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Arcola Saskatchewan

aka "the Heritage Town"

Arcola was incorporated as a village in April 11, 1901

now Town Status

Located at  N Section 9, Township 8, Range 4, W2
between Kisbey and Carlyle

Latitude- 49 38' 8" N
Longitude- 102 29' 31" W

Elevation 1991 ft

in RM #61

Located on the Canadian Pacific Railroad, CPR, in 1927
Red line in map below is part of what is now Highway 13

part of 1927 map of this area.

Elevator, Post Office, Telegraph Office and Gas Station in 1927

Sept 1903 Elevator in Arcola
R. A. Clever Elevator- Capacity 25,000 bushels

Post Office History

S0C 0G0


Federal Electoral District: Assiniboia (SK)

Office Opened - Feb 1, 1889
Section 14, Township 8, Range 4, W2

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy

Peter McLellan
(see below)




William Alexander Hislop
(see below)





Existing post offices of Arcola and Clare were closed.

Clare was located 2 miles NE of Arcola today
Moved when the CPR came thru


Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)

New Office reopened- Apr 1, 1901
Section 9, Township 8, Range 4, W2
in the Railroad Station.

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date
 of Appointment
 of Vacancy
Cause of Vacancy

Dougald Strachan
(see below)





Thomas Carlyle Yeoward
(see below)




Political Partisanship

Ernest Thompson


Oct 27, 1888




Ernest Thompson






Mrs. Helen Lois Thompson





Victor Clifford Mahan






Conrad P. Kuntz





Marion Jesse





Mrs. Winona Fuchs





Mrs. Marion Jesse





Mrs. E. M. Jesse





This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced,
nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Peter McLellan (First Postmaster)
b- Mar 18, 1858 in ON
wife- Margaret "Maggie" McLellan, nee Hislop (see below)
b- Dec 29, 1864 in ON

son, Peter McLellan
b- Dec 8, 1887 on Sec 14, Twp 8, Rge 4, W2, Assa, NWT (SK)
d- Mar 9, 1968 at Castlegar, BC, age 80
He married Carol Wales

daughter- Janet McLellan
b- Mar 8, 1890 in Assa, NWT (SK)

son- Thomas McLellan
b- June 3, 1892 in Assa, NWT (SK)

son- John "Jack" McLellan
b- Oct 7, 1895 in Assa, NWT (SK)

son- Archibald "Archie" McLellan
b- May 7, 1900 in Clare, Assa, NWT (SK)

1871 Peter McLellan living at North Easthope, North Perth, ON, age 13
1891 in Broadview, Assa East.

William Alexander Hislop (2nd postmaster)
b- Feb 23, 1873 in Grey Township, Huron, ON
father- Thomas Hislop
mother- Jennett "Janet" Sillers

siblings of William:
Annie Hislop, age 19, 1881 census
Margaret "Maggie" Hislop, age 17, (see above)
John Hislop, age 14
Archibald Hislop, age 12
William Alexander Hislop, age 8 in 1881

William A. Hislop
married Janet Welsh Johnstone

William and Janet's children:
son- Frank Hislop
b- May 7, 1904, in Areda SK
son- James H. Hislop
b- Oct 1, 1887, in SK
daughter- Margaret Lambie Hislop
b- July 17, 1886 in SK
son- Thomas William Hislop
b- July 18, 1891, in SK

Dougald Strachan
b- Feb 29, 1858 in ON
d- Apr 9, 1933 in Vancouver, BC, age 75
father- Thomas Strachan, mother- Flora Cameron
3 daughters:
Jennie Strachan
b- June 7, 1886 in ON
Flora Strachan
b- Apr 20, 1887 in Brussels, Huron, ON
Margaret Strachan
b- Apr 20, 1890 in ON
1901 in Clare NWT, no wife shown
he had married Annie Hislop, summer 1884 in Arcola, NWT

Thomas Carlyle Yeoward
b- Aug 1871 in Shakespeare, ON
d- July 17, 1946 in Kamloops BC, age 75
wife- Isabel Yeoward, nee ?
b- Nov 1875 in ON
d- bef 1927
living on Carlyle St. in 1911

when he died, his wife was Mary Mildred Kelly, nee Carse
b- 1877 in Detroit Michigan
d- July 13, 1942 in Kamloops, BC, age 65
married Nov 5, 1927 in Armstrong BC
both were widowed at the time.
father- James Carse, mother- Annie Longhurst.

Thomas's Father- William Yeoward, mother- Grace Austin

Thomas Yeoward, was a Pioneer Photographer of the area.

Arcola 1920-1921

Saskatchewan Provincial Police
Arcola Detachment
A. McCutcheon, Constable
Alex E. McCutcheon was Chief of Police in Estevan
during the Miner's strike, same guy?

Population= 900

Has SK Govt telephones, CP Telegraph,
and Dominion Express
4 churches, Public and High Schools
and 2 Banks

Town Hall

Randall L. Clarke

 Thomas Predemore
Lowery Hanna,
John R. Gillstrap
Frank Leible
Ross H. Trout (see below)
Ernest Thompson (Postmaster)

Sec-Treasurer, Town Clerk
Peter B Thomson

*Ross H. Trout bio, see my Cowper page

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History Books etc

Carlyle History book
Prairie Trails to Blacktop Carlyle and District, 1882-1982

Film "Who has seen the Wind" filmed in Arcola

Old Photo Collection

Church history


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 of Doug Gent

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