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Bromhead Saskatchewan
an Unincorporated Hamlet

Original name Hamar

Located at  Section 3, Township 3, Range 13, W2

Latitude- 49 11' N
Longitude- 103 40' W

Elevation 1964 ft

located on the Canadian Pacific Railroad (CPR)
the "Soo Line"

In RM of Souris Valley #7
45 Km West of Estevan

part of 1927 map of this area.

Elevator, Post Office, Telephone and Gas Station in 1927

School shown 2 miles south and 1 mile west of Bromhead
Hamar School, see below
NE Section 29, Tsp 2, Rge 13, W2

Branch of The Bank of British North America
established by Nov 30, 1914, in Bromhead.

1923 they were Reorganizing a Town Band

Samuel Salloum, Storekeeper in Bromhead, ca 1940
b- Smith Falls ON
d- Aug 7, 1940 died in Canmore AB
buried in Regina
came to SK in 1912
member of the Masonic Lodge at Ambrose ND
father- Moses Salloum
2 sons- Duane and Gerald

ca 1926- a Constable MacLaren,
Bromhead Detachment of the Provincial Police
investigated a terrible accident, and death,
on the J. A. Halverson farm, Sept 22, 1926,
of their son, Jennings Henry Halverson.
He got caught in the fly wheel of a threshing machine.
a lot of young kids died then on the farm,
and still today!  it is a dangerous place to work.

Apr 3, 1925 a branch of the CPR
from a point west of Bromhead, in a westerly direction,
map above shows a rail line in 1927 under construction
dash line a few miles west of Bromhead.
better view on this map

John Berkevald homesteaded the Bromhead townsite.
b- in Norway
d- late Sept, or very early Oct 1953, in Midale Hospital,  age 81
Immigrated to USA in 1899
started farming in Minnesota
Moved to Bromhead District in 1904
Retired 12 years before his death.
2 sisters in Norway

1937 an epidemic of Scarlet Fever went thru the area.

Bromhead Hotel was for sale in 1970

Village water well tenders asked for May 1946
Arthur Brenholen Secretary of the village.

Cemetery / Church

Hamar Lutheran Cemetery
on Sec. 28, Twp. 2, Rge. 13, W2
in Bromhead District

Hamar Lutheran Church

There was a Hamar Norway
probably the origin of this locality.
There was also a Hamar ND.


Hamar School District
NE Section 29, Tsp 2, Rge 13, W2
see map above

Hamar School District #2450
Tsp 3, Rge 13, W2

In 1951 the Hamar School was moved
NW Sec 34, Tsp 3, Rge 15, W2 in RM #7
and called Little Butte School

Early Settlers and Pioneers of the area

John Ronning
b- in Norway
d- Feb 1962, age 79
funeral in Bromhead Lutheran Church
Immigrated to SK in 1912
and Bromhead area ca 1917
Retired in 1954
resided in Bromhead until he died.
brother- Ivor Ronning, St. Paul MN, USA
other brothers in Norway

James Michael Wilcox
b- in Liverpool England
d- Jan 24, 1939 in a Regina Hospital
buried in Regina Cemetery
came to Canada 45 years before he died.
Settled first in Nova Scotia,
in 1900 came to SK
Homesteaded in Bromhead area.
Moved to Regina after a number of years farming.
married, 3 daughters, 2 sons
sister- Mrs. E. Roberts, Liverpool

Sidney Vaughn family
NE Section 6, Tsp 3, Rge 13, W2

Carl Berg
SW Section 7

Robert W. Forrester family

A story that should be from Ripley's Believe It or Not
Jack Forrester was plowing his field in Oct 1973
and happened to spot a wallet in the field.
Now that would be one in a few million chance any day.
It was full of credit cards, ID and $866 cash.
Now Mr. Forrester, takes the wallet, drives 40 miles south,
across the US border, to the Farmer's Bank at Crosby ND.
He instructed them to return the wallet to it's owner.
It was returned shortly later to Mr. Frank Hart
a Spencer Iowa Automotive Dealer.
Mr. hart and 2 friends went duck hunting in that field
a full year earlier, and lost his wallet while there.
Now that is an honest farmer!
Mr. Hart claimed he would pay a reward for it's return.
Let's hope that was followed thru on. 

A two faced kitten was born at Bromhead
at the turn of the century, considered a rare deformity.

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Hamar Lutheran Church Cemetery records

Bromhead Mount Green Methodist Cemetery
SE Sec 24, Twp 1, Rge 13, W2

History book in Regina Central Library
"The Saga of Souris Valley, 1978"


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