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Bienfait Rural School No. 897
was located on
N.E. 1/4 of sec. 36-2-7 W2nd.
 Later this school was moved to
S.E. 1/4 sec. 1-3-7 W2nd
as shown in the 1927 road map below.
Closed in the 1950's
Students were moved to the Bienfait School

1927 Map of the North School Location
Each small Square on this map is 1 mile Sq

You can see this school
 was built 2 miles north of Bienfait

Mrs Georgina Graham teacher, 1930-31

1931 Picture of Students in front of the School
click to enlarge

Thanks to Stan Graham, Calgary AB,
son of Georgina Graham,
the teacher in the above photo,
for sending this picture in for use here.
Note- the horses tied up left rear of the picture
and the old round top lunch boxes,
things from the past.

If you know the students names,
please contact me.
Ask and you shall receive.
Today July 16, 2009 Jim Fowler called
from Los Angeles CA, USA, and told me
he knew the names in the photo above.
His mother and 2 aunts are shown.
Here is his list:


Front Row (all left to right):

Leonard John Gadd- died may 5, 2001, age 78

Elsie Grace Ellis- died Apr 11, 1947, age 24

Jessie (Elchyson) Lutes

Mary (Elchyson) Fowler

Stella (Bachynski) Gimby 

Second Row:

Phyllis Bachynski

Edith Mulligan

Anne (Elchyson) Bozak

Viola Mulligan 

Third Row:

Paul Mallie 

Earnest Goodrich

Any Errors in spelling, let me know

My Aunt, Klara Maria Lee (nee Gesell)
taught at this school
(Her first name was also spelled Clara)
Klara Maria Lee, nee Gesell
she attended ECI 1927-1932
she would have taught here,
and other rural schools in the area, after that.

More history, click link below:
note- this is not my web site!
A Tale That is Told: Estevan 1890 - 1980
 Bienfait Rural School No. 897

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No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
without the express Written Permission
 of Doug Gent

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