 Comments: Hope to hear from old friends. Great web site!!

Record 139
 Name: Kathy Blunderfield
   From: Leduc, Alberta
 Time: 1999-12-27 20:08:37
 Comments: Just heard about the reunion today. It would be great to see old friends.

 Record 138
 Name: Linda Blunderfield-Schipperheijn
   From: Calmar, AB
 Time: 1999-12-27 18:51:31
 Comments: Just heard there is a reunion coming up in 2000 would like to hear more about it. I'm interested in hearing about
 ECS as well.

 Record 137
 Name: Roberta Hoffman (Roycroft)
   From: Red Deer, Alberta
 Time: 1999-12-25 20:08:58
 Comments: Heard from my brother Cec Roycroft about this site. I see some familiar names in the guestbook and look
 forward to meeting everyone.

 Record 136
 Name: Cec Roycroft
  From: Edmonton
 Time: 1999-12-20 20:17:11
 Comments: This is a wonderful idea, I have wondered from time to time what happened to everyone. I am certinaly
 going to try my best to attend. Thanks to everyone who is working on the reunion. Thanks Larry for tracking me down

 Record 135
 Name: Betty Irvine Trowell
  From: Saskatoon
 Time: 1999-12-11 19:18:56
 Comments: I'll try and get there if I can. Thanks for all the work everyone has put into this reunion.

Record 134
 Name: Grant Ralston
  From: Fairview AB
 Time: 1999-11-26 14:07:52
 Comments: I haven't heard of the other reunions but I'm looking forward to this one.

 Record 133
 Name: D. Paul Steed
 Time: 1999-11-17 19:13:15
 Comments: Look forward to seeing you all

 Record 132
 Name: Larry & Carol (Bish) Rohatyn
  From: Peace River, Alberta
 Time: 1999-11-13 00:41:24
 Comments: Can't wait to get together with former classmates and talk about our great times at ECI. We have lots of great
 memories. It will be wonderful to walk the halls of dear old ECI again. This is a great website. Congratulations!

Record 131
 Name: Doug Davidson
   From: Calgary
 Time: 1999-11-11 16:37:09
 Comments: Don't you just hate those people who double click when they shouldn't so you get 2 registrations? I made the
 mistake of signing up before reading the instructions. DON'T CHECK PRIVATE MESSAGE! You need a password to
 retrieve messages. I will look up some addresses for some of the people that you have not been able to find. Thanks for
 contacting me Larry. It's funny Baker didn't have my phone number because it hasn't changed since I saw him last. Hope to
 make the big party. Sounds like fun.
Dougs Private message Comments: Talked to Larry Preddy last night Nov. 10, 1999.
 Will wait for the forms in the mail. Sounds like a good plan for the end of July. I have looked at the master list and will email
 with some addresses as soon as I get them. Doug

 Record 130
 Name: Gordon Schnell
   From: Sherwood Park Alberta
 Time: 1999-11-07 19:53:33
 Comments: Looking forward to seeing everyone

 Record 129
 Name: Sharon Mann
   From: Calgary
 Time: 1999-11-05 13:03:59
 Comments: Already registered for reunion. Great website - does ECI proud.

 Record 128
 Name: Janice Faer (Highfield)
  From: Regina
 Time: 1999-11-05 11:48:07
 Comments: I see a few familiar names - I too hope that I will recognize the faces. Sounds like a great time.

 Record 127
 Name: Eugene Ropchan
   From: Surrey B.C.
 Time: 1999-10-27 12:22:51
 Comments: If I can be of any help......i.e. get in touch with persons on the west coast.........I will do my best

 Record 126
 Name: Dick Carter
   From: Winnipeg
 Time: 1999-10-27 09:01:22
 Comments: What a great Website. I have registered and look forward to seeing friends from the past.

 Record 125
 Name: Dale Rud
   From: calgary alberta
 Time: 1999-10-24 17:02:01
 Comments: born in estevan in 1960 ,moved to calgary in 1969 ,lived in hillside on edward sreet

Record 124
 Name: Dorothy(Gray) Rrohatyn
   From: regina, sk
 Time: 1999-10-22 20:53:52
 Comments: the twins put my name in also

 Record 123
 Name: Eleanor (Gray)Hirsch
   From: farm estevan
 Time: 1999-10-22 20:47:19
 Comments: where are all the grade 10s eileen and i are looking forward to seeing you

 Record 122
 Name: Eileen (Gray) McKersie
  From: estevan, sk
 Time: 1999-10-22 20:21:18
 Comments: how are the plans going

 Record 121
 Name: Marie (Kristianson) Pennock
   From: Palmyra, Maine
 Time: 1999-10-22 12:32:52
 Comments: Am very intreested in the reunion and want very much to come. Not sure yet whether I will be able to do so..

Record 120
 Name: Bill & Marj (Friess) Jensen
   From: Regina
 Time: 1999-10-20 15:14:53
 Comments: Great work done by everyone involved. Marj and I are looing forward to see old friends. Should be a good time
 for all. Bill & Marj

 Record 119
 Name: Brian McCallum
   From: ex ECI and proud
 Time: 1999-10-19 21:37:49
 Comments: Does anyone know of any conferences in Western Canada or USA on HR or psychology around conference time? (email Brian if you do please)

 Record 118
 Name: Ted Rud
  From: Vancouver
 Time: 1999-10-19 21:35:41
 Comments: Went to Ernie "Punch" McClean ROAST in Burnaby a few months back and heard about reunion. Did not
 attend ECI as moved to Calgary in 1969.Is there anyone out there that attended the Composite High that might be in town
 that week. Let me try and recall a few names Diane and Sandra Perkins, Barbara and Cheryl Hall, Terry McDowell, Gary
 Jones, Brian Curtis, Janice McClement, Richard Vandewark, Ryan Corbett, Greg Mason, Randy Topliss. Went back to
 Estevan once in 1975. Y2K is a great time to return. Would like hear from anyone that went to Hillside School even Mr.
 Third if you're still out there.

 Record 117
 Name: Hite Duane (Buff)
  From: Bonnyville, Alberta
 Time: 1999-10-16 22:25:43
 Comments: Exited about all this ,See you in 2000

 Record 116
 Name: Hite Lois (Munday)
  From: Calgary, Alberta
 Time: 1999-10-16 22:22:45
 Comments: See everyone in 2000

 Record 115
 Name: Bryan Babcock
   From: Iroquios Falls, Ontario
 Time: 1999-10-10 23:53:30
 Comments: think this is great my invite over a month ago Dont know how you found me but glad you did. Hope to
 attend and see everybody

 Record 114
 Name: Andrew Lyon
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Saskatoon
 Time: 1999-10-10 20:29:01
 Comments: Thanks. Interesting site.

Record 113
 Name: Ken Stregger
  From: Fort St. John, B.C.
 Time: 1999-10-05 23:10:35
 Comments: We are thinking of taking a holiday next summer which should take us close to my home town, good old
 Estevan, and if I can work it out at all we will plan to be in the area for the reunion. I'm impressed with the foresight in setting
 up this page. It will be interesting to see who all is pre-registered over the next few months. Thanks for putting in the effort!

 Record 112
 Name: Lois (Henneberg) Gory
  From: Sechelt BC
 Time: 1999-10-05 08:28:33
 Comments: From a friend? From Mom, of course! Looking forward to the Reunion; it isn't often that middle-aged mamas
 get to be the youngsters in the group! I see several names from 9C. Hope I recognize the faces- it's these darn multi-focal
 lenses, not the grey cells giving way! (I offer this excuse freely to all alumni.)

 Record 111
 Name: Carla Bech-Hansen (nee Stein)
   From: Merrimack, NH USA
 Time: 1999-09-29 09:37:39
 Comments: Hope to attend the reunion. Sounds like it will be fun for us oldtimers!

Record 110
 Name: Rose Alcock ( O-Handley )
  From: Lloydminster Alt.
 Time: 1999-09-25 10:11:59
 Comments: Please send me all information regarding the reunion. Phone my brother Barry O-Handley for my address.
Really looking forward to seeing everyone who's bald and fat.
(I think Rose must have seen me last year in Estevan! Doug Gent Webmanager)

 Record 109
 Name: Ron and Tina (Mack) Just
   From: Saskatoon Sk.
 Time: 1999-09-17 14:48:34
 Comments: What a great idea, Tina and I will make this one for sure. Really looking forward to it.

 Record 108
 Name: Colleen Slater
   From: Regina
 Time: 1999-09-16 09:08:34
 Comments: Hi Everyone! Great to see so many names on this guestbook since its inception Feb. 27/99 -- with Ann Forgay
 as the first guest signing on!! This Monday (Sept 13) visited with Bill Harris of Toronto and his brother, Jack of Victoria, at
 their Dad's Memorial Service in Regina. Former ECI Alumni there were Jack Chapman of Lumsden and Clarence Durr of
 Estevan -- and IHH Alumni (I think)was David Ryson's cousin, Kim Anderson of Estevan, who will be part of the IHH
 Reunion 2000. Had a chat with David Ryson of PA on phone in late August. He and Bill Tennent, also of PA, have been
 busy with news releases and promotion of the ECI Reunion 2000 in the PA district. Thanks, guys!! David told me that Mrs.
 Hugh Williams -- Wendy Williams' Mom and our favorite bandmaster's wife -- passed away in July. Very sorry to hear this
 news. Sincere condolences. Received phone call the same evening from Ross Irvine in Regina, who has collected many
 addresses and been very helpful with locating people from his era and other eras!! Thanks for all your help and work, Ross!!
 Ran into Rem Walker mid-August in the Les Sherman Park, Regina -- we were both walking our dogs! Of course, the
 conversation was ECI Reunion!! E-mail from Judy Rowan in Calgary reently searching for accommodation in Estevan during
 the reunion -- Judy busy with teaching geology labs at UofC -- and making that beautiful black and gold shawl for the Silent
 Auction at the Reunion!! E-mail from Brian McCallum in Melbourne, Australia, this week looking for human resources
 conferences that will be held in North America next year -- any HR types among the alumni might pass any info they have on
 to Brian -- I think you can contact him through his e-mail on the ECI website or through Doug Gent, our illustrious
 Webmaster. Tried to locate Jane Cole and Calla Krause while in Vancouver in May -- spoke to Calla's Mom and discovered
 Jane through the Vancouver Art Gallery. Had chat with Jean Zeihl earlier this spring -- from a most northerly clime -- Jean
 said she hopes to attend the reunion. Saw Wally Coates at the Teachers' Club -- he has booked his room for the Reunion.
 Had a visit Aug 11 and Aug 18 or 19 with Mrs. Mardy Krueger -- wife of the Coach and Keeper of the ECI Mascot, the
 tiger, in her Estevan garage -- Mardy was very kind to doctor me up with some of her vitamins -- I had a dreadful cold --
 Thanks, Mardy, I think they worked!! Met Mardy's & the Coach's newest grandchild -- Run into Paul Fraser on occasion --
 This summer, Mrs. Forgay very kindly gave Paul the framed ceramic plaque of the ECI coat-of-arms that Paul designed back
 in '63 or '64. Visited with Mr. Strange in Saskatoon back in April -- Everyone I've run into seems to be very excited about
 the reunion. Hope everyone is well. See you in 2000. Cheers. Colleen

 Record 107
 Name: Alan Clasky
  From: Toronto
 Time: 1999-09-13 10:07:09
 Comments: The whole idea of a reunion sounds terrific and I and my wife, Fay, will be there come July 2000. Looking
 forward to seeing everyone. Cannot believe it has been more than 40 years since walking the halls of ECI. What memories.

 Record 106
 Name: John and Carol Smith
  From: Regina, Saskatchewan
 Time: 1999-09-11 20:29:10
 Comments: Looking forward to see old friends and really old teachers. like Mr. Frank Elberg. Thing is I am now as old as
 he was when he taught me Grade XII English. C U there. John and Carol

 Record 105
 Name: Jim Brailsford
   From: Regina
 Time: 1999-09-03 00:39:42
 Comments: Sept 2, I'm holidaying in Ladysmith BC, at my daughters place and got her to find the ECI Millineum Page. I
 spend almost every weekend in Estevan and will be there for the celebrations. I invite anyone who remembers me to visit in
 Regina. My address is in the phone book. I married Rita Gervais 38 years ago, we would both love to see you. Bye

Record 104
 Name: Bryan & Gayle (Craik) Ewaski
   From: Hanna, Alberta
 Time: 1999-08-29 14:47:33
 Comments: Wonderful web site, a lot of work. Looking forward to the reunion.

 Record 103
 Name: Rich Kristianson
   From: Victoria, BC
 Time: 1999-08-29 14:30:41
 Comments: Impressive webpage Doug, well done!! I see that several '65ers have already signed in. Hope to see you all in

 Record 102
 Name: Larry and Marilyn LaCoste
   From: Wabamun, Alberta
 Time: 1999-08-29 11:44:06
 Comments: It will be great to see everyone and reminisce about old times! See you all next year!

 Record 101
 Name: Barry Andrews
   From: Winnipeg
 Time: 1999-08-26 07:38:52
 Comments: I look forward to being there.....

 Record 100!
 Name: Rod Steiger
  From: Calgary
 Time: 1999-08-19 11:54:01
 Comments: Hi, Found about all this from Nola...pretty neat...should be fun!...Already have a couple e_mail addresses and
 that alone is worth the price of admission! Drop me a line at "" See you in July!

 Record 99
 Name: Candace Mann(Mehls)
 Website: C-Era Property Management & Realty
  From: Calgary, Alberta
 Time: 1999-08-16 19:36:32
 Comments: Looking forward to coming home for the reunion. Visit my website and leave a message.

 Record 98
 Name: Marilyn Wilson (Brooks)
   From: Calgary, AB
 Time: 1999-08-10 20:46:58
 Comments: Barrie & I have lived in Calgary for the last 10 years. We have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. I attended ECI
 for grades 9,10,11 & 12 and graduated in 1962. If everything goes as planned we hope to be in Estevan for the Reunion!

 Record 97
 Name: J. Donald Chapman, class of '58
   From: Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
 Time: 1999-08-08 11:35:27
 Comments: How many lectures on radiobiology and radiation therapy will there be at the class reunion?

 Record 96
 Name: Lyle Olsen
 Website: Personal website--Home on the Web
 From: Grand Forks BC
 Time: 1999-08-02 05:50:26
 Comments: I just learned of the reunion and this website from the landmailout blitz which found me somehow. The internet
 search engines didn't know about the reunion a couple of months ago when for some reason I spent an evening unsuccessfully
 looking for any sort of pages to do with ECI and this very kind of thing. Tonight with I see one or two of them
 are now beginning to clue in, but I would say overall most are still not ECI 2000 reunion aware to this point. Anyway, Wow!
 Very impressive website info, great attention to detail and organizational effort all around--well done everyone. The address
 gathering, compilation and Julymailblitz effort alone must be one enormous task. I haven't figured out if I'm coming yet as it's
 very early days for me in terms of actual plans, but I am certainly intrigued and engaged and will be sending in my 60 bucks
 ASAP regardless as I suspect this kind of project is likely to be somewhat spending money poor at this stage... Recognize a
 surprising number of names of post-ers to this guestbook and it's so great to see the names and messages from old friends
 and classmates after all this time--35 yrs (uh! it's not possible!!) in my case since I was class of 64. I've already emailed
 earlier post-er and old bud Kevin McCallum and gotten his initial response from Oz. Next, just for fun I think I will send an
 early draft of the requested 50 word bio for the registration form to my old (and also an earlier post-er to this guestbook) U
 of S roominghousemate Dennis Cooley out in Mosquitoville for editing help--I'm confident he'll deftly show me how to hack it
 down to the required 50 words or less. I've bookmarked this site and will be checking in regularly to look for new pages and
 especially, new posts to this guestbook. I particularly look for the posts where we get a few nuggets on what the post-er has
 been up to, but please understand I'm holding off on posting my own equiv briefbio type info here quite yet, at least until
 Dennis has had a chance to slice and dice it for me. Which as I recall, only he can do with such modesty, grace, style, and
 (remember the concept of the happy cynic?) joy. The 2000 reunion is a really great idea, nevermind an unimaginably huge
 amount of work. Kudos to all those on the team.. Cheers, Lyle

Record 95
 Name: Donna Mae Sinclair
   From: Kelowna
 Time: 1999-07-29 22:18:47
 Comments: While browsing a noticed message from Glenn Outhwaite. It seemed real nice to hear from people you KNOW
 but never see. Hi to all. What ever happened to your drum set, ha ha . The effort put into preparing this reunion is to be
 commended. Keep Up The Good Work and will see you all next year.

 Record 94
 Name: Neil McFarlane
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Jakarta, Indonesia
 Time: 1999-07-29 06:53:19
 Comments: I got a letter from my parents (who still live in Estevan) about the reunion and thought I should register.

 Record 93
 Name: Glenn Outhwaite
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Kingston, Ont
 Time: 1999-07-26 19:07:13
 Comments: Hello everyone. Just visiting with Carole in Vancouver.

 Record 92
 Name: Betty Perverzov (for Betty Scheves Perverziff)
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Vancouver
 Time: 1999-07-22 10:14:43
 Comments: Hi.....I'm writing on behalf of my Mother, who attended ECI back in the 40's. Her maiden name is Scheves, her
 first name is Sylvia, and she is thinking of attending the reunion next year. If you could forward more information to her, along
 with a list of some nice place to stay (a bed and breakfast would be fine, or some good hotels)...that would be most
 appreciated. Please send the info to: Mrs. Sylvia Perverziff Box 66 Milner BC VOX ITO

Record 91
 Name: Art and Margaret (MacDonald)Markel
 Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Regina
 Time: 1999-07-21 15:34:17
 Comments: Graduated in 1960.It's 20 years since our last reunion and about time we had another
 one. I'm sure we all look the same---Ya right! My thanks to the organizing committee.

 Record 90
 Name: Lareine Brock(Biette)
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Oxbow, Sask.
 Time: 1999-07-15 22:00:38
 Comments: I attented ECI from 1963 to 1966. I have 2 grown children, both working in the Social
 Work field. Daughter Corinna in Edmonton and daughter Jacki in Calgary. I am married to Jim
 Brock of Oxbow and he works for Sask Power in the district. I am very excited about the reunion as
 I missed the last one and heard it was a real success. I am in Estevan a couple time a week as I
 am a Real Estate Appraiser. I would really like to help with anything, now or at the reunion if you
 require my assistance. I have a few sibblings in the area that I hope will also attend. We are all
 living in the Estevan area. I have been trying to tell as many people from out of our area about the
 reunion as I can. I have been trying tonite to get on the registration line and it won't come on for
 me. My home no. is 306-483-2395, work no483-2500, cell no. 483-8455. Box 457, Oxbow, Sask.
 S0C 2B0. I will kept trying to get onto other information. I am also on bundles, therefore, can make
 some long distance calling if necessary. I also was in the Glee Club and I am interested in joining in
 for the reunion. I look forward to hearing from you. Lareine Brock(Biette).

 Record 89
 Name: Tom & Sharon (Sava) Rooney
  Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Regina, SK
 Time: 1999-07-10 20:57:33
 Comments: Interesting website, looks like you have many interested alumni. Look forward to July
 2000. Hope to see old friends and classmates.

 Record 88
 Name: Brad Thompson
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Severna Park, Maryland
 Time: 1999-07-09 08:31:38
 Comments: A lot of effort has been put into this WEB page. A job well done! Looking forward to
 meeting former school mates. Estevan will never see the likes of this again!!!

Record 87
 Name: Grant Noren
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Red Deer,Alberta
 Time: 1999-06-06 09:20:16
 Comments: Great Idea! Haven't been back since school.Will try to attend.Regards!

 Record 86
 Name: Denis Thievin
  Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Vancouver, but originally Estevan (IHH)
 Time: 1999-06-04 02:01:24
 Comments: Dear Doug: You've done an incredible job on this website, and I congratulate you. Best of luck with the ECI
 2000 party. -Denis Thievin (IHH)

 Record 85
 Name: Kevin McCallum
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Australia
 Time: 1999-05-25 06:12:40
 Comments: Would be interested in contacting Lyle Allen Roger Olsen. Last saw him in Vancouver about 1968 before he
 headed to Africa with I believe CUSO. Brian R Hansen was last in Winnipeg as a dentist about '67. Regards to Riola
 Turnbull if contactable.

Record 84
 Name: Sheila Thorhaug
  Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Terrace,BC  ( a fellow TERRACE-ITE!)
 Time: 1999-05-24 19:56:18
 Comments: Irene (mom), Garry and I are looking forward to ECI Reunion!!

Record 83
 Name: Judy Chapman
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Lumsden, SK
 Time: 1999-05-23 17:32:59
 Comments: Looking forward to seeing classmates from 9C in 1969!

Record 82
 Name: Bryan Green
 Website: ideas
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: ?
 Time: 1999-05-21 09:35:33
 Comments: Hello... Nice to see this "happening". I (and family?) would love to attend! WK 403 210

 Record 81
 Name: Terry and Gail (Erick) Goertz
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
 Time: 1999-05-20 17:41:52
 Comments: Great idea! We are really enjoying all aspects of the webpage. Hoping to attend.

Record 80
 Name: Doug King
 Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Sarasota, Florida
 Time: 1999-05-18 20:04:37
 Comments: Great job Doug. Looking forward to seeing everyone - Hope I also remember everyone. As
 I was sort of the unofficial school photographer for many years I have some great old photos that will
 make us all cringe I'm sure. Looking forward to it and always glad to hear from any of the old gang .

 Record 79
 Name: Rae Wallis
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Enderby B.C.
 Time: 1999-05-18 11:52:32
 Comments: Sounds like a great idea even if it means leaving beautiful return for a visit.Please
 promise no wind and good golf.

 Record 78
 Name: Brian McCallum
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Melbourne Australia
 Time: 1999-05-17 05:44:57
 Comments: Hello there. It is great to see all the picures and the names of previous school mates and
 teachers. I'm a bit of a distance from Estevan now, but the memories are flooding back, and I still have
 my Re-echoes yearbooks.

Record 77
 Name: Leland & Wendy (Dixon) Drader
  Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Anola Manitoba
 Time: 1999-05-14 21:28:12
 Comments: Great site. Nice to see names from years gone by!!!!!! See everyone in 2000

 Record 76
 Name: Gloria (Lasko) Petrash
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan
 Time: 1999-05-14 20:07:35
 Comments: Excellent website Doug!! All your work is much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing
 everyone from the Commercial Class of 1955!

 Record 75
 Name: Linda Steinson (CHAPMAN)
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Regina, Sask.
 Time: 1999-05-12 22:07:12
 Comments: Super Idea! Really looking forward to seeing lots of old friends and classmates. Should be
 fun! What a great job you've done so far...Thank You!

 Record 74
 Name: Susan (Preddy) Yea
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Regina
 Time: 1999-05-11 23:13:45
 Comments: I'm really looking forward to the reunion. It sounds like a great time. I am trying to
 compile an address list of my class (Grade 9 - l967-l968 and Grade 10 - l968-l969). If you can help me
 out with any addresses, please e-mail me at Thanks so much.

Record 73
 Name: Linda (Murray) Betnar
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan
 Time: 1999-05-02 11:45:44
 Comments: I am very excited about attending this reunion. I think it is a wonderful idea and I hope
 many of those that were in Grade 9 in the last year of ECI make it. It would be great to see everyone. I
 also think is it is going to be a great family event, my father and sister also attended and hopefully we
 can all get there.

 Record 72
 Name: Paula Ott (Hurford)
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Sherwood Park, Alberta
 Time: 1999-05-01 20:53:02
 Comments: I just think it's great that ECI is having a reunion! We hope to be able to attend, and are
 just working out our schedules at this time. All the best with your planning. Paula and Jack.

 Record 71
 Name: Keith Rohatyn
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan Sk
 Time: 1999-05-01 20:06:25
 Comments: Hi just stopped in for a visit I was talking to Larry Preddy today for fill in on the progress
 sounds like fun Keith

Record 70
 Name: Laura (Shiminsky) Tafelmeyer
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan
 Time: 1999-04-29 12:20:30
 Comments: Hope to see you all there at the y2k Reunion. Hi, Doug!!

 Record 69
 Name: Vern & Ruth Pace
  Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Ponoka , Alberta
 Time: 1999-04-28 16:04:45
 Comments: You are to be commended on your efforts to put this all to-gether.we have not been home
 since the first reunion way back when.

 Record 68
 Name: Mike Davis
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan, Sask.
 Time: 1999-04-28 11:31:42
 Comments: Hi everyone. I am really looking forward to seeing all of you again. Great job on this huge

 Record 67
 Name: Elaine McDonald(Rosner)
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan
 Time: 1999-04-26 20:53:17
 Comments: Look forward to seeing many friends and aquaintances at the re-union.

 Record 66
 Name: Lynn and Brian Blomberg
 Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Sherwood Park, Alberta
 Time: 1999-04-26 20:21:33
 Comments: Looking forward to July 2000!

Record 65
 Name: Ken Laidlaw
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Victoria, BC
 Time: 1999-04-26 01:50:00
 Comments: Hi everyone, I am looking forward to seeing all my old classmates at the reunion. I have
 lost touch with alot of wonderful people and I look forward to meeting you all again at the reunion.

Record 64
 Name: Denise Spivey (Westerman)
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Victoria, Texas
 Time: 1999-04-25 21:11:13
 Comments: Amazing work on the Web site. Looking forward to seeing all the old sites and friends.

 Record 63
 Name: Joyce Selk Eldridge
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Winnipeg, Mb
 Time: 1999-04-25 11:47:40
 Comments: I'm looking forward to visiting and hopefully remembering old school friends. Great job of
 the website.

Record 62
 Name: Linda Wetsch Lampman
 Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Victoria B.C.
 Time: 1999-04-23 23:49:28
 Comments: Very interesting to look back at the old school. A wonderfull job of putting this all
 together. My hat is off to you all!!

 Record 61
 Name: Laurie & Glen Gerlitz
 Website: Curbmaster . . . Ground Effects
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Calgary, Alta.
 Time: 1999-04-23 20:37:39
 Comments: Terrific idea - looking forward to seeing everyone!

Record 60
 Name: Judy Rowan Klassen
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Calgary
 Time: 1999-04-23 05:33:25
 Comments: Heard about the reunion from Colleen Slater-Smith. I'm really looking forward to the reunion - had a great time at the last one. Excellent web page - lots of information. Thanks! See you in 2000.

 Record 59
 Name: Trudy [King]Wetsch
  Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Estevan
 Time: 1999-04-23 04:57:24
 Comments: What a great way to celebrate the year 2000 [Reminiscing past years]Will be a real BLAST to see every one

 Record 58
 Name: Vernon McLean
 Website: Estevan Plastic Products Ltd.
 Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan
 Time: 1999-04-23 03:54:20
 Comments: This is a tremendous idea, I look forward to seeing everyone again

 Record 57
 Name: Rita Wilson (Scott)
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan Still!!
 Time: 1999-04-21 17:00:20
 Comments: Looking forward to seeing old friends. Should be a lot of fun. I can't believe the incredible amount of work put
 into this already. Way to go guys & girls!!

 Record 56
 Name: Don Gent
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Merritt, B.C.
 Time: 1999-04-19 19:06:32
 Comments: I figure if my bro' can do it so can I !! see ya all in 2000

 Record 55
 Name: Doug Gent
 Website: Gent Family Home Page
 Referred by: GEE, I wonder where I found out?
 From: Terrace BC, via Estevan, via Bienfait
 Time: 1999-04-19 05:43:48
 Comments: Wow, so this is how it works? Yes I created this beast and haven't signed it, so tonight is the night. Actually I added a little feature that sends you a little Thank-you message and me a little message to let me know someone has signed the book. This is actually a test of that feature. But while I am here I would like to thank those that have signed, love to read the comments, and see the names. I do think your comments and signing encourages others to do the same, and thus builds interest in the Reunion, which has the makings of a Jim-Dandy. Wished it was this year now! See you all in 2000! By the way, Hi Heather, I have gained probably 80lbs since '67,not to mention the loss of 80% of my hair, and don't plan on any of that  stopping me either! Something tells me we won't be the only ones!!

 Record 54
 Name: Heather McDowell ( Mel Hagel )
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan, Sask.
 Time: 1999-04-19 02:05:38
 Comments: Hope to see everyone in July 2000 , I am 20 lbs heavier and 30 Years older.

Record 53
  Referred by: From a Friend
 Time: 1999-04-16 19:24:39

 Record 52
 Name: Lewis Harvey
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Vancouver, BC
 Time: 1999-04-14 18:44:37
 Comments: Hi, I am from the 1966 graduating class. My address is 2184 West 45th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6M 2J1. My phone number is 604-261-7442. My fax number is 604-261-4822. It's hard to believe so many years have ticked by since the days when Mr. Grimson, Ms. Lee, Mel Rainey, Frank Strange and all the other ECI teachers were responsible for educating me for the future that was to come, and which by now has mostly arrived. I hope I will be able to make it back to
 the millenium reunion. Lew Harvey

Record 51
 Name: Cheryl + Gary Kjersem
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Cochrane, Alberta
 Time: 1999-04-14 02:08:34
 Comments: We're looking forward to next year!

Record 50
 Name: Kathleen (Mather) Johnson
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan, SK
 Time: 1999-04-14 00:51:37
 Comments:My sister and I are looking forward to attending the reunion, July 21-23/2000. Hope to see you there!

 Record 49
 Name: Alice (Mather) Donnelly
 Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan, SK
 Time: 1999-04-14 00:50:39
 Comments: My sister and I are looking forward to attending the reunion, July 21-23/2000. Hope to see you there!

 Record 48
 Name: Carole Knight (Outhwaite)
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Vancouver, BC
 Time: 1999-04-13 07:40:17
 Comments: Hello to everyone! It would be great to see everyone again, it's be a long, long, time.

 Record 47
 Name: Avril Bourquin
  Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: Invermere, B.C.
 Time: 1999-04-13 03:02:40
 Comments: I hope to see many of you next year

 Record 46
 Name: Arlene (ELSON) Wetsch
  Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Estevan
 Time: 1999-04-12 17:59:11
 Comments: We printed off the alumni list and found it very hard to read in the yellow color.

 Record 45
 Name: Sharron (Outhwaite) Cartier
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Now living in Quesnel, B.C.
 Time: 1999-04-12 05:05:28
 Comments: Thanks for contacting me Larry, Hope to see you all in 2000.

 Record 44
 Name: Ron Hitchcock
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From:Regina, Sask
 Time: 1999-04-10 16:49:41
 Comments: Should be fun. I have already started my diet.

 Record 43
 Name: Ruth (Hahn) Callander
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Stoughton, Sask
 Time: 1999-04-10 03:35:29
 Comments: Hope to see some of my former classmates.Class of 62. Hi Dennis!!

 Record 42
 Name: Diane W. McLeod Sain
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Medicine Hat AB
 Time: 1999-04-08 21:20:59
 Comments: Very happy to find out you are having a Reunion, finally! Love to hear from any classmates from graduation

Record 41
 Name: Ken Brown
  Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: Kelowna, BC
 Time: 1999-04-08 19:43:37
 Comments: Looking forward to the reunion!

 Record 40
 Name: Gail Hirsch (Dorsch)
 Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Regina, Sask.
 Time: 1999-04-07 05:04:36
 Comments: Thanks Doug for all your hard work. Looking forward to seeing the old gang!!!!

 Record 39
 Name: Larry Andrist

 Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan Rural 10 miles N 2 E
 Time: 1999-04-07 03:34:05
 Comments: Just a documentation that Larry Andrist is still around and attended ECI 1952/53 Great site

 Record 38
 Name: Bill Reid
 Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Georgetown, Ontario
 Time: 1999-04-06 02:38:54
 Comments: Larry Preddy called.

 Record 37
 Name: Mark Bodlack
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Lovely Kamloops BC
 Time: 1999-04-06 01:19:54
 Comments: Hi to all the folks I went to school with and to all the patrons of Clem's Grocery who taught me some of the ways of the world while I was still a mere lad. I will try my best to attend the reunion: should be a great time.

 Record 36
 Name: Norman Gould
  Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Surrey, BC
 Time: 1999-04-05 05:15:47
 Comments: Plan to attend reunion in 2000. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Really enjoyed 1997 reunion!

 Record 35
 Name: Richard (Dick) Berday
  Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Wetaskiwin, Alberta
 Time: 1999-04-04 17:29:28
 Comments: Hope to attend. Will be super to see people I went to school with (hope I can remember most of them and the ones that I can't remember will remember me)

 Record 34
 Name: Donald M. Olson
  Referred by: SimpleNet
 From: Regina, Sk.
 Time: 1999-04-02 05:26:57
 Comments: What a great idea! The school song brought back a lot of memories. My admiration to everyone for doing such a super job so far. The reunion promises to be the best one ever held in Estevan.

 Record 33
 Name: Marge Lalonde
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Castlegar, BC
 Time: 1999-03-31 21:25:12
 Comments: On behalf of myself Marge (Peters) Lalonde and my sister Joan Viguie congrats on a big job done already with your website for the reunion and thanks to all those taking on this enormous task, we look forward to the party and meeting old friends!

 Record 32
 Name: Linda VanDewark Stoodley
  Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: went to school @ ECI. Now in Port Alberni, BC
 Time: 1999-03-31 03:19:50
 Comments: Hi Doug and all my old classmates (1963 - 1968). Hope to see you at the reunion! Linda

Record 31
 Name: Howard Hilstrom
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Inwood
 Time: 1999-03-30 16:14:41
 Comments: Dear ECI Reunion 2000: Thank you for the invitation to attend the ECI Reunion 2000 & Homecoming. I would be pleased to accept the invitation and look forward to attending. Sincerely: Howard E. Hilstrom,MP Selkirk - Interlake

 Record 30
 Name: Judi Trotter (Ryan)
  Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Fort Collins, Colorado USA
 Time: 1999-03-30 04:37:41
 Comments: I really look forward to the reunion. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Judi Trotter (Ryan)

 Record 29
 Name: Pat (Turner) Peters
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Regina
 Time: 1999-03-29 19:09:07
 Comments: Colleen-Slater Smith told me about the millenium reunion idea - and in the next breath asked for volunteer time!! This is a great idea - looking forward to seeing familiar faces...

 Record 28
 Name: Joyce Godin (Butler)
 Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Pike Lake (Saskatoon)
 Time: 1999-03-29 03:26:45
 Comments: Enjoyed my nostalgic browse. Hope Bud and I can celebrate the millenium with all of you!

 Record 27
 Name: Paul Hart
 Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Regina, SK
 Time: 1999-03-28 17:07:07
 Comments: The site looks great and I'm looking forward to the Reunion. Colleen Slater Smith whose path I cross most often of the old ECIers told me to look this up. I enjoyed scanning the list of those who have already signed the guestbook. Hope more will sign on soon.

 Record 26
 Name: Cam and Myrna King
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Winnipeg - now
 Time: 1999-03-27 02:38:13
 Comments: Great idea - look forward to getting home again in 2000.

 Record 25
 Name: Grant Henneberg
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Calgary, Alberta
 Time: 1999-03-26 05:37:48
 Comments: My Mom clipped the article in the Estevan Mercury (March 17 edition)and sent it to us. Great site, hope to join you next year. Cheers, Grant

 Record 24
 Name: Dan and Leslie(Dyer) Vass
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Kelowna, B.C.
 Time: 1999-03-24 07:43:58
 Comments: Thank you,Doug, We'll look forward to seeing everyone there!

 Record 23
 Name: Heather Cooke-Penner
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Mississauga, Ontario
 Time: 1999-03-22 23:25:46
 Comments: Way to go Doug!! I'll be there.

 Record 22
 Name: Blair & Ruth Elson
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Gilbert Plains, MB
 Time: 1999-03-22 15:18:25
 Comments: Way to go Doug for getting the ball rolling. Hats off to all those involved in planning and organizing this reunion.

Record 21
 Name: Nathan Lamb
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan
 Time: 1999-03-22 02:52:12
 Comments: Great idea. Impressive website Doug. It will be a fun time.

 Record 20
 Name: Don ?
 Website: Lest We Forget
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Canada
 Time: 1999-03-19 23:44:48
 Comments: hi, hope all goes well.

 Record 19
 Name: Darla Goertz (Henderson) & Lyle Goertz
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Anaheim Hills, California
 Time: 1999-03-19 04:02:17
 Comments: Expertly prepared webpage! Hope to see you all in 2000.

 Record 18
 Name: Sheilagh Pattemore
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan, Sask.
 Time: 1999-03-19 02:08:49
 Comments: Rick Perry says I have to comment! Cool!

 Record 17
 Name: Ruth Wilson (Grimson)
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Harris, Sask.
 Time: 1999-03-18 22:46:13
 Comments: A great idea! Congratulations to the organizers.

 Record 16
 Name: Dan Cooke
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Middle Lake, Sk
 Time: 1999-03-16 01:07:49
 Comments: Good work Doug! Is there a better way to kick off the millennium?

 Record 15
 Name: Barry Dies
  Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Estevan
 Time: 1999-03-13 23:00:26
 Comments: Should be interesting

 Record 14
 Name: Colleen Elberg [McCall]
  Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 Time: 1999-03-12 22:43:01
 Comments: looking forward to reunion.

 Record 13
 Name: Lyle & Pat Cundall
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan, Sak.
 Time: 1999-03-11 16:05:20
 Comments: should be a great reunion. Great work Doug!

 Record 12
 Name: Eric Grimson
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Lexington Massachusetts
 Time: 1999-03-10 14:43:31
 Comments: Holding a reunion for ECI is a great idea -- hats off to the organizers!

Record 11
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Ottawa
 Time: 1999-03-08 21:18:15
 Comments: Hello there Ruth Elson told me, as did Larry P. so sounds like it is going to be a lively event--Dennis you will be happy to know your latest writings are on my coffee table! See you in the next century!

 Record 10
 Name: Dennis Cooley
  Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: winnipeg
 Time: 1999-03-08 17:49:09
 Comments: thanks for finding me I'm hoping to come to the reunion but I'll need a few days to work on my schedule I'll let you know soon Thanks and congratulations for doing all this It's very generous of all of you

 Record 9
 Name: Bill Harris
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Toronto
 Time: 1999-03-08 00:25:42
 Comments: FCS2 called and let me know. Looking forward to it!!

 Record 8
 Name: Rick Perry
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan
 Time: 1999-03-07 19:41:32
 Comments: Looking forward to the good times that are always had by all at Reunions of "Dear Old E C I "

 Record 7
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan
 Time: 1999-03-07 15:05:16

 Record 6
  Referred by: From a Friend
 Time: 1999-03-07 03:56:22

 Record 5
 Name: Jan (Symons) & Doug Blue
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan
 Time: 1999-03-05 00:36:35
 Comments: Patsy (Brooks) Cundall called to let us know this site existed. We've just begun to explore it - think it's fantastic  and wish to pass on greetings to fellow classmates. Thanks Doug - it's a great idea.

 Record 4
 Name: John O. (Jack) Chapman
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Lumsden, SK
 Time: 1999-03-04 16:44:22
 Comments: Great Idea. Talking to Coleen Slater Smith this morning and she told me the exciting news. She told me to find this page just do a search on AltaVista "E.C.I. Millenium Reunion" but it didn't work. I got here through the home page of Phil  Gent Family. I was involved in a 1983 E.C.I. ReUnion for everyone attending E.C.I. in 1948. I was in Grade 10 at the time. Had a great time. Will certainly spread the word. I have some resources, Photo of the 1950 Graduation Class, 1939 Trumpeter (First Year Book of E.C.I.), Commencement Exercises Oct. 20, 1950 Brochure, E.C.I. Reunion 1983 List of 1948 students and a short bio on each, an Estevan Mercury news clipping of the 1983 Reunion. Thanks and a great web page. Possibly we should establish a list serve.

 Record 3
 Name: Keith Rohatyn
  Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Estevan
 Time: 1999-03-04 03:33:17
 Comments: Interesting, Major undertaking I am Impressed with the site I will be returning for future info and updates Keith

 Record 2
 Name: Colleen Slater
  From: Regina, Sask.
 Time: 1999-03-02 20:45:16
 Comments: Hi! to all former ECI students and teachers. Doug Gent has done a fantastic job of creating this website for ECI
 Reunion 2000.

 Name: Ann Molson (Forgay)
  From: Regina, Sask.
 Time: 1999-02-27 18:29:18
 Comments: Great work. I think this reunion will be fantastic. I was in Grade 9 at ECI in its final year of 1969

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